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Had ultrasound results

Hello and thank you a lot for reassurance and information in my previous post.

Today I went for the private thyroid ultrasound... We cannot really afford private treatments but I felt I really needed additional information to make my mind at ease asap, taking into account thyroid cancer history in my family.

Ultrasound showed that my thyroid has normal size, shape and "no abnormal vascularity ", but 5 nodules were found, they are 2-3 mm and I was said that it's OK? "few tiny thyroid nodules and follow up recommended".

I had an appointment with my GP (Nhs) as well and showed my private blood test results (antibodies elevated, but T3 T4 Fsh normal). She ordered a blood test with lots of things like Ferritin, Glucose, LFT, T3 T4 Fbc and fasting lipids... (seems like she doesn't want to recheck antibodies).

Am I on the right way? Except gluten free diet, can I help myself somehow? Will doctor suggest treatment for Hashimoto if my hormones are still within normal range? Thanks

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Ekaterina, I'm glad you're reassured by the ultrasound. It's very common to have nodules and 2-3mm is absolutely tiny but large enough to show suspicious signs of malignancy.

There is no treatment for Hashimoto, just managment with diet. Unless your thyroid levels are abnormal you won't be prescribed Levothyroxine.

Post your blood test results and ranges when you have them and members will advise.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


I had a private scan of my thyroid and showed doc the pics, he was unabale to comment, even when I showed him a pic of a normal thyroid. Mine is very shrunken!! Shortly after the scan I had TPO antibody test which confirmed Hashimoto's but of course no treatment is offered. It is all in my head!!!!!

I was already on levothyroxine so did some research and posted on here. I then went on a gluten free diet and improved a lot and after also going lacto free I improved some more. Next antibody test showed my TPO was almost zero. Of course it's all in my head!!!! during course of private testing i discovered I was low in Vit D3 and low in vit B12 so supplemented with those and made sure that Iron, ferritin and folate levels were also optimal. I also supplement with Selenium.

Ekaterinas I am not a medical professional, no letters after my name, so you shouldn't take notice of anything i say. However, I am capable of reading and "digesting" lots of relevant information and coming to my own conclusions. Sorry for the strong hint of sarcasm, but I have a brain (in spite of hypo fog) and I do use it. As someone mentioned in an earlier post, our big mistake is having the audicity to come to our own conclusions.

I do hope that your health improves and don't be afraid to trust your own judgement. Plenty of people on here will help you with the right decisions.

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