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Help with thyroid blood results

Hello, is someone able to give me their opinion on these results? I'm confused by the low TSH and low FT4. Any interpretations or advice for further testing?

TSH 1.4 (range 0.2-4.2)

Free T4 11 (range 12-22)

Free T3 3.8 (range 3.1-6.8)

These may or may not be relevant:

Mother has hypothyrodism and very small thyroid shown on MRI.

Age 32

Gave birth to first baby 8 months ago. Didn't lose much blood. Below average.

Unable to lose any baby weight, gaining weight, dry skin, vision problems, bruising easily, sore throat, terrible constipation, awful headaches

Recent FBC showed low ferritin (13). Also although in reference ranges normal - lower end B12 and D3.

Thank you!

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Welcome to our forum,

I assume you are the 'Mother' of the new baby. It can often happen that a mother becomes hypothyroid after the birth of a baby.

What dose of levothyroxine are you taking>


Sorry! I can see what I wrote didn't make a lot of sense!

I meant my mother is hypo.

I am the mother of the 8 month old. I haven't been diagnosed with anything and I'm not on levothyroxine. I just paid for a private blood test as I wasn't feeling well and I'm confused by the results.


Your TSH would be classed as 'normal' by doctors. Your FreeT4 and Free T3 are so low in range I don't doubt you aren't feeling well. I will give a link of explanations of the blood tests:-


There may be some info on this link which will be helpful.


When you get any blood tests for your thyroid hormones, get the earliest possible and fast (you can drink water). If on thyroid hormones leave about 24 hours between your last dose and the test and take it afterwards. Also get Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested.

Others will also respond.


Hi strawberry sorbet,

Can you give us your B12 and Vit D results with the ranges ( in brackets after your actual figure)


Hi Jose

D3 - 54 (<30 severe deficiency; 30-70 borderline insufficiency; 70-200 replete; >250 possible toxcity if maintained)

B12 - 398 (180-918)

Folate 5.2 (3.10-20)

Ferritin 13 (13-150)


I'd say you're feeling awful because of that incredibly low ferritin result - they don't get much lower than that! That's anaemia and you need some iron supplements pronto.

It's likely your metabolism has down-regulated to stop you doing too much - nature does know! - which is most likely why you feel rough!

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My 27 year old daughter had a ferritin result of 4 once, but was still able to go running and boxing (she is in the military). She felt pretty awful, but I'm not sure her metabolism slowed down.

I thought anaemia is technically when your blood iron level is low, whereas this is ferritin (stored iron). It still needs sorting though.


I've been taking iron supplements since the test. The full blood count was taken a little before the thyroid test (probably 4-5 weeks). I've been taking B12 and D3 as well.

You think the FT4 result can be ignored then and it's just because of my low ferritin?


Your FT4 level is below range, but your TSH hasn't risen to tell your thyroid to produce more FT4. Your FT3 level isn't very high either. Your doctor should be checking your pituitary function, since it is the pituitary that should be working harder. The treatment is the same though - you need some thyroxine.

Unfortunately a lot of doctors don't know much about thyroid results and just look at the TSH. You should probably be referred to an endocrinologist (a good one who knows about this sort of thing).


thanks eeng. I posted below some more test results. Does this help in working out if my pituitary has a problem?


Thanks eeng. Is there any way of me finding a good endocrinologist? Also, can I request one by name or would that mean going private?


Email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a list of sympathetic GPs/Endo's


Hi everyone, as a follow up to this, I went and saw my GP and had more blood tests. I haven't seen a print out yet, but I did speak to the GP on the phone. She said that my FT4 did come back as low and out of range at 11 but that she spoke to the people at the Labs who told her that 95% of people have a normal that's not within the reference range and that it's probably just my normal?! Do you think that's likely? She has sent a message to an endo to find out whether they want to see me or not, so it sounds like it's down to the endo to decide whether I need further investigation. She did do other tests (including antibodies which isn't back yet) and cortisol and testosterone which again I'm told are normal but I don't have the print outs. I'm going to request them today.

Really, I was just wondering what your opinion was of what the Lab said and whether it's likely an endo will want to see me and if not, what I should do now?


So I picked up a copy of my test results and now I'm starting to wonder whether my GP didn't actually request the antibody test. When I picked up my results this afternoon, no one said any results were outstanding, and to me it looks like weird stuff has been tested:

I've been tested for:




Serum LH

Serum FSH



No cortisol either, which I was told was being tested so I had to get there early for the blood to be drawn.

And although she told me over the phone my FT4 was 11 matching my private test, this isn't included on the print out of my results. Could the Lab have refused to send the results, but gave them to her on the phone?!

Are these the normal things you would test for to rule out secondary hypothyroidism?


These are my results if they mean anything to anyone?

TSH 1.5 (0.27-4.20)

Serum Inorganic Phosphate 1.0 (0.80-1.50)

Serum Calcium 2.37 (2.15-2.55)

Serum albumin 48 (35-50)

Serum adjusted calcium conc 2.2 (2.2-2.60)

Serum parathyroid hormone 40 (15-65)

Serum parathyroid hormone lev 4.2 (1.60-6.90)

Serum prolactin levels 146 (102-496)

Serum LH 17.7

Serum FSH 5.8

Serum testosterone 1.1 (0.30-1.70)

Serum sex hormone binding glob 57 (24.60-122.00)

free androgen index 1.9% (0.30-5.60)


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