Coconut oil capsules and hashimotos

Hi I have a weird question .. I have hashimotos been on levo for 2 years but I want to take coconut oil capsules for my hair skin and candida

But after reading about them it states can support your thyroid and speed up your metabolism?? So now a little concerned they will effect my levels ? Anyone please what do you think ?

Thank you xxxx

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  • Why buy capsules for coconut oil? Why not just buy a jar of it?

    I have coffee once a day, with breakfast. I stick a very generous teaspoonful of coconut oil in my coffee. It may sound odd, but once you get used to it, it's nice. I think my brain functions better with regular coconut oil.

    If taking coconut oil the way I do doesn't appeal to you, you could use it in cooking. I am not aware that taking coconut oil has altered my thyroid function test results in any way.

  • Great thank you tried cooking with it and didn't like the taste 🤤 And I do t drink coffee .. but thank you it's just when I was reading up on the capsules it said speeds up your motablisum so didn't want to take if it affected my thyroid ? Thank you so much for your reply xxxxx

  • hmmm not sure I could do it in coffee but I use it for cooking and always have coconut milk each day. It has helped my hair a LOT. Besides at times putting it in my dreadlocks so they wont get brittle it's wonderful for the scalp. and such a yummy smell!

  • I think it's probably a little late for supporting your thyroid, isn't it, if you have Hashi's? By the time you get diagnosed, the thyroid is beyond help, usually. As for speeding up your metabolism... if only it were that easy!

  • Thank you .. think you have both answered my question seems I am being over causious !

    Will give them a try


  • You want to cut out sugar and eat a high fat diet. But only good fats. Coconut oil is a good fat. Read Dr Mercola's book that is coming out in May.

  • Have you ever read the book "Stop the Thyroid Madness"?

    There is also a group on Yahoo my the same name. People are actually curing themselves of this aweful disease.

  • Yep that's what we are trying to do but it's not easy!! So many puzzle pieces. Mine will never go as had so long before diagnosis but I'm 75% better!

  • As Grey Goose points out above, at the time of diagnosis, your thyroid is usually beyond help if you have Hashi' the antibodies have by then destroyed too much of the hormone-producing tissue...I did not even know it was possible to cure Hashimoto's disease and reverse the process. The only thing I know from my own experience is that a suppressed TSH seems to calm antibody activity down, but that does not mean that I am cured of the disease as the damage to the thyroid gland is already done.

  • Don't believe it! Get the book.

  • I'm definitely ordering the book 👍 Xx

  • Hiya thank you will have a look .. I did google it and that's why I was worried as they were claiming you can lower your thyroxine ?? I know you can't believe everything you read on google but just wanted to check ? My daughter has been taking them ( no thyroid problems ) and it's helped her weight loss . I will look up stop the thyroid madness thank you xxx

  • I would not spend my money on it! I don't believe people can cure Hashi's. Besides, how do you proof it's 'cured'? I've known lots of people on forums claim they've 'cured' their Hashi's one way or another, and the stop their hormone. It doesn't last long, because they were just in a 'hypo' swing, and eventually swung back to hypo again. Once the gland is damaged, it doesn't regenerate. And, even if your do manage to get rid of the antibodies, you'll still need thyroid hormone replacement for life, due to the damage done to the gland.

  • Maybe they have it controlled to the point that they no longer have symptoms, but continue taking medication. The text time someone makes this claim I will ask.

  • That could be.

  • I take biotin with coconut oil mixed I've been fine it's by a company called transforme and it's £9.99 on eBay for a years supply xx

  • Thank you I will have a look for them xxxxxxx

  • Maryh1, Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think there is a cure for hashimoto thyroid disease. Perhaps it's cured once it has totally killed the thyroid. I'm sure it can only be managed and pretty poorly at that.

  • You can do things to really help and sometimes with all the puzzle pieces solved put it into remission. It really all depends how long you've had it before diagnosis.

    Sooo much you can do though.

  • Hiya No there is no cure but I wanted to check about the coconut capsules as what I was reading on line said people can lower their Levothyroxine???? I don't believe everything I read but just thought I should check ? Thank you for your reply xxxxx

  • Hi again is the book by Janie Bowthorpe ? Xx

  • Don't give up! Read the book, Stop the Thyroid Madness. It's complicated but it can be done.

    Once you have it, it affects your adrenals/cortisol, your absorbtion of vitamins, which leads to everything else. Having such a fuzzy brain it's hard for me to comprehend everything I am supposed to do. I would also try to find the group on Yahoo by the same name. Dr Mercola writes about it, and I just listened to a pod cast that was very helpful. I'll have to get back to you on that. It seems one must work at finding a cure like they would work at a job, but it's very difficult with a fuzzy brain.

    Dr Izabella Wentz just had a pod cast called The Thyroid Secret. She is trying to sell it now. I watched part of it for free. It is very long. Anyway, it is not a scam and gives a lot of valuable information. She could have done the whole thing in about an hour. She is young, but she was able to cure her self after suffering with it for 6 years.

  • I buy lots of Dr Mercola items I will be looking into this thank you .. I have private bloods done in London and my B1 B2 B6 vitamin E are always defiecent ,I thought it was because I am a coeliac ? But maybe the problem lies with the thyroid being hashi ? Thank you for the info going onto Amazon now to purchase the book I'm very intrigued .. Xxxxx

  • Hasimoto has caused you and me to be celiacs. We are having trouble absorbing our very expensive vitamins.

  • Hi I have been coeliac for over 20 years so that came first ,been diagnosed with hashis for 2 years 😥 I am ok if I take solgar vits but any others don't seem to raise my levels I check my vitamins 3 monthly usually think I am needing a increase in thyroxine and it seems to turn out I'm defiecent in my vits again ☹️ Is the book by Janie Bowthorpe ? Xxxxx

  • Yes, it is by Janie. Your right the celiac probably did come first. I started taking Synthroid 20 years ago. I never thought much about it. Then about 6 years ago I started having all kinds of strange problems and was told I had Hasimotos. I still didn't understand how destructive this disease was. All I knew was that I was horribly tired and I kept gaining weight.

    So I had my blood drawn, and I suddenly have all this inflammation and my thyroid and hormones levels are very low. I can't seem to think properly and I'm having anxiety attacks. So I am now doing everything I can think of to fight this thing before it kills me.

  • I would think after fixing your gut you wouldn't be having these problems.

    I think taking sublingual pills and sprays that go directly into your blood stream by passing the stomach and liver is the best way to get vitamins in your system.

    Getting vitamin D from the sun or sun lamps is supposed to be the best, but my freckles are now changing into age spots! Hahaha!

  • Well I've only been diagnosed for 7 months, but love coconut oil,, use it on scalp now and again, and put a tiny bit over my vegetables each day cos I love the taste, and use a tiny bit occasionally if I fry..but no idea if effects anything results..I,am awaiting a 6 month result next week, so that will be interesting. Sorry I can't give an informative answer


  • Coconut oil is one of the best oils you can eat, and yes it's good for many things. I eat it in place of cheese on gluten free rice crackers with sea salt on top. Yum!

  • Hasimotos can be cured. It's an autoimmune disease. It is very complicated. Read the book Stop the Thyroid Madness. I just joined a group by that name on Yahoo. I don't know if you can get this from England, but I would try.

  • You really can't keep making this claim. What do you have to back it up. It sounds like snake oil to me. You will get people's hopes up, I'm think it's cruel.

  • I've been studying this subject for several weeks, and I do get the impression that many people are "cured". What I don't know is if they still have to take medication to keep it in check. If I were symptom free, I wouldn't mind taking the medication. They talk about being able to reintroduce food into their diet that they couldn't eat before. Having energy and ambition again. I am not trying to give false hope. I don't know how long I have been suffering with this disease. I grew up feeling very healthy, then suddenly realized I couldn't keep up with my peers. Now it seems to effect my life in all ways. I am passionate about getting this thing under control.

  • if they have to take medication then they are not cured

  • Sorry but I find it very worrying that people are making claims that Hashimotos can be cured.

    Unfortunately, I had it badly through my teenage years and was not diagnosed until nearly 30. Yes, Drs say this does not happen nowadays well it did to me. I had most of the symptoms very badly, always cold, deeply depressed, swollen body etc. but worst for me was the effect it had on my mental health. (E.g. Searching our cupboards everyday because I "knew" my partner had a gun and was planning to kill me. He is one of the kindest men you could ever meet!.) It is only looking back I realise how terribly ill I was. It is hard to read people telling me I could have been "cured" by going gluten free or cutting out dairy etc. I think there are many out there who are making a nice living from selling books full of un-proven advice and "cures" to people who are suffering. Sorry if this offends but I am offended every time I read this stuff.

  • never effected my thyroid levels

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