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Must watch viewing!

Although her focus is sleep, this doc covers most of the things we all suffer from round here!

And she is such a darling! She says clearly that its not the patient's fault(lifestyle, diet, etc) if the doc doesn't know the answer!

Dr. Stasha Gominak Discusses Sleep and Vitamin D …:

This is actually quite old, and may be old hat round here! There is also followup lecture on her website from last year.

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Thank you Ruthi. I've watched her 2011 lecture and her 2013 lecture as well. It's great. I really appreciate that you found this. Interesting that she managed to include the gut bacteria in her second lecture. There's just SO many things involved in being optimally healthy. And she admits, doctors don't care about vitamins or nutrition.

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Its amazing, isn't it? A few years ago gut health was the province of 'crackpot' naturopaths, and now everywhere you look they talk about the importance of gut flora.


Well, she does mention something along the lines that the medical profession is resistant to change. Remember with the Helicobacter pylori? The Australian doctor who determined this to be the cause of peptic ulcers was pilloried until he gave the infection to himself. Then he got the Nobel Prize.

Doctors are not lateral thinkers. They don't generally think 'outside the box'. They've been trained to go along a very narrow path. Like wearing blinkers.

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What I learned from one very good Emergency Department physician is that doctors go by what they've seen and treated. Otherwise the disease or ailment or infection doesn't exist in their knowledge base.

He told me only a great diagnostician would explore further on any case he sees. That ED doc was one of these because he was willing to go beyond what he saw and heard in me.


Thank you so much for the link on sleep and Vit. D. Still so very much to learn. Am going to send it to a doctor friend of ours, and hope that he's not too busy to watch the 5 episodes.


Thanx for posting - sorry I only got 2 episodes in - she is passionate and suddenly enlightened, I hope more docs are...

the body repairs itself when asleep, but needs building blocks aka vital minerals....


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