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Ultrasound results

I've posted recently re neck pressure, difficulty swallowing and breathing, nodules etc.

I just spoke with dr re US results. She is adamant there is no thyroid swelling. Part of the thyroid is dead indicating a previous thyroiditis and there are several nodules.

I am now being referred to ENT for a camera to be shoved down my throat to look into why I feel pressure in the neck, a restriction sensation when breathing and swallowing, pain in the thyroid region and occasional problems with voice control. Apparently nothing to do with thyroid as it scanned as not enlarged.

Apparently blood flow to the thyroid is normal so the nodules cannot be cancerous else the blood flow would be increased.

Does anyone have any thoughts re the pain and pressure etc in the neck or any comments re this diagnosis?



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Hi Lisa

I'm in a similar position to you. I've been on levo since June but the pain and pressure in my throat has just about been constant with the exception for the first 2-3 weeks on levo.

I've had an ultrasound and it is swollen with cysts (not big - 2-3mm). I went back to the GP's last month because the pain is unbearable and my specialist has now referred me to an ENT to check to see if there is a nodule pressing where it shouldn't.

My specialist did say that pressure is definitely normal if you have/had thyroiditis but that pain isn't?

Definitely worth investigating, especially if breathing is an issue! x



Thanks for replying. I think my thyroiditis was about 15 years ago and they tell me the thyroid isnt enlarged now which I think is the normal link between pressure and thyroiditis. Perhaps they are thinking a nodule is causing it then. Must say I am not looking forward to a camera up my nose! !

Good luck and post back when you get your results. Apparently I am looking at 2 week wait.



Hi Lisa, I've had the camera up the nose and it's fine - it's very small and you will hardly feel it. Hopefully, the ENT specialist will let you watch the screen so you can have a look for yourself!


Thanks that does help to know! My hubby had one down his oesophagus and it was awful. He couldnt even drive after! Was yours done for same reasons? Did it reveal anything??


Yes, my GP sent me to an ENT specialist as I'd been complaining of a choking sensation, a sense of pressure on the front of my throat and the loss of my singing voice - if I try to sing I croak and I can't sing in tune. My rheumatoloist had already found out that I had thyroid antibodies but because my THS level was 'normal' neither of them thought there was any need to look into it further! The camera down the nose did not find anything so the ENT guy sent me for an ultrasound scan and fine needle aspiration which confirmed that I have Hashis. I was then sent to an Endo but I'm still not on any thyroid medication because my THS and T4 levels are still 'normal' but I've been put on B12 injections and Vit D, calcium and iron supplements as they all turned out to be very low and I have self subscribed other supplements such as magnesium, zinc and selenium. But I still get the problems with my throat and, although it's a small issue in the scale of what many people are going through, I'm really upset about having lost my ability to sing. Good luck!


When I was diagnosed in 2005 - all the Thyroid Function Tests were within range. I live in Crete. Well the anti-bodies were HIGH - not surprising as I have suffered from ileo-caecal TB and Crohns. I was prescribed T4 in a small dose to support the thyroid from the attack it was under. Very soon the swelling - I was aware of in the throat - settled and life was more comfortable. My husband was the same - once on treatment his throat became more comfortable too....I no longer sing either !


I had my thyroid glands removed because of the nodules and pressure. I wasn't either hyper nor hypo just had the damn nodules making my life a misery. I had the left lobe removed in june and the right was removed 33 years ago. No pressure ever again ( felt like someone was strangling me ) !



Did you have a swollen thyroid/goitre?


The 1st on right was swollen as it had big growth on it and I could see it , the 2nd had an 'ice-berg' effect and the nodules were growing other side pressing against trachea. I had 7 nodules on it and the biggest was 3 cm.


Hi Nodules should always be biopsied, although fairly rare to be a problem, no way of knowing otherwise.Scope is a good idea. I would also ask the ENT man about the nodules, if not under an Endo, he may help Otherwise another GP in the practice, or locum, when yours away..These can be common problems with thyroid, especially if voice changed, however, you always need to be certain. make sure the ENT surgeon is good!

Best wishes,



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