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Natural remedies for stress

Hi all I'm having a really tough time at the moment I'm feeling really unable too cope and as a result in falling apart daily and its having a tremendous effect on my family. My little one has on going medical issues and I feel I cannot be The tower of strength im needed too be. I'm a mess im on the waiting list for a mental health assessment but that isn't due till February. So in the mean time I want too try something I don't get on with ssris tried them and im mostly away with fairies or drunk acting not good. Any suggestions of what I can take im new too b12 supplementing and b complex plus iron but not having any positive effect. I thought they were going too be a wow im better type thing 😐

Sorry for ramble but id love some advice please regarding safe herbal stress relievers?

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Really sorry to hear you are having a tough time and needing to be well for your child. Ive been there too many times... All doctors did was giving me ADs which numbed me. Which B12 are you taking? Also hows your D vitamin level? While I was taking my supplements I felt an improvement. Then stopped for more than a month due to holidays and had a rough time. In the past I've used taurine after lunch and 5HTP before bedtime which helped me through a stressful patch check the 5HTP because I hear it doesn't work with everyone. So maybe start at 50 and don't buy much to see if it's for you. Now I'm gluten free and take other supplements (a lot) and feel well most days (except on my period when I fell awful)


There are other actions without taking pills etc. That may help but do need some time commitment which I know can be difficult with children about. If you can consider: meditation,mindfulness programmes,yoga.

Discuss appropriate herbs with a local herbal / health food shop or find a local herbalist.


Cut out tea and coffee and any other source of caffeine. Certainly don't consume energy drinks. If you find it hard to give up tea, then drink Redbush instead. Camomile tea is very soothing.

As already suggested, some form of medication is very beneficial, but do find somebody to teach you rather than doing it on your own.

I've felt a lot less stressed since I starting injecting B12 (as opposed to taking it orally).



Sorry to hear that you are feeling so stressed, that's horrid for you!

I second Nettiboo's comments about vitamin d, there's lots of info on this forum about taking D3, but as with all things, it may be wise to talk to your GP about getting your levels checked if you haven't done so already. Likewise with B12, folate and ferritin.

When I was very depressed I found that medication didn't suit me either, and I was lucky enough for it to be a time when I was able to access talking therapies (not sure they fund this any more). Anyway, one of the things that I found most useful to reduce stress was to walk. On my own. Gently, Slowly. And bit by bit I walked further and for longer. The fresh air and looking at things other than my four walls seemed to lift my spirits a little bit each day. It didn't remove the stresses but I felt better equipped to cope with them.

Cutting out tea and coffee may help, as may cutting out gluten or sugar. Unfortunately none of those things are overnight or quick fixes, but they may help.

Please keep us posted with how you get on.


Hi netiboo1983, a lot of good suggestions do far. If you're up to it cycling and running may help you relax. Ashwagandha is another herb worth considering. I have also read that suntheanine.


Sorry, accidentally hit submit before I had finished. There are loads of positive reviews (on sites such as iherb and amazon) on suntheanine helping stress and anxiety. Hope you perk up soon...


H another good one is Rhodiola Rosea. Helps to strengthen you. Interesting to look up its History. Used in Russia - Brides have the actual plant in their wedding bouquet.

If you can't face going without your coffee,tea, start by using decaf. Decaf green tea is very good. Make sure you are drinking water - cold water helps keep the adrenaline down, and help you to feel calm. Rescue remedy taken when in a real state can help. However if you take the drops neet remember they are in an alcholic base. A friend of a friend was in a car accident and quickly took the drops to help her cope. Was then asked to be breathalised! I think it showed up on the test. Hope you feel better soon.


Sorry to hear you are feeling so stressed.

Like you I had bad reactions from SSRI's & got referred to mental health practitioners. Over & above the great advice above - the only addition I can give is be careful of what the mental health folks prescribe once you get to see them. Do your research before going onto the meds & weigh up the benefits / downsides, etc.

I was prescribed Pregabalin (Lyrica) & when it didn't work they kept upping the dosage. I missed a dose & had a bad withdrawal type reaction - put my foot down & it took me 4 months of much unplesantness to come off them & have been told it'll take anything up to 12 months (ish) before my body fully adapts to being off the drug :(

At the outset I was not told about how badly the withdrawal would affect me if / when I came off it. Had I been told the facts / done the research I would never have taken it so a painful lesson in how not to trust what I'm told :(

Good luck, hope you are on the mend soon & keep us updated on your progress.


Hello thank you all so much for your replies I don't drink caffeine at all haven't for quite some time I have started meditating everyday I swim when I can and do water aerobics which is new as my little one is now at preschool I'm less stressed but still easily get worked up. Hopefully as time goes on it will all slot into place and things will get easier


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