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Recurrent mouth ulcers

Hi apologies if youve seen my post on the pa side of website but id thought id ask here too. Ive been supplementing with jarrows b12 5000mcg and spatone iron and b complex vitamins and from the start ive been getting mouth ulcers almost weekly initially i thought it was my body adjusting but its carried on could the b12 be too high and the iron too low im stuck as there are no gp appointments and my mouth is so sore any ideas anyone please?

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Nettiboo, stop the B12 sublinguals and see whether the ulcers heal and clear up. I've seen other members complain the 5,000mcg sublinguals caused ulcers. Perhaps you could try the methylcobalamin spray or patches. Rinse your mouth with a mildly salty water to help the ulcers heal.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Clutter do you know the reason behind why the lozenges would cause mouth ulcers I thought low b12 caused them so I'm so annoyed when I start trying too improve my health I keep getting these horrid little sores.


Nettiboo1982, not really, but I've seen a couple of posts saying people have had sore mouths after using 5,000mcg. I use the 1,000mcg and have occasionally had soreness as the lozenges can be a bit spikey and rough as they dissolve. Try B12 spray or patches.


Hi Nettiboo, Snap, I'm on both forums as well.😄

I had quite a lot of dental work done recently and sourced a fantastic gel online. Boots stock it as well. It's GENGIGEL. Promotes natural healing . For mouth ulcers, mouth and tongue soreness and bleeding gums it contains Hyaluronan and is safe to use with prescribed mess.

I use the gel . There is also a spray but I find the gel covers and coats the area very well .

As Clutter mentioned a Vit B12 spray, I found an organic one. It is Vegan Methylcobalamin from Garden of Life. Lovely raspberry flavor . Each spray delivers 500mcg .

That's your homework for tonight my dear. I like these products but they may not suit everyone.



Hi thanks I will look up garden of life

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If you are prone to mouth ulcers you need to get your iron and ferritin levels up to really good levels. It helped me enormously. Nowadays I can guess when my iron starts to drop because my ulcers get bigger, more painful, more numerous and much longer lasting.

I did have an increased problem with mouth ulcers when I started 5000mcg methyl B12. I also had spots by the million (okay, that's an exaggeration, but they were bad).

At the time I started the methyl B12, my iron levels were quite good, and the problem I had with the B12 was fairly short-lived - perhaps a couple of months or so. Then I had a period of having no spots, and almost no ulcers. My iron is dropping again now, and the ulcers are coming back.

Based on my experience only, I would suggest reducing your B12 or try taking it in a different form for a while. Work on getting your iron levels up. When your iron levels are good, try raising your B12 again if you still need to. And don't forget to take a methylated B Complex too.

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Humanbean thanks for reply my iron levels or at least my ferritin were 5 when I had my last blood test ive been taking spatone ever since but not sure its high enough amounts can you tell me what iron you take I don't tolerate tabs the stomach effects for me is awful and the liquid stuff seems much better. Strangely ive only noticed the ulcers since supplements was wondering if ive brought my b12 up well but my iron is probs still low I cant get gp appointment atm so no blood test too prove that's the case. Thanks


Good grief, I would think you should be entitled to have iron infusions in hospital with ferritin levels that low. I know GPs don't like referring people for iron infusions but for some people there is no other choice. I've never had one myself so I don't know what they are like.

I take ferrous fumarate 210mg. So if you don't tolerate tablets you won't get on with them. I was taking three a day when my ferritin was low and it took me 21 months or so to get my ferritin up to mid-range and my serum iron up to 25% of the way through the range.

The thing that finally got my iron to a level I was happy with was going gluten-free. I seemed to absorb iron better (although it still isn't good).

The other thing to point out... The tablets I took contain 69mg of iron per tablet. Spatone sachets contain 5mg of iron. You aren't going to raise your iron levels very well with Spatone I'm afraid.

You might want to read these posts on the subject of anaemia and being hypo, and read the links in the posts too :

Hope they help.

Have you ever tried this?

I've never taken them myself but some people do very well with them if they can't take the higher dose iron tablets. It is sold by Amazon and other supplement sites. And I would recommend trying some of the things mentioned in the second link above.

Good luck! :)


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