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Two videos you must watch

Here are two exceptionally good videos that you must watch if you want to know what most doctors do not understand and you must know if you want to help yourself. They offer the clearest and most easily understood explanations I have seen and heard regarding Hypothyroidism/Thyroid Physiology and The Effects of Stress:



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I love the fact they are so short and to the point!

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Really good. Thanks for posting.


Just brilliant. wish I could show my GP!


Perhaps the most simple explanation I have seen of the thyroid issues. Note it's 6 years old.

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Thank you for posting those short videos up mongolia1, a must for every Endocrine and Doctor here in the UK to watch, so simply put and easy to understand.


Thanks for posting this video it was most helpful.


Very interesting on the thyroid, thank you


Dear Mongolia 1

Thank you for sharing such interesting and broadly put but comprehensive explanation of thyroid related function. I did examine adrenal fatigue and took stopped with the caffeine, that made a huge difference to my stress levels. I will be trying the adaptogen: licorice root, as suggested here in ht evideo you shared ( Thank you much appreciated) and ginseng. I am looking at the leaky gut connection and I am now trying colostrum , which helps repair Leaky gut:

I tried levothyroxine and it has not made me feel that much better, produces lethargy and heaviness in my limbs, however people respond differently: There is a very significant connection between Hashimoto's thyroiditis and leaky gut , and leaky gut causes autoimmune deficiency and related diseases arsing out of compromised immune system: Colostrum has a great tendency to repair leaky gut and , if you repair this the your immune system stops attacking thyroid function. Things you can do to help support your route back to health, there are many. This, my current regime seems ot be helping me:

I am supposed to be (I have a big resistance to pharmaceuticals encouraging dependence; and not treating root cause, and to this multi billion dollar Industry itself) on synthetic thyroxin for Hypothyroidism? Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Levothyroxine 25mg. Because my TSH ( Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is rocketing. Meaning it is working hard to coax the thyroid into producing normal levels of thyroxin, as you know. Grave's disease is also an autoimmune problem producing high levels of thyroxin.

So I have been researching the 'leaky gut' connection causing autoimmune response: and feel there is a connection there due to many prescription of antibiotics I had, years ago, and amongst other contributors toward leaky gut. I found that there are 3 supplements that give strong support and help repair porosity of leaky gut: 'Colostrum' which is also said to be tested with good results in The Royal Hospital; L Glutamine, and Quercitin.

( Please copy and paste links into google if they are not active here, as you know it will take you to the site and info you require: Highlight link address, then to save click Ctrl and 'c' then to paste in google click 'Ctrl' and 'v'; Thank you)

You will be aware of the debates around iodine. Our water with its treated fluoride and chlorine levels displace the iodine levels in our bodies: Iodine, chlorine and fluoride are referred to as halogens, and are atomically interchangeable, meaning iodine will be absorbed by what it is in our water: I filter my water, and have been doing for many years.

Natural routes:

Endocrine system and adrenals can be deeply affected and put out of balance by caffeine. I don't take caffeine, for over a year now, and feel so much better off it too! Wheat and gluten free diet has been adopted (for over a year). Vitamin B12, selenium, zinc and Kelp for mineral replacement, and Fulvic Acid Restore helps too. I have now adopted a high level of raw food intake: fresh fruit and vegetables, which can induce many positive changes, taking in live enzymes. I don't know it any of this is of use to you? I hope so. Thank you again for sharing wishing you all rapid healing and recovery.

Apologies I have written and included quite a lot here but as you go along you will find it is a very involved subject:

Here is what is said about colostrum:

"Colostrum aka "pre-milk" is produced by all mammals (including humans) during late pregnancy for their newborn to drink in the first few days of life, just before the breast milk comes in. The purpose of colostrum is to act as a form of passive immunity and provide a hefty dose of anti-bodies, such as IgA, IgG and IgM, which help to build the newborn's immunity. It also contains antimicrobials and several growth factors.

Growth factors for what, you say? Glad you asked.

You see, when a newborn comes into this world, he/she has holes in their gut to allow for the colostrum and the large proteins (anti-bodies) to easily pass through the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream to make it's way around the body. So while essentially this makes the newborn's gut "leaky", it's a physiological (completely normal) process unlike the pathological leaky gut that I, as well as many others, have suffered from.

Growth factors (such as epithelial and epidermal) stimulate the gut to develop and essentially patch up the holes within the first 2-3 days of birth. Really think about how incredible that process is. Then consider what a colostrum supplement could do for your damaged gut.

The uses of colostrum for leaky gut and various autoimmune diseases are becoming more and more popular again as people are beginning to realize that the foods we put in our body directly affect it's ability to heal itself. The links I've provided below, and especially the ones located in my original post on this topic {found here}, provide some remarkable information that I highly recommend you read through.

Here is a piece from an article (found here) that sums up the link between leaky gut and disease very well:

"Leaky gut syndrome is directly associated with many autoimmune diseases, including allergies, alopecia areata, Alzheimer's disease, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn's disease, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, food allergies and sensitivities, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, polymyalgia rheumatica, Raynaud's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, Sjögren's syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and vasculitis. (17-27) The connection between leaky gut syndrome and these autoimmune conditions is the antibodies created by the body in response to the toxic substances and undigested fats and proteins that leak into the bloodstream and attach themselves to various tissues throughout the body, create an allergic response, trigger the destruction of tissues and organs, and create inflammation. As toxicity increases, autoantibodies are created, and the destruction and inflammation become chronic. There is a tipping point at which the body cannot recover from chronic inflammation, and pathological (disease) diagnosis follows."

Diabetes, depression, cancer, asthma, autoimmune disease, skin disorders, heart disease, inflammation, and even athletic performance are among the many reasons people are supplementing with colostrum. The list goes on and I personally have experienced it heal my gut, reverse nearly all my food allergies/intolerances (still healing-- but I'm about 95% there) as well as improve the quality of my hair, skin and nails.

Warm regards



Where do you get colostrum in the UK?


Dear Topaz1

Here is where I get mine:

Copy and paste into google if link is not activated at your end.

or type in Bulk Powders Colostrum:

Good luck

Kind regards



Thanks Colette, have bookmarked the site and am thinking about it.


Thanks for postng.

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Nice short summaries. I read an article by Bryan Walsh about adrenal fatigue some years back. It's still out there:


Dear Mongolia1

Thanks for the videos, they are very interesting.

I' afraid that after my thyroidectomy I have never been tested in such detail.

My endo asked at the beginning for TSH, FT4 & D3 and after that only TSH. From May till September almost on a monthly basis because I needed change of dosage (was hyperactive). Now I am hypo... Doctor changed my pill, not my dosage - it remains 125mg.

Best Regards



Can you self refer to labs in the UK? In New Zealand we can for some Thyroid results ie TSH FT4 and Ft3 but not thyroid antibodies. We can also ask our doctors to refer us for any tests citing 'Patient Request' on the form. For this the patient bears the cost of the tests. If it is the doctor's request, the lab results are free. Initially, before I found a good doctor, I would request a full thyroid panel at the lab (TSH FT4 FT3) and it cost around $40NZ, which I imagine would be about fifteen pound in your money.


Thanks so much for posting this such a simple explanation for something complex. Are there any Doctors on this forum watching these I wonder. Wish a Doctor had explained this to me when I was first diagnosed.


Thanks ever so much mongolia1 for these two videos. They confirm a lot of what I've learned over the years about thyroid and stress. As we know from experience, it's very difficult to diagnose, when so many symptoms could have any number of causes. We just have to look at our own lifestyles and determine what's wrong with them to make things right.

A great starting point for anyone who genuinely wishes to get their health back;-)