Hi please could someone comment on my recent blood test results i am currently taking 75mcg of Levthyroxine a day results as follows ..FT4 15.2 (9-22) FT3 4.62 (2.63-5.70) TSH 0.33 (0.35-4.94) My GP is saying by the tsh I'm slightly over active for goodness sake ,i still have pains in my arms and other symptoms although not as bad as i was in march of this year when i first found out i was hypo ...been on 75mcg since 19th september ..Also i have had to pay BIOLab for these tests as my GP said the Lab won't test my FT3 :( ..I also take Vitamin D ,and a B complex as i had my B vits tested as i am a coeliac also and my B1 B2 B6 were deficient and also a probiotic ...I am thinking maybe of trying to take 75mcg one day and 100mcg alternate days just to see if it helps ? don't really want to self medicate :( Any help would be very much appreciated xxxxxxxxxxx

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  • If you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse online article by Dr. Toft (BTA). Question 6 - In it he says that some of us need a low or suppressed TSH and maybe the addition of some T3. Maybe your doctor will not lower your dose as you might need your TSH to be suppressed. This is also a link which is excellent:

    Myths of Hypothyroidism - Part 1and Part 2

    Doctors should NOT adjust our thyroid hormones according to the TSH, particularly if we don't feel overmedicated.

  • Hi thanks for your reply :) i don't want my gp to lower my dose i wanted him to increase !! I will ask for that INFO from louise .. I do have hashimotos and believe if my TSH is low i feel better :) i have had a lower TSH of 0.19 and felt well :) Thank you so much for your reply xxxxxx

  • Some doctors ignore this article so hope yours doesn't. Some members have stood their ground and said they wont decrease. They don't like us printing off the internet. There's a para I don't like in this article but I think many of them think the same way.

  • Apologies, I made a mistake in my response above and I left out the most important word 'NOT' i.e. doctors should not adjust our hormones according to the TSH alone.

  • shaws - surely you mean doctors shouldn't adjust our thyroid hormones just on the basis of the TSH?

  • This is what i thought humanbean ? i was a little confused ???? I don't want to reduce if anything increase ? xxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks very much for noticing my mistake. I'll correct now.

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