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Raw Thyroid

I have hypo after cancer in my thyroid but my medication is not enough for me and I still struggling with my weight and tireness. I have now order Raw thyroid from Natural Sources and wonder how to take together with Levaxin and Liothyronin. Anyone who has experience from this? If I have expressed my self in a "mad" way please let me know. English is not my first language and not something I use too often.

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Hi, Your english is fine and your question is well written so no need to worry at all. If you are on levothyroxine and liothyronine. (T4 and t3) then, especiially following thyroid cancer, you need to be given enough to make your tsh supressed and you should expect to see your free t4 and free t3 at the top end of the ranges. Do you have any blood test results, so that you can see if there is any obvious under medicating?

I am not familiar with the thyroid glandulars, but a quick look shows they come from cows rather than from pigs. and in addition to thyroud gland they contain adrenal glandulars.

Its well known by people on forums like this one, (but not acknowleged by the doctors) that if your thyroid is struggling, due to illn ess or undermedication, that your adrenals have to work extra hard to prop you up. Taking extra adrenal suppliments, like vitamin c and salt are very good and some people swear by the glandulars.

Personally, i opt for natural dessicated thyroid. (Ndt) derived from pigs, to treat my hypothyroidism. It contains t3, t4 as well as calcitonin, it seems to be the oreferred choice of many patients, though sadly not the doctors.

Sorry i can't be more help, never having tried cow thyroid, but if you can get hold of, and post your test results, it might encourage others to comment.

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Thank you för your reply. My testresults are: TSH 0,92 mU/L (0,4-4,0),

T4 11 pmol/L (11-23), T3 4,0 pmol/L (3,5-6,5). As I see it my results indicate that I need more medication but my doctor thinks it is enough for me. I let you all know how I feel after I have tested Raw Thyroid for a while


You are absolutely correct, you need more medication. If you can get hold of the dr toft book,, Antony Toft, Understanding thyroid problems.... (On amazon and on kindle.) your doc might take notice of dr toft who is now retired but he used to be head of the b t a. He says that to be optimally medicted your free t4 needs to be at the top of, or just over range and that free t3 should not be over range.

I have no idea what country you live in so have no idea if you are allowed to buy in your own medications..... I know in greece and turkey you can buy them over the counter and in the uk you can import them, but this is not the case in ireland and france.

Good luck with the glandulars....

Xx g


I am from Sweden and I have been recomended to order from Canada.


Generally its not possible to buy direct from Canada without a prescription. There are plenty of other countries though, but the rules of this forum forbid giving information on how to obtain medication without prescription.

You could ask for people to contact you via the private messaging system though.

I checked it out and it does look as though it is possible to import into Sweden. Here is some info i found.

Xx g

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Interesting reading. It is possible to buy direct from Canada and I know a lot of people who does mainly people involved in sköldkörtelföreningen.


If anyone could message me I would appreciate it. I have been taking this product and others with very little success. I would like to order armour but my doc thinks labs are still in normal range. My endo just said your getting older 40 eat less after I gained 50 lbs in a hear, cold, fatigued, dry skin, brain fog etc. My tsh went from .2 to 2.8 so still in normal range so she laughed and ordered no more tests.  I really want to feel better. In US. 


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