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Are HypoTs Slow Oxidizers?

I read something interesting about different types of vitamin and mineral supplements and why people with different Metabolic Types need different forms of vitamins.For example,Slow oxidizers should take Ascorbic acid only because they are too alkaline whereas Fast oxidizers should take Sodium ascorbate form of vitamin c supplements because their bodies are too acidic.Taking the wrong type of supplements would do more harm than good.

Slow oxidizers do good on mainly carbs,less protein and fats.Thyroid and adrenal imbalances are common among Slow oxidizers.But then I read some where else that Slow oxidizers have highly acidic bodies because their thyroid and adrenal glands are not working properly and they have more heavy metal toxicity than Fast oxidizers.This made me confused if Hypothyroids have too acidic or too aklaline bodies?The website also said that HypoTs are copper toxic,low in zinc and also low in aldosteron which effects iodine absorption. I also found a complete diet list with nutritional supplements that slow oxidizers should avoid.I bookmarked that page but can't seem to find it now :(

If someone has any info about the types of vitamins suitable for slow oxidizers,pls share it with me :)

Thank you :) :) :)

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To be honest, I am skeptical of naturopathic "typing". It's usually a rabbit hole of shoddy and conflicting claims with bits of good information thrown in to sound convincing. I tried that route in desperation and it ended in disaster.

One warning sign is that they never differentiate between fact and theory. It's all neatly packaged into a cheery marketing spiel about "balancing".

I've come to the conclusion that thyroid problems should be treated with evidence-based medicine. Finding a doctor who can truly practice that is another matter!


Thanks for replying to me.I agree with you that finding a good doctor even a naturopathic dr is very difficult.The reason why I got interested in Metabolic Typing diet was that the doctors that I read about were not favoring restricted diet instead focusing on what one can digest easily.And also unlike other naturopaths,MT doctors were not favoring food based vitamins only. Instead Dr.Wilson says that synthetic vitamins work the same as food based vitamins.

These are the 2 main reasons why I want to try MT because food based or whole food vitamins are no doubt much expensive than normal vitamins.

I lost the website link which had all the info about the vitamins needed for slow oxidizers.There were only few that were needed far as I remember slow oxidizers should not get cod liver oil ,type of viatmin A in it is not suitable for these people.And also I think Niacin was not recommend only pantothenic acid.

I will keep searching for that website because this will help me in reducing the supps.I am taking.

I also read a very interesting thing about vit.B12 and Iron.We don't need to take a separate supplement to address the deficiencies.Taking Ox bile supplement or HCL is enough along with a good diet.


The thing about alternative medicine that has caused me trouble is that it seems they are often looking for the One True Cause of disease. You're a fast oxidizer or a slow oxidizer, actually you're an under or overmethylator, you're too acidic or too alkaline, your chi is blocked, no wait your blood type determines your personality and diet.

Based on whatever typing they favor, they then offer a paint-by-numbers approach to supplements to "balance" the body. It's almost like humoral theory.

It's a nice idea, but it lets them off the hook of actually diagnosing an individual patient according to evidence-based medicine. Some naturopaths use this to market supplements to a wide range of people without ever having to treat them personally.

Sometimes this ends up being fairly benign. Sometimes it may do good, because even a broken clock is right twice a day. But for those with true illnesses- especially autoimmunity- it can be dangerous. Plus it distracts from a clear, accurate, and individual diagnosis.

In a desperate moment, I went a doctor (an actual doctor, not a naturopath) who tried to treat me based on MTHFR genes and such. She had simplistic explanations that sounded compelling and safe. I now know she didn't have any handle on my real diagnoses- she was just using a paint-by-numbers approach based on a naturopathic methylation theory. The supplements sent me to the ER twice and caused damage to my health that affects me a year and a half later.

I don't mean to sound dramatic. I know the faults of modern medical practice all too well. It is HARD to find adequate treatment. But I think it's important to have real clarity.

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The Taoist idea is that yang is warm and active, and yin is cold and sluggish.

The term oxidation rate refers to how the body converts the foods we eat to energy.

As the body reacts to stress by mobilising it's available energy,

I would assume hypothyroidism would induce slow oxidization as this is known to produce fatigue, lack of energy, sugar cravings, low blood sugar levels, constipation, weight gain, dry skin and depression (all classic hypothyroid symptoms.)

The dietary advice was low fat protein foods and loads of veg.

The supplements included adrenal glandulars that I can't take so I lost interest here.

I was investigating ways to detoxify heavy metals from my body and rebalance body chemistry

I thought you needed to have hair analysis to be advised of what supplements would be beneficial.



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