Saw my endo today


I saw my endo today, she was running 30 mins late, so when I spoke to her I felt a bit rushed, she asked "How are you?" I told her better, she interrupted me, what I wanted to say was "better then I was the last time I saw her but still getting heart palpitations and chest pain, tired and breathless on little exertion" but I did manage to say, I have chronic constipation, she said I may need to continue using laxatives, and she is reluctant to increase my dosage, I take 20 micro grams 5 in the morning and 10 micro grams at 8 pm ish ( liothyronine )

My blood results are....

Free T4 4.6 pmo/L 11-22.6

Free T3 9.6 pmo/L 3.5-6.5

TSH mU/L 0.2- 4.0

Any help is much appreciated


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  • Did you take T3 before you had your blood test? as your FT3 is too high. Your TSH is fine and T4 is to be expected as you don't take any.

  • Hi Frank, makes you Wonder if they're Worth all that money they earn, doesn't it!

    If your FT3 is really 9.6, and you didn't take your T3 dose before the test, then that might explain the fatigue, palpitations and breathlessness. I'm amazed she didn't reduce your dose.

    On the other hand, if that's a false reading due to taking your dose before the test, you might need an increase.

    As for the constipation, it might be better to take magnesium and vit C rather than laxatives, which can be habit-forming. Not a good thing to take long-term. :)

  • Hi

    Thanks for the replies, the short answer is "yes" I took my dose, the to the point answer is I forgot what day my blood test was on, which is not unusual, I've lost my wife's car keys , I used her car Tuesday and I cant remember where I put them,and she has gone to the garage now to have a new key made £140. I try and keep the laxatives to once a week but I will try magnesium and vit C .

    Thanks again


  • OK, well, your test is null and void then! Having taken the T3 beforehand, the T3 is naturally going to be high. The FT4 is going to be low because you're on T3 only. And you didn't give the TSH. :)

  • Hi

    Sorry my TSH is 2.0 mU/L 0.2 - 4.0

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