Slow pupil response to light

Hey guys,

Ive had problems with

random eye pain for a few months, Ive had eye tests and nothing can be found. So decided to go to the doctor.

She has told me that this left eye is reacting more slowly to the light in comparison to my right eye. She said she isnt worried but would like to make an appt at the eye hospital.

She told me not to worry. I was also wondering could this be connected to thyroid issues.

My daughter was born with this eye condition where her pupils are different in sizes which is very strange.

I suffer with anxiety and I know im a wuss but just wondered if any of you guys have had this problem. I know thyroid can effect the eyes sometimes.

Thankyou for any replies.

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  • Yes thyroid illness can effect the eyes, quite badly in some cases. I have noticed a significant difference in my eyes (and ears) since stopping T3. My vision blurs easily but the eye pain you describe hasn't come back (yet) plus my tinnitus is also back. I may have to go back to the opticians to get a new prescription if it gets much worse.

    It will be interesting to hear what the eye hosp has to say about it, you'll have to let us know.

    Moggie x

  • I will do Maggie, thankyou for your reply. Just wish I wouldnt worry so much. Im sure if it was serious the doctor would have sent me immediately, she did say the back of my eye looks fine.

  • I did try to answer you yesterday but it wouldn't send my reply back to you - must have been a blip in the system.

    Anxiety is yet another symptom of thyroid disorder and you are not alone as many on this site suffer with it.

    If it was anything more serious then I'm sure your doctor would have sent you somewhere immediately plus she said the back of the eye looks fine so try not to worry.

    Moggie x

  • Thankyou Moggie xx

  • I too suffer eye pain. I would be very interested to hear how you get on. Good luck x

  • Hi

    Slow pupil reactions can also be related to adrenal fatigue too... It's one of the tests Dr P did on me. Whether or not it should /could affect one or both eyes im not sure x

  • When I was younger I used to have problems with my eyes adjusting to changes in light conditions. I would have had a high TSH at that time

  • Thanks guys, ill let you know what doctor says. hopefully wont have to wait too long for the appointment x

  • Ive read up about adrenal fatigue and I could have it. Im on 75gm of thyroxine at the moment. The doctor said I can go to optrician and have it looked at again and if he feels that it isnt very serious, she will cancel my hospital appt. I dont know what to do as if optrician says I have to go to see eye doctor, im just going to worry more. Anyway whatever happens ill let you all know. Thanks again for your help xx

  • Hi,

    I have got Horner's Syndrome anyone of the symptoms is a slow pupil response. I was diagnosed with Horner's in 2006. I was only diagnosed hypo last year but now realising I've had symptoms for over 10 years. I think it's worth seeing an eye specialist to put your mind at ease - the stress of worrying will only aggravate your thyroid issues x

  • Hi pinpink,

    I was looking into Horners yesterday, but cant quite understand what it is?...will have to look again. Yes I know I must stop worrying as it just makes everything else worse, Im having alot of troubles with shoulders too and am having physio. If its not one thing its another. Thankyou for reply xx

  • Hi Tasia,

    Horner's is quite complex and happens for a variety of reasons. One of the main symptoms (apart from the pupil) is a drooped eye. If you have Horner's the underlying cause should be established - mine never was! We sound so similar! I had a bad shoulder for over two years - had physio - took painkillers (can't take NSAIDs as I'm salicylate sensitive). Once I started levo the pain in my shoulder completely went! I was only on 25mcg at the time but this did the trick - my GP couldn't explain it, but was pleased it helped! The physio had tried to help but the exercises never worked, although the massage was nice! Perhaps you need an increase in levo? Do you have other symptoms? Try not to worry and I hope you get on ok at the eye hospital x

  • Hi pinpink,

    I dont have a drooped eye, gosh that sounds awful, a wee bit like Palsy...Ive had alot of problems with my arms though, I had tennis elbow in my left arm for quite a few months, than when it got better I got tennis elbow in my right arm....shortly after I hurt both my shoulders. I remember the day it happened, but it does show that I must have a weekness in my arms. Ive only just started physio so ill see how I get on. Ive got alot of blood tests next Thursday including thyroid, so see what it says when it comes back. Thankyou for all your help and advice I really appreciate it. Xx

  • Hi, I'm 15 years old, and I've been having eye problems since the beggining of the year, I think. Like the others, my eyes seems to adjust slowly to the light. During that time, my eyesight becomes blurry and a portion of my head hurts so badly that I need to stand still in one spot. It usually lasts for 5-10 seconds.. Is it normal for my age? Please help...

  • It is absolutely NOT normal for anyone, of any age.

    I had lots of eye/vision issues when hypothyroid (none were very strong but I certainly noticed them). Fairly slow adjustment to changes in light level were definitely there. This is one part of the reason that hypothyroid people find oncoming headlamps difficult when driving.

    The head hurting bit has me puzzled - I did not get that. The only real discomfort was a slight achy discomfort all around my eye socket. So I think it important to find out about that.

    In my opinion you need a very thorough check-up by an eye specialist. In some areas going to an ordinary optician is the best way to get that - they will do their part of the eye examination but if there are issues they cannot explain, or if they find something, they can refer you to a consultant. (This might not apply in all areas of the country.)

    If you don't get any more answers here, please do post your own question - probably more people will then see it and respond.


  • Thanks Rod.

    Do you think hypothyroid applies to me? Is it life-threatening? Thanks again.

  • Number one - I can't say whether or not you are hypothyroid. It is possible, but it could be something else (not that I know enough to say what else). You really need to get that side checked out. Although you will see lots of complaints about GPs here, they really do have to be the starting point for checking that out. But always make sure you get the actual numeric results of any blood tests and the reference ranges.

    Number two - hypothyroidism can be life-threatening but only when severe, when long-term and not treated (or badly under-treated). Most people with adequate treatment end up with a fairly normal life expectancy.

    Number three - this is not something to ignore and hope gets better.


  • I have one pupil larger than the other, i have been diagnosed with Hornors syndrome

    Hope this helps

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