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Progesterone cream for hairloss?

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Hi, I'll start from

The begging - 3 years ago I was out on the birth control Yasmin (im26 now) for pelvic pains and irregular periods. 3 months later my hair starting falling out .. A lot. It has never stopped, although slowed down. I've

Lost a lot of hair and it has made me very depressed. I decided

To go privately and have a saliva test for hormones tested which has come back that I have low progesterone levels during the luteal phase... And therefore estrogen dominant. Although estrogen in normal levels. I am what's described as having a luteal phase defociency or not ovulating all together. I still suffer from pelvic pains and have 4 day periods but very light during the end. Could this be causing my hairloss? And do you think progesterone cream will help??? I am so desperate and tired of this all. Please advice if anyone has any similar experiences x

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What level is your ferritin? It can be low with thyroid problems and anything under 70 can lead to hair loss.....

The low progesterone can also contribute to hairloss, just google progesterone and hairloss and there are tons of links.... I use serenity bio identical cream to replave progesterone...... Beware of using synthetic progesterone tablets... The synthetic stuff seems to have loads of problems attached to it.....

G x

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My ferritin is 47 I've tried high dose iron for 7 weeks and it made my hair fall worse! So I stopped. Id never use synthetic ever again! It causes this nightmare. Please can you let me know how much you use? And does it cause eatrogen dominance at first, this is what I read? I also read you should use at least 100mg is this correct? X

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Hi, Abzieg. I have been using natural progesterone cream for 20 yrs or so. I have never had hair loss. But galathea is right that low iron can cause hair loss as can struggling adrenals. You are just so young to be having these problems already.

If you aren't ovulating, regardless of age, your progesterone levels will be low. A 100 or 200 mg dose is correct if you are taking progesterone orally (a pill or cap by mouth). Only 10% or so of the oral progesterone survives it's travel thru the gut and liver to finally make it to our cell receptors. If you choose this to correct your low progesterone levels, please, please make sure it is natural progesterone or bio-identical, not the synthetic progestin.

As for the cream, it is very easy to use. You just count, starting the first day of your period, 10 - 12 days. On that 10th - 12th day start applying approx. 10 mgs of natural progesterone cream and apply for 10 - 14 days. Then stop. Your period should start within a few days thereafter. Apply it to different areas such as the inner wrists, outside of breasts, chest area (some women even put it on their face, avoiding fatty areas and always rotating the application site to avoid saturation.

Most of the creams suggest a 20 mgs dosage each day (split am and pm if you wish... daytime application makes me a little sleepy so I apply at nite only... but that is just me) but you might want to start with the 10 mgs and see how you do. The Progest is a good brand and others may suggest their favorite brands. Stick with a good one because some are just useless yam creams. You want a cream that has USP progesterone listed as one of the ingredients.

Here is a link to Emerita Progest, 2 oz tube on Amazon. The tube is better than a pump applicator since it is easier to dose the lower dosage. But experiment... just don't overdo and do read the reviews of the ProGest in the different sizes.

Because you are younger, you might want to have your hormones checked every six weeks or so by the saliva test. As for feeling estrogen dominance when using the cream, that happens rarely to a few women. This is what is happening. When you start using natural progesterone cream, it will resensitize your cell receptors not only for progesterone but also for estrogen. So for a few weeks or a few months at most, you may experience estrogen dominance symptoms (breast tenderness, etc) but it won't last and it doesn't happen to everyone.

Another way to utilize the iron that you do get from food and to hold on to the iron you have, research lactoferrin. It just helps the body to utilize the iron you do have. Also cook in iron pots/skillets and look into taking a tablespoon or so with each meal of blackstrap molasses.

It not only contains iron but other minerals as well. And it is natural so, especially if you don't have diabetic tendencies, you should tolerate it well and might slowly build up your iron stores.

Shucks... I think I gave you a link to Amazon USA instead of Amazon UK. I am sorry. I located a vendor in the UK for Progest and thought I had saved it in my favorites but can't find it now nor can I find it when I google it. But I know that is a reputable progesterone cream. Here is a link to a Progest supplier. There may be others. This is for the 4 oz, not the 2 oz.

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