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Blood results!

Hello all. I've reduced by thyroxine from 125mg to 100 mg and have continued to take my T3 (12.5mg ) as suggested by the doctor. Have had another blood test and have just got the results. I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow to discuss this. Any comments or advice on my readings please?

Previous results are:

T4 15.1 12-22

TSH 0.56 0.3-4.2

T3 3.7 3.1-6.8

New results are:

T4 16.0 12-22

TSH 0.02 0.3-5.5

T3 6.8 3.10-6.80

Have loads of symptoms,

Sleep is awful

Keep feeling very hot

Sore throat

Itchy scalp


Virtually non existent eyebrows

Coming up with little bumps on my body (could be unrelated)



Tingling in my hands

No energy

Bad memory

Probably more that I can't remember! Lol

Any help would be gratefully received.


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When did you take your meds .... Was it before or after the blood draw? When wS your b12 last tested? Do you suppliment anything!?

Xx. G


Before blood draw on both occasions. B12 tested about 3 months ago. I take quite a few supplements,Inc B12. Thanksfor reply


Your results are skewed, then. The doctor is going to think you're over-medicated. :(


So now what do I do? Oh sxxx!

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Maybe cancel tomorrow's test. doctors are unaware of the changes in our blood if we take meds before the test.

I did made the mistake but told GP and I got another test (lucky). She will reduce your dose I think due to your T3 level and maybe your TSH although mine didn't reduce when TSH was 0.01.

24 hours should elapse between the last dose of levo and the test. It should also be at the earliest and fast (eating reduces levo) you can drink water.

It's a pity doctors don't take more notice of the clinical symptoms one may have rather than the whereabouts of the TSH but, very unfortunately, that's what they've been told. Then we get our meds adjusted up/down which results in us rarely getingt to a dose in which we feel well.


Perhaps I didn't make it clear, apologies. Tomorrow is to talk about the results not to take a test. Perhaps I should carry on with the dose I'm on now and retest in a few weeks?


I misunderstood. As soon as you go in say you've made a mistake and took hormones before the test (she may be unaware that this does make a difference). You should be tested every six weeks with an increase of 25mcg until you feel well.


Okay thanks


I Don't understand why she decreased your dose. There was absolutely no justification for it. Your FT4 was about mid-range - just Under, your FT3 was way too low, and your TSH was nicely in-range. So, why did she reduce it?


Search me! I've seen her this morning. Got an appointment with an endocrinologist now, on Dec 17th. In mean time staying on same dose. Do you think I should increase the T4 ?


Oh! wait a minute, did she reduce the Levo when she added the T3? In that case it would be quite normal - except, the dose of T3 she's given you is very small - 25 would have been better.

But Don't change anything until you've had decent labs done - i.e. leaving 24 hours before your last dose and the test. Then we'll have a better idea what's going on. :)


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