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struggling with my GP

Hello everyone

I have been diagnosed with borderline hypothyroidism 8 years ago but my GP then didn't prescribe any treatment. Since then I went down hill I have all the symptoms (the whole lot) in addition to goiter and early menopause at 32. I have done all the tests to role out any condition and it came back clean. My last TSH was 2.8 but it was the only test done (no T3 or T4) and my GP insists because it is within the range, it is normal and he would not even consider thinking about treatment. He told me to live with my symptoms because he has no explanation for it. My life, work and children are affected and I am not happy. any advice?

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"He told me to live with my symptoms"

Doesn't it make you want to spit! How about they live with the symptoms, or at the very least do further investigation. The trouble is they don't know enough about Hypothyroidism.

What I would suggest is get a comprehensive test done privately. You can do a fingerprick test at home which covers all thyroid tests




TPO antibodies

TG antibodies

Plus important vitamins and minerals which need to be optimal (not just in range) for thyroid hormone to work, and that means our own thyroid hormone as well as replacement.

Two companies frequently recommended on here do the same test

The Medichecks one has £20 off if you order it today, they have special offers every Thursday.

This test will give a full picture and lots more information than your GP has looked for.

If you get the test done, post the results (with reference ranges) for members to comment.


Thank you. I will do that.


Unfortunately in the UK until your TSH (or in rare cases free T4) goes out of range you won' t be prescribed levo at all. Even then unless it is greater than 10 doctors can still refuse to prescribe it at all.

In regards to your other tests do you have the test results for vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate and ferritin with their ranges? If so can you post them in the format

test_name result (range) e.g.

Folate 2.5 (2.5 - 40)

vitamin B12 200 (197-776)

The reason for this is being in range doesn't mean your vitamins and iron levels are optimal, and any thyroid symptoms you have will be made worse.

Finally if you can afford it have private testing done. When doing the private test make sure you do it first thing in the morning after fasting over night - you can drink water. This means your TSH will be at it's highest.

If you get your TSH over range OR your FT4 out of range your GP may retest you. If the GP does make sure you make any excuse possible to make sure your test is in the morning and you have fasted over night to ensure your test is over range again.

Private test providers Medichecks and Blue Horizon - You don't need a referral you just buy the tests.


thank you for your reply. I have to do the tests privately because my GP wont refer me for any test.


What time of day was the blood draw done? And, was it fasting?

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i do not trust the tsh test, i had my thyroid removed an my tsh was around 5 and dr kept telling me that my thyroid was working adequately !! when i didnt have one, that went on for 6 years till i became housebound...if i knew then what i know now! 6 years untreated has made recovery very slow for me but i am getting better. I dont think drs really understand thyroid problems, mine assumed once my thyroid removed i would feel better, he didnt realise i would need thyroid replacement meds and if i did, he assumed the surgeon would have told me. Its all very unsatisfactory and i recommend you do lots of reading, research and get full range of thyroid tests done. xx


What an unbelievably sad story .... hope you soon feel stronger.

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