T3 75mcg capsules in Mexico

Hallo, I am trying to upper my T3 by adding more T3 to the levo (I have hypo, and low fT3 due to a conversion problem) and finally got a prescription for Cynomel from my doctor (he had already prescribed Novothyral, which is T4+T3, and did not want to give me any more T3). Cynomel is not available in Mexico (where I live) at the moment, as some of you know, but I found liothyronin in capsules, called triyotex, from a lab called Medix. (OTC!) My questions:

1) Has anyone taken this brand?

1) It is a much higher dose (75mcg), and I am considering opening it and dividing the powder (as it is a capsule and not a tablet) in 3 or 4 parts, and then again, to take a small amount in 2-3 times a day. I think it is going to be difficult. Do you think it is safe? Has anyone done this?

Thank you!

anyway, at least it is liothyronin, and available OTC... It might interest many of you.

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  • By the way, the lab which produces Cynomel in Mexico told me on the phone they should have it again between April and June. But I am not waiting that long.

  • Miriammsm, The Mexican pharmacies have been saying Cynomel will be available in 2 months since the end of 2014.

    A few people have taken Triyotex 75mcg and some split the capsule to take it in lower doses. Type Triyotex into the HU Search box to see previous posts.

  • miriam..i was told Grossman is closed, owners in jail, the building and equipment have been sold. There is a particular pharmacy telling this to people and it just isn't true.

  • That story has some very questionable aspects to it, not that I know what is happening.

    I have always understood that Grossman was a brand produced by Tecnofarma, S.A. de C.V., Oriente 10 # 8, Nuevo Parque Industrial, San Juan del Río, Querétaro 76809, México

    Which in turn is a subsidiary of the very large, and most definitely not "closed, owners in jail" company Valeant.


    Maybe we would expect the jailing of the owners of a significant pharmaceutical company would be reported somewhere in the press? I have looked but my Mexican Spanish is non-existent - anyone better able to search?

    I am reluctant to believe anything about this saga until there is something other than rumour and supposition - however well intended and honestly thought to be true.

  • which lab told you this? Can you pm me?

  • I spoke to Grossman-Valeant on the phone, using the Mexico City number that can be found on Internet (they also have a Facebook page). Grossman-Valeant does not seem to be closed. Maybe there's is a problem with Tecnopharma, then? Look, I know what to do: As I live close to the address they give, I think one of these days I will have a look myself, and ask again. I will tell you what they say. :)

  • Thanks..i am sick of it all. It was such a great product and if we are being fed a bunch of lies, i surely don't want to spread them.

  • Really? I thought Helcaster was on another brand. I should have said it was a great product because t3 has not helped me actually. When i switched Unipharma, my fluid retention got bad, then a friend sent me her cynomel and the swelling went back down. Dr. Lowe recommended and i believe used it..mexican. Maybe i just needed to raise the unipharma, but i got racing heart.

  • Wouldn't that be wonderful? Maybe the pharmacies are not telling us the truth, so we buy their other products? The guy i spoke too, went into this long schpeal[?] about, the head of the company, having been fined and all he had to do was pay this smallish fine and he could stay open, but instead, went to prison and the whole place was closed and then sold.. i mean this guy talked to me for over an hour. I don't know why i allow myself to be tortured like that! Lol! never again!

  • Maybe it was the truth, but it was all very exhausting. Ever gotten tired while on the phone?

  • Thank you, I will look for more info on triyotex. Now I have already bought a box, I hope it works, at least a little...

    About Cynomel, I asked directly at the laboratory in the phone which produces it, as I live in Mexico. They said it WILL be available again, "probably between April and June". Maybe it is not available at this time, but they assured me they haven't taken it off the market. I hope it is true.

  • Hi miriam, I still have some triyotex and have used about four boxes. You are right about the difficulties. I was trying to increase from my one tablet of cynomel which was 25 mcg. so I thought about half of the capsule of Triyotex would be 35, right? It worked out for me but others thought it was weak so I'm not sure. I just opened it in a tiny dish and filled the larger half of the capsule to a certain mark hoping it was about half. You can just swallow the little beads without any capsule around it or if you have some empty capsules, you can use those. I really thought it was fine.

  • Fyi, I think this version of t3 is slow-release (maybe someone else can confirm this).

  • I used to get my cynomel there so I hovered for a while hoping it would come back, and at that time they were only selling sustained release t3. I guess there were no takers.

  • I'll try triyotex. I think Rowan-1 is right, it doesn't say it is time-release. If it were, even if we didn't feel the effect immediately, we would end up noticing it. 75mcg is more than most people take, many would report feeling hyper, and not hypo while taking triyotex. Maybe it is just weak, probably because of the excipient. (I took once euthyrox from Merck, than the same amount Levo from a generically brand, also produced from Merck (!), and the results of the next blood test were MUCH lower ft4 and ft3.. Even if the amount substance is equal, the absorption changes depending on the excipients).

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