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Results from Thyroid test & Consultant response re T3

Results from Thyroid test & Consultant response re T3

Hi All

I wrote previously re my symptoms and my GP refusing to do a full thyroid function test. I now have the test results from the private hospital.

See attached below.

I queried with the consultant why she did not test for T3 - having read all the forums i needed all the test including T3? the response from doctor (names excluded):-

@In the presence of a normal T4 and TSH, the T3 is not helpful, as there is

no indication to treat T3 alone. T3 levels are helpful when it is high and

above the normal range, but a low T3 may just signify non thyroidal illness

( seen in patients with malnutrition or are ill or depressed , or admitted

ill in hospital or have liver disease etc. In fact , in hypothyroid patient

with high TSH and low T4, the T3 can still be quite it doesn't

correlate to symptoms of hypothyroidism. The T3 is very important to test

if TSH is supressed , as a high T3 indicates too much thyroid hormone.

This is the reason that the NHS does not test T3 ( an expensive test) unless

the TSH is abnormal. It would be inappropriate to treat someone for T3 if

the TSH and T4 are normal. If the patient is hypothyroid ( ie has a raised

TSH) , then some people will look at the ratio of T4 to T3 to consider T3

treatment....but there is not much evidence to support it.

Generally the guidelines suggest that we would treat symptomatically with T3

and T4 if the hypothyroid patient has not responded to Thyroxine treatment

alone. The Endocrine Society does not recommend monitoring patients on T3/T4

treatment with measurements of T3 either though I would , to look for too

high T3 levels.

Whilst I am happy for you to have the test done , it will not alter the

decision to treat. I hope the explanation makes sense. @

Is this right should i still ask for the test? My symptoms, really low mood, tired all time, no weight loss despite exercise/diet control, cold hands and feet, hair loss, cramps and stiffness, wake up feeling really drained like i have run a marathon, very moody and tearful. Follow largely a gluten free diet. Doctor thought i was coeliac and wanted to do a dect scan and then refer me to a gastro specialist.

I'm just really confused and very tired.

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additional results

Vit D 49 range 50-200

transferrin saturation 19% 20-50


Oh these ignorant doctors

your ferritin is 11 lord knows what your folate and vit b12 levels are

unless all above are at least halfway in their ranges your body simply cannot convert t4 into t3 which is the only hormone every cell in your body needs to function

so one massive reason why your ill is very low ferritin start taking ferrous fumerate plus at least 500mg vit C 4 hours away from the levothyroxine

also incorporate liver into your diet even if you mince it into casseroles and shepherds pie

you need to always take 2000mg of vit C in split doses to help adrenals

b12 needs testing urgently and levels correcting

then your body can start to improve


Hi my b12 is 326 range 197-771. So within range.

My serum folate is 5.2 range >3.

Also within range.

I'm vegetarian so liver is a no no for me.

So this means I'm ok not hypothyroid. I don't want to start self medicating if I don't need to.


Very Low ferritin along with your symptoms and a TSH of 2.0 still indicates hypothyroid

being vegetarian and hypothyroid do not go together and why ferritin is so low it should be a minimum of 70

the symptoms of hypothyroid often occur years before the tests change enough for the doctors especially if you have central or tertiary hypothyroid


If you live in the UK and can afford it id by pass your doctor and order a Blue Horizons Thyroid 11 bloodtest. I use the home fingerprick version , there are other options, I order the kit online, it drops through the letterbox next day. Then I get up bright and early and do the test then post it off (I do it early in the week so that it doesn't lie in the post over the weekend) the results arrive in your inbox within two days. Really good, reliable service from an accredited lab.

I started using them when both my doctor and endo refused to test my Vitamin D or my T3. Plus they were saying that should my Graves relapse I could have radioactive therapy! I was not impressed. They were also quite happy with my B12 being only just inside the lower limit - got a family history of pernicious anemia so I wasn't.

It's a shame we have to do this sort of thing but sometimes you've just got to take your health into your own hands.


Hi my B12 is 326 range 197-770. So ok. But ESR was 20 range 0-10. Not sure what this is other than being told I'm prone to infections🤔. I have not been diagnosed as hypothyroid or on any medication.


Your b12 is too low and should be at least 500, nearer to 1000 would be even better. Japan treats results of 500 and lower.

Jo xx


Thank you jo.

I have decided to go and see another endo completely lost confidence in this one.x


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