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Please would someone be so helpful to explain results; I have been Hashimoto's for the last 7 years - due to lack of knowledge from the medical profession, I am about to embark on taking 60mg of Armour; ( purchase privately ) in order to protect my the thyroid.

I would be most grateful for any insight into the following latest readings:

Albumin High 51 range 34 - 50

Phosphate Low 0.76 " " 0.87 1.45

Red cell count 5.28 3.95 - 5.15

Haemoglobin High 161 115 - 155

Eosinophils High 0.56 0.0 - 0.04

Fee T4 5.4 12.0 - 22.0

ESR ? 2 1- 20

Symptoms Depression off the scale - tiredness - brain melts away - fade into a non - functioning state of oblivion.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Your ft4 is v low, isn't it, do you have a tsh reading with range as well?


Hi Aspmama,

Thank you for responding - my TSH is 3.87. Just been reading stop he Thyroid madness website; not too sure what to do as they have changed the formula of Armour; not very positive for a lot of people ,as they are trying other NDTs.

What's your experience?

Many thanks


Sorry forgot to mention range 0.27 - 4.20 for TSH


NDT is the way fwd although

Results for ferritin



Vit d3

Should really be obtained as if these 4 are low you wont be able to utilise the t4 in ndt

Armour is expensive have you considered Westhyroid /Naturethyroid or thyroid-s


Hi Reallyfedup123,

Thank u for your reply.

Last bloods Sep 2015 : Ferritin 80. ug 13.00 -150.00

Vitamin B12 680 ng 191.00- 663.00 ng

Folate ≥20.0 ug 4.60 - 18.70 ug

D3 stated normal? no figures... cannot see them

Which product uses fewer fillers/ gluten free/ efficacious?

Many thanks

So ill today - I can't believe I could feel any worse.


Are you currently on levo, and if so, what dose?

The experts on your results will be along in a minute, but they need to know that I think.


Hi Aspmama,

I tried Levo - but, it didn't agree with me. Last year my T3 had dropped so low.. managed to obtain some from a friend who regularly visits Crete.

Stopped T3, as I now going to try an NDT; Just about to try Armour for the first time.

Unless, you believe there is something much more efficacious.

My brain is mush today - not too sure how I am managing to type or put my sentences together.

Feeeeelllll so illll!


Armour is expensive


Thyroid-s is cheaper and used by many


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