Sore tongue and ulcers ?

I have developed a sore swollen tongue with small ulcers on the tip and underneath ( on each side on the same place ) slight crack down centre, I am wondering if this as anything to do with hypothyroid, or levothyroxine. Has anyone else had this? If so any advice appreciated.

I first thought this was caused by a new toothpaste but ive stopped using it for 4 days now and tongue not improving, im using a mild herbal mouthwash but its not helping.

I am still taking just 25mcg levothyroxine a day as i have not yet got the courage or energy to go back to gp to ask for increase as he refused last time - i think i ought to sign up to a new gp, will try to get the energy to do that tomorrow.

ive been on 25mcg since June - my previous post has info.

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  • When I had a sore red tongue a few years ago with ulcers my GP done some blood tests and it was found that i was very anaemic. I was given supplements and B12 injections which I am still on. I think you should go back to your GP and have some bloods done. You will also feel very tired and lethargic if you have anaemia. I hope that helps you and stay well.

  • Thank you, i will phone and ask for the tests tomorrow. Do you know if levothyroxine causes malabsorption ? as my eyes are looking unhealthy since ive started taking it too.

  • I am afraid i dont know the answer to that one, but I am sure there are others on here that would be able to tell you more. I had some side affects with some brands of thyroxine but had to try different one's until I found the one I could tolerate. If you are very tired, run down and fatigued it will show in your face and especially your eyes. You are on a pretty low does of levothyroxine so I think a good chat with your GP is required and further tests to test your hormone levels etc. Best of luck and take care.

  • Im definately run down, finding it hard to think straight, so thank you for the motivation, i will go with a list tomorrow.

  • Interesting what you have replied norwood1, I too have suffered with ulcers and red tongue like MrsClanger, I am on B12 injections too, was wondering why supplements you take? There are all kinds of anaemia, did your G.P. tell you what kind you have?

  • pernicious anaemia is what I was told. I take folic acid, magnesium, fish oils and vitamin 3 daily and have B12

  • ss injections every 3 months, hand slipped on keyboard lol :)

  • I am always confused with folate and B12, I thought if you have B12 injections your folate will then be ok? I presume mine is Pernicious as well, like you I take a multitude of supps'. Have given them all a rest for a while to see if I feel any better for it, just taking a daily Pro greens drink that contains grasses and all manner of things. So far don't feel too bad.

    Thanks Norwood.

  • I'll try again. I Lost the previous reply I'd started. That sounds really uncomfortable. I remember reading about 40 years ago in a book by Adelle Davis, which said that Pantothenic acid deficiency could be the cause. Try this link to see if it might be of help to you:

    Wish you all the best.

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