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I finally got my blood test results albeit they are all undated! Working from the highest tsh back to lowest assuming highest is oldest my last but one result was tsh o.34. No others details. Was still feeling unwell and gp raised levo by 25 (total 275 mcg) latest blood results o.o6 (0.27-4.2) (below range) ft4 24.9 (12-22) above range. Same story that lab don't seem to want to report on t3. Any ideas why i still feel so unwell ? In particular cold intolerance basal body temp ave 35.6 weight gsin, struggle to lose weight even tho stick rigidly to diet; extreme tiredness; fatigue; dry itchy skin. Any advice greatly appreciated

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  • I am going it be very boring. Apologies if you have already been asked -and answered.

    Have you been tested for:

    vitamin B12



    vitamin D

    All are often low in people who are hypothyroid. All can cause problems which can too easily be confused with those of low thyroid - and interact with thyroid hormone metabolism.

    Do you take your levo on its own well away from food,drinks (other than water), supplements and other medicines?

    When do you take your levo?


  • Hi I was tested for b12 ferritin etc but again test updated result r in the normal range I take in mirn away from other meds


  • Hi JJ please don't accept "normal" as alright for you. Get a copy of all your results and post on here. B12 and ferritin are much better for you if they are in the upper range.

    Jo xx

  • Thanks jo i will check and post this evening


  • Hi, Also Glucose,( autoimmune and hormonal) the symptoms are very similar. However I would pay for a FT3 test to be sure of that first. If your T4 is high, may be you are not converting the T4 to FT3 properly, that is very common. May be you need a little less T4 and some T3. Ask the GP if he will test it ,if you pay, usually about £10. It is usually the NHS Labs not the GP`s ,who will not test it now due to costs. My endo and I consider it essential. If GP cannot do it go through the site , if you are able to pay for it very reasonable I use Blue Horizon, very good. It is true that T3 may lower your TSH, mine is unmeasurable as so low, but I need the extra T3 for my thyroid to feel well.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Jackie I have type 2 diabetes and also asthma both autoimmune Have also noticed lump right side of my neck so visit to docs required i will ask for t3 and let you know. Thanks to you both for answering



  • Hi Me too and lots of other autoimmune, trouble is they appear suddenly, trying to catch us out? When I feel very cold not my thyroid which is stable ,it is usually my diabetes, At the moment I have all my symptoms back and BM`s very high, it keeps happening too! I would also ask for another HbA1c, Although I do BM`s 4 times daily and in the night ( great fun) but my endo says the BM`s are better but GP`s think the venous tests are gospel! As with every thing else!

    If you use Blue Horizon, lots more on their main page, same Lab as all the private hospitals, so much cheaper. Quote TUK 10 for a £10 reduction, more if a lot of tests.Vit D at City is the bog standard NHS one,which is fine. Mine very complicated so I pay for the better test at Blue H, but it is £55.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Best wishes,


  • Thsnk you so much Jackie I'll have a look at blue horizon sorry bit confused at the test you pay 55 for is that vitamin d ?

  • j j the dates of your tests have JUST AS MUCH SIGNIFICANCE and treatment as the results ----how would you expect your gp to treat a cold you had last month------YOUR RESULTS AND WHEN THEY WERE TAKEN ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT INFOMATION THAT ANYONE [ and we have to allow the endos be they good/bad....or as in most cases indifferent ] can have to hand to make a proper/correct/helpful diagnosis and then we all know with thyroid problems your levels of t3/t4/tsh etc can and does vary enormously and we cannot expect anyone to make a correct diagnosis on out of date info----because you are not after being treated for 'last years or months situation ' THE IMPORTANT MATTER IS THE CORRECT TREATMENT FOR TODAY-----after all last year is history today is NOW.....basically what I am saying is the levels [high or low ]have to be looked at at the dates taken to evaluate them properly in each and every case.....that is the only way we can ensure that all these so called specialists HAVE to do their job correctly for us.

  • Thanks Alan I know the lsdt 2 result s were just bevfore and after Christmas because i recall the results at the time its the in between one's that are unclear but that is what the surgery has printed I will have to ask again

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