Seven blood tests anyone over fifty MUST have

Daily Mail does seem to have more reference to thyroid than chance alone...

From a test that calculates your cholestorol to one that checks for sexually trasmitted diseases: Seven blood tests anyone over fifty MUST have


WHY DO I NEED IT? Women in their 50s and 60s are more susceptible to an underactive thyroid, a condition where the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones. Common signs include tiredness, weight gain and feeling depressed.

A shame that they don't link any of the tests/issues at all - except for needing them if you are over fifty and female. :-(

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  • Also a pity they cannot spell CHOLESTEROL... :-)

  • Come on - it's the DM were talking about - you can't expect perfection ;)

  • Yes - that's true - but I didn't want anyone thinking it was MY spelling. :-)

  • DM can't spell transmitted either. Not the sub's finest hour!

    Oops - edited to change can to can't :-D

  • Wouldn't have been applicable to me as I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in my 30s. Bet there are many more like me too! Earlier testing? 'M'

  • I totally agree with you Mabsie. I am most certain I had it in my 20's and didn't know it until many years later.

  • Who is good with charts? This shows how thyroid reacts to aging.

  • I am bit confused. If aging lowers TSH with healthy people why old people have higher range for TSH and it is seen normal old people can have higher TSH and be euthyroid. Wouldn't that chart prove it just wrong ?

    Or did I read it wrong. I know it was about relation between TSH and T3.

  • I'm not sure myself but my mother in law had lots of hair plus energy and the nurse called her a fast metabolizer even though she was 90 years old. She had taken 25 mcgs of levo for many years.

  • It's one thing being tested - but sadly the results are not always understood by the medical profession....when it comes to thyroid and B12..... Ranges Rule OK ?

  • Glad this came up first reaction was :

    No 1......thyroid test .......essential test for everyone with low energy feeling unwell.

    No 2 cholesterol test.........likely to be raised with a struggling thyroid

    No 3 vitamin D test ..........likely to be low with a struggling thyroid

    No.4 vitamin B12 test..........same as above

    No 5 diabetes risk with a struggling thyroid

    No 6 & 7 ............pass!!

    Yes! Let's get them linked and get our priorities sorted for everyone !

  • Sex doesn't stop at fifty!!! Shock horror! That's going to be a surprise for most of the youngesters that read this paper. lol

    Pity they insist on going on about the 'link' between cholesterol and heart attacks. Time they got over that one, isn't it?

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