Happy with my GP

Had a good appointment with my preferred GP at my local practice. Had a chat about my long term symptoms, my goals for the future and a look at blood tests. It appears that I haven't had T4 tested since 2011! My TSH is 2.5 (0.35 - 5) so the plan is to get it to the bottom of the range over time. In the meantime he wants me to persist with 25mcg levo for 6 weeks then review dosage. My cholesterol is 8.3, but he agrees that optimum thyroid levels should improve matters.

He wasn't impressed that the endo has basically abandoned me following his diagnosis of autoimmune thyroiditis.

He has requested all the relevant blood tests as advised by yourselves, yet their system didn't have option for T3 tests!

Feeling optimistic for the first time in years :)

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  • That's great news! Sounds like a great GP :)

    Some areas won't permit GPs to order a t3 test on grounds of cost. Sometimes the lab will do it if TSH is low but t4 is low or in range.

    Hopefully you will be starting to feel better soon :)

    Carolyn x

  • Great news sounds like you have got a great GP. , I'm particularly impressed that he realises that optomal thyroid levels should improve your cholesterol levels and is prepared to do something about it plus that he is prepared to do the blood tests we would advise. You've done well

    As for T3, I can never figure out how some people manage to get that done, my endo requested on my blood test request forms at least twice and it was never done. In the end I paid Blue Horizons and did it myself.

  • Not that it helps you at all, but in France the routine tests all include T3. I am sure it is a false economy to limit testing and thereby not get to the right results.

  • Same here in Crete :-) Why bother with just half the story......

  • Hi

    I spoke to my GP this week

    The reason its not done is theirs no place to request it on their form .They only have boxes to tick on computer which he showed me .

    TSH is the one they request and the others are only done at the discretion of the lab when testing bloods

    Hope this helps


  • That's right - he showed me the checklist... nothing there for T3. Mind you; the amount he ticked for me, I think it's going to take an entire armfull of blood! lol

  • I got it done last time because... I broke down in tears and told them, I am desperately fed up and would love to go for a walk with my husband; without being exhausted within a couple of yards! it was the truth and it worked. x

  • Marx and France 1 - exactly! Totally false economy. Even worse when you consider that some people Only have TSH tested. I just couldn't believe that they were actually talking about giving me rai when I had never ever had my T3 tested. Seemed ridiculous to me.

  • I'm just going to continue taking my Selenium ACE + D and trust that T4 will be converted. I guess the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, so will keep a close eye on my symptoms (perhaps keep a diary).

    If I see no improvement on Levo, then will look into private testing labs.

  • Jo, if you click on my name y will find my profile and on it I've got a link to a video that explains the part vitamins and minerals play in thyroid health, it's very interesting.

  • Thank you, I'll have a look :)

  • My GP practice (South Cambridgeshire) doesn't have Free T3 as an option for blood testing; the doctor has to choose other biochemistry / biochemistry - other and write it in. Might be worth mentioning to your GP?

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