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I had some concerning tests back so this morning I queued outside the GP at 0720, waited till they opened at 8 and was given an 0840 appointment. He wasn't impressed that I had private tests done and initially tried to suggest that the ranges were different. I pointed out that it didn't matter, using their range my B12 of 180 was low. He then said that it was not sufficiently low to cause my symptoms. He then said that they would not regard a CRP of 8.80 as high, he then looked at previous results and discovered it was 6 a year ago. The upshot is that I will have a chest tray tomorrow and an ECG and blood tests including Cortisol,cholesterol and B12 on Friday week. We're it not for the help I have received on here I would have slunk away with my tail between my legs 5 minutes into that appointment

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  • I'm glad you stood up for yourself.

    BTW be careful of the cholesterol result. Whether it's total cholesterol or done properly so it is LDL and HDL don't take statins unless you do research on whether you personally think you need them. There are reasons which the statins supporters ignore why some people have high cholesterol levels.

  • I will bear that in mind. I had to remind him that I had a pituitary adenoma and I guess that's why the Cortisol tests.

  • Have you started to supplement B12 ? - if so the test will be artificially inflated and of little value. Sorry do not wish to burst your bubble ! Also the serum cortisol test is not as good as the 24 hour saliva test - which is yet another private test.

    Cholesterol is often raised when thyroid levels are low. In days of old - well before they had invented thyroid blood tests - anyone with raised cholesterol had their thyroid treated. Who says they were the bad ol' days ? They knew a thing or two back then - and it was only in the late 60/70's.

    Glad you stood your ground with your GP - am sure he will have more respect in the future.

    You may wish to ask for testing for PA - you need the anti-bodies testing for Intrinsic Factor and Parietal Cell anti-bodies. It is so very important that the reason for your VERY LOW B12 is found. The range in Japan STARTS at 500 and as you are Hypo you need a result around a 1000. There are Guidelines your GP should have read. Did you post on the PAS Forum as well ? - sorry I cannot remember.

  • I didn't start any B12 I had a feeling he would want to redo them. I will go back to Blue Horizon if the tests he does don't uncover something. I am 63 and he rather cheekily suggested that I had done well to manage a fairly responsible job full time and that might be why I am tired, he is no spring chicken himself so I laughed and asked whether he was speaking from experience

  • Yes you are doing fine - but you will be doing even more when that B12 is around 1000. What did you think to my suggestion to have your anti-bodies tested - to rule out PA. There has to be a ROOT cause.

    I will soon be 70 and good B12 and VitD levels along with T3 have completely changed my life :-)

  • I asked that he included them. If I find that he hasn't I will do it myself. I have grandchildren who are desperate for me to stop work so that they have more time with me, I want to have the energy to enjoy them

  • Everyone here will make sure that you will have all the energy you need :-)

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