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Saw palmetto capsules

Hi since I was diagnosed as hypothyroid, I have lost more & more of my hair on the top & sides of my head, and it was becoming a real problem. My mother (also hypo like me) has the same problem and her hair is terribly thin.

I did some research on line, and for a month have been taking 1000mg saw palmetto capsules daily.

I have started to feel little prickly new hairs all over my scalp, and slowly can see some difference.

I will post again in aanother couple of months and let you know how it's going. Worth a try for the small cost of the capsules!

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Morley, are you a guy? I know they have sold saw palmetto for prostate support as well. Thank you for being a research test!


Hi Heloise, no I am a post menopausal 56 year old woman! Apparently post menopause androgen blocks the hair follicles, causing male pattern baldness, and if you are hypothyroid, the problem is much worse as it affects all the hormone levels.

I had terrible problems with fatigue and fibromyalgia before being diagnosed, but the clincher was that despite being menopausal I suddenly started bleeding heavily - like a constant period. I went to a really good gynaecologist, who ruled out any physical problems, and advised me to go to my GP for hormone tests. My TSH was only 6.5, but my T4 was only 8.

Within a week of starting Levo, the bleeding stopped completely and has not returned for the 5 years since I was diagnosed. So obviously with me my hormone levels are strongly affected by the hypothyroidism.

I haven't had any side effects with the saw palmetto except for the new hair growth, so I am crossing my fingers.

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LOL, well, I told my son to try it anyway. I knew that it might be useful for him anyway.

Please keep us informed as hair loss is such a huge problem for us and some think it is more due to adrenal than thyroid but they are all involved anyway.

Progesterone can also go too low and the adrenals can regulate some of that as well. If you have time to watch some of this you will see just how much your adrenals control all the hormones.


I heard that saw palmetto and evening primrose oil both work wonders


Hi jacrjacr

I have tried evening primose/starflower oil before I tried saw palmetto, but no effect, despite taking high doses.

Even my hairdresser has now commented on all the new hair growth - but it is unfortunately grey (as the rest of my hair would be if I stopped dyeing it!)

I guess yet again it all depends on the individual.....

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that's very interesting.......and good to know


wow..did you have any hormone test b4 hand.....that is amazing and I want to try it.....I have tried epo too and flaxseed oil and castor oil on roots and desperate...I am your age also and hypo...oddly my test showed low testosterone and low estrogen....so don't know if dht would cause mine...but my dr isn't helping.can you tell me how far apart you are taking from thyroid meds?????and how often and when ..twice or once....


Hi how is your hair loss after months on saw palmetto?


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