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hypothyroidism seeing a consultant

I have had hypothyroidism for over twenty years. I have been seeing a doctor privately, who prescribes armour thyroid, with a top up of levothyroxine which I got from my GP. Unfortunately the GP surgery I am with is becoming increasingly unwilling to test anything other than my TSH level and ignores any advice from my private doctor. Basically my GP will only look at the computerised advice that comes back with my blood test results. My last blood test said I had a high level of TSH but a low level of T3. My private doctor wanted to increase the level of levothyrocine, but my GP insisted on halving it and I am now feeling increasingly ill.

I really don't know what to do. If I was sent to my local hosptal, the Hallamshire, would I have a complete test, or would they also simply look at my TSH levels? Is there any chance of them allowing me to stay on whole thyroid, or would they want to put me onto T3 only? I think its important to take T3 and T4, would the hospital be prepared to prescribe this? I have recently stopped work and don't start collecting a pension for six years, so I have very little money. I can't afford to have a private test and even if I did, there is no point if the GP ignores it.

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I think I have T3 and T4 the wrong way round.

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It would help if you posted all of your results - for your thyroid tests and anything else your doctors have tested - along with their lab ranges. That way people will be better able to advise. If you don't have them ask at your surgery,you are entitled to be given a copy. Just tell them it's for your records.


they are only interested in checking my TSH level, but these are my results:

Serum TSH level - <0.02 [0.27 - 4.2]

Serum free T4 level - 15.6 pmo/L [12 - 22]

My private doctore wanted to increase my T4, because it was in the lower half. My GP has reduced it and I do feel ill. Basically I want my GP to look at my T4 level, not my TSH level, but she is not interested.


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