Raw veggies bad for autoimmune Hashimotos?

My CDE told me raw vegetable are bad for my hashis and thyroid issues in general.. they stimulate the autoimmune reaction. I have never heard that before. She also said not to eat more than a small portion of kale because that is bad too so I'm switching to bok Choy instead.. but I ate that raw. I really love raw veggies, always have and I can't imagine not having my big salad with dinner every night. Veggies are a great snack which is easy to manage my bg with. She gave me a list of foods high in calcium which are also thyroid friendly. What do you think?

I'm also having issues with the prunes now after 4 weeks or so, I was fine at first but I felt my stomach was upset and had a lot of gas so I'm cutting back on them now a bit, maybe I will have break days when I eat less. She suggested figs but figs are super carby and I remember someone giving me one right before I went into dka and feeling very ill from it.

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  • I have only heard that a lot of raw veg are goitrogenic, kale and bok choy being 2 of the main ones I remember unfortunately. Also sprouts and broccoli. I like to eat stir fry a lot but apparently the beansprouts are a no no too :( I have never heard anything about salad and it's mainly water so I thought it would be good. But I am a thresher and still learning

  • Thanks pastille and all. It seems there's nothing left to eat😃 I'm not giving up my salad but I will reduce the kale. She suggested bok Chou which is high calcium too but better so I guess it must be. Gluten free did nothing for hash is for me but helps my Bg control. I don't like cooked veggies except lightly steamed.

  • I'm really surprised she recommended Bok Choi it's renowned for affecting thyroid.


  • I will ask her about this next time. I bought a huge piece of it so not sure what to do now. Give some to my neighbor I guess. it tastes great. A bit like licorice. Which is different from the Bc I've had before which was also thinner leafed.

    * ok just read this and she said to steam it. I I will do that next time. I didn't realize ah she said to steam it. It high calcium too. But then I guess I could steam kale too?

  • Ohhh, I so agree, nothing left to eat! For me no goitrogens, no meat, no fish, no dairy, no eggs and now no gluten either and like you I love my salads. Is Bok Choy what I call Pak Choy?

  • raw egg yolks are ok ish they only have 0.16 mg of sulphur in but they have all the amino acids in the right balance as well as the right fatty acid balance the whites have a couple of chemicals that bind the amino acids and are only good for muscle building so unless you are doing lots of exercise then you don't want the whites and the shells are goods for you due to their high calcium and magnesium content crush them up itnto a powder even if you don't want to eat them feed them to your plants that you should all have in your houses due to the chemicals given off from the carpets tellies plastics.

    your liver needs sulphur as well as molybdenum to remove toxins as well as 150 other chemical reactions going on in your bodies

    as long as you eat small quantities of food you should be alright the food will go straight into the liver (as do your medications and as they are synthetic 95% of them will be destroyed)

    sardines are OK they don't have the poisons that are in all the bigger fish. best to get them direct from a fisherman obviously depends where you live the problem with buying from the supermarkets is they buy there products from other big corporations these corporations extract the oils out of them and replace the healthy fish oils with vegetable oils that are toxic like canola oil.


    if you can get natural honey directly from a beekeeper as well as pollen and propolis this has all the nutrients you need

    stinging nettles are an amazing source of nutrients that are classified as a superfood. but you need them fresh do your research on these foods so you know when stinging nettles dry out they lose 90% of there nutrients well they change back to squalene which is increased by 4.

    I don't know why the CDE is suggesting to the OP that raw food is bad for you, heat denatures the enzymes in food at 118f this means your pancreas has to produce the majority of the enzymes to digest the food some other enzymes are made in your saliva and GI tract now if cooking your food denatures the enzymes that are used to digest the food how are you going to be able to use any of the nutrients in the food.

    now if you have thyroid or diabetes problems (these are related to fluoride, as well as diabetes can also be caused by penicillin due to the xanthurenic acid draining the B6 out of your system) and fluoride destroys the enzymes in the pancreatic juices meaning you cannot digest your food properly hence your illness will get worse.

    the problem all you hypothyroid sufferers have is fluoride if you can stop ingesting it then you will have so much more chance of getting better.

    you are not going to be able to avoid sulphur which is why you should be eating 6 times a day instead of 3 you only need small amounts and all vegetables are sprayed with sulphite to stop you seeing it going rancid.

    this is one of the reasons you need to start growing your own food even if you start a group in your area to start pitching in together maybe there are old people that have a house and cannot do there gardening and would also appreciate some company,

    to remove the crap from the veggies you buy in the supermarkets and there is way more than sulphite on there believe me get some 35% Hydrogen Peroxide and soak your veggies in them for 20 minutes you only need about 3 drops in a sink full of water

    you also want to stop using all the cleaning products they sell you they may well kill bacteria but that is because it is poison, even the washing up liquid leaves a chemical film on the plates which is not washed off with water again 35% hydrogen peroxide in some water you can look up online for the way to make citrus peel cleaners as well.

  • Thanks Machineman, I'm finding this all really interesting but know I'll only remember about 10%.

    With the fluoride, I might have said before, my body hates tap water, not the taste, it's fine in my mouth, but my body just does not want to swallow it, however it loves bottled water - now I'm just hoping you are not going to tell me any horrors about that.

  • Presumably, Machineman, organic is the answer to avoiding those chemicals you mention?

  • what you have to realise is that we are kept as slaves and pretty much everything is used as a means to dumb us down, they do put fluoride in bottled water and the plastic is made from formaldehyde and phenols both of which release gas into anything it comes into contact with, they also use phenols as the enteric coating on medicines, fluoride is in the water they use to grow the veggies bake the bread feed the animals blah blah blah,

    so the way round this is to filter your own water and grow your own food preferably in a greenhouse lol due to the toxins they spray over us.

    fluoride is used to pacify us lower our intelligence and obviously create illness they want you to work till 35-40 then die by 45 and they are pretty close to the mark the true life expectancy figures in Japan America England are 69 years old,

    they tell us we only used to live to 40 well that's a little bit off seeing the real age humans can live to is a minimum of 120 up to a 1000 depends on how smart you are and if you are eating the right food for your genes.

    organic is not really much better if you see a human that looks over 30-33 then they are not eating the right food

    there are also some simple exercises you should all be doing they are in a book written by peter kelder The fountain of youth.

    The thing is not to worry about this and educate yourself once you have stopped putting the toxins into your body your body will heal itself

  • umm. what do you eat :lol: :-) I still have lots to eat but it's getting to be harder. I will never go to extremes however which is just as bad as eating whatever. I have type 1 diabetes on insulin and I can't eliminate everything and stay a live and healthy.. it's hard enough as it is.

  • Hadn't heard of beansprouts being bad, thnks.

  • I can recommend a book by Marc Ryan that shows you how to put hashimotos in remission and almost all areas are co eyes off. It's a very good and reassuring guide. I feel lots of people are getting partial information which can be confusing.

  • Typo should read 'all areas are covered off'

  • i so agree with sara747, partial information is just as damaging as guessing or no information, it is better to choose reputable sites to check info first.

  • what is the book sara- I have hashi and I dontwant it anymore.

  • The thyroid diet by Mary J Shomon is good too.

  • see below x

  • Hi Sara, please forgive my ignorance but what does 'co eyes off' mean? I suspect I have Hashi's so I am trying to get all relevant info!

  • it was a typo sorry - should have read 'covered off' I think!!! iphones!

  • Hi, Sara, what is the name of the book? Thx.

  • Hi there it's by Marc Ryan. Roadmap to Remission. Xx

  • The dietary advice I've read seems to be broadly no gluten, grains, dairy or soy. Veggies cooked, very low sugar.


  • The cruciferous veg which are goitrogenic are only this in very large potions! Raw veg in general does NOT stimulate the auto immune response! If anything it helps repair the gut which improves auto immune disease!

  • Its not that they provoke an autoimmune response, they inhibit iodine uptake which is essential for normal thyroid function they also promote the formation of goitre.

  • But we Don't have normal thyroid function. That's why we're here! lol

    The advice on gotrogens is very confused. Nobody really understands them - especially those that write about them. There's a lot of old wive's tales around.

    Yes, there are substances called goitrogens that affect the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland, which can then produce less thyroid hormone, and developes a goitre. Hence the name. But, they are more of a danger for those that aren't on thyroid hormone replacement than those that are.

    We Don't need our glands to make that much hormone - they can't, anyway, for various reasons, that's why we're on thyroid hormone replacement. So, eating them raw or cooked doesn't make much difference. Just eat and enjoy.

    But, if a normal person lived on cabbage soup - which, of course, is cooked - they could end up having problems - it's not a normal diet, anyway. However, if they stop the cabbage soup and eat in a more balanced way, then things will return to normal.

    Having said that, anyone can have a reaction - a super sensivity, if you like - to any one of the many, many goitrogens - yes, if you cut them all out, you wouldn't have much to live on. And that particular goitrogen could cause you problems. When I relied on my gland for all or some of my hormones, I couldn't tolerate strawberries, pears, walnuts or maize. Now my thyroid is all but dead, and I'm on full replacement, I have no problems with those.

    The only exception to all that is soy. Because soy has a double action - the normal goitrogenic action, and an effect on the uptake of thyroid hormone by the cells. So, to be avoided at all cost.

    000ggg, I think your endo was a bit confused - most of them are. She probably read something briefly and didn't process it quite as well as she might. Don't worry about goitrogens. None of them stimulate the antibodies, and as you've been eating large raw salades for some time, it's doubtful if any of them affact you at all. It's not rocket science. If you feel that something doesn't agree with you, stop eating it. Otherwise... enjoy! :)

  • Thank you greygoose, sound advice as always.

  • You're welcome. :)

  • I am well aware why we are here. However, as most people with thyroid function impairment have not had their thyroid removed and do not have to exist solely on replacement therapies, any reduced iodine uptake can only reduce thyroid function further.

    There are a number of goitrogens, and the effect of many on thyroid function is well understood and have nothing to do with old wives tales. The potential effect of consuming foods that contain goitrogens is a matter that any one with reduced thyroid function should be made aware of, particularly vegetarians who unknowingly consume much larger quantities of vegetables containing them.

    Without knowing the potential effect of these compounds on thyroid function individuals are unable to make a conscious choice as to wether they adjust their diet or not.

  • It was just a joke!

    And I'm not talking about having your thyroid removed. When you are on thyroid hormone replacement, the gland works very little. But if it were being affected by a goitrogen, you would know about it, it would show in the blood test and the dose increased.

    I maintain that goitrogens are more of a risk for those that are not on thyroid hormone replacement than those that are.

  • That's the first time maybe Ive been told not to eat raw veggies except for when my ibs was bad.

    Well I'm going to stop the kale just in case not sure about bokchoy. But I'm not eliminating anything else for now. I do eat slot of those foods. I don't know if they've had a negative effect or not. My eyes are terrible at the moment but I think that's fromtrying contacts and the drops maybe. I'm on 50 MCG now so maybe that will stop any food interactions as you say. Oddly enough both tsh and t4 went up on 25mcg. I'm wondering what this means.

  • No, 000ggg, I wasn't saying that to you! lol I was replying to RobertC who got shirty about my saying "But we Don't have normal thyroid function. That's why we're here! lol" That was the joke. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    Well, to be honest, as far as goitrognes go, bokchoy is much the same as kale. But if either of them affected you, you'd know it by now. And I certainly Don't think either of them would have any effect on your eyes. The thing to look for is feeling like you've suddenly gone down with flu, a short while after eating them. If you Don't get any sort of reaction to eating them, then they're not doing you any harm. They aren't sly and slinky, affecting you secretly without you knowing about it. So, I wouldn't worry, if I were you. Just eat what you enjoy. But, moderation in all things, as they say. :)

  • yeah, I'm never sure what is going on because I have too many different things affecting all of this. Bg being one of the biggies. When I eat at night though my rash/itchiness seems to get worse a lot of the time so maybe it has been the kale. I think if you steam bok choy or kale though it eliminates the potential problems.

    On the other hand It was doing that before I added in the kale so maybe it is something else. It comes and goes and I can't tell what is causing it. I did get terrible runs from nutribullet kale with fruit/veggies 2-3 years ago so I stopped it straight away...

  • The runs, yes, but I doubt kale causes the itchiness.

    Sorry, but what is Bg? And, when you say 'eat at night', what time are you talking about? I can't imagine eating kale at midnight. lol

    As for the cooking... well, I Don't put much faith in that. In my experience, if you're sensitive to a particular goitrogen, cooking makes no difference.

    But if you're really keen to find out if anything is having an adverse effect on you, do an elimination diet. Cut out all goitrogens for a couple of weeks, and then reintroduce them one at a time and see how you feel after eating them. That's what I did. :)

  • Thanks GG,

    Bg- blood glucose. I'm nocturnal mostly so I tend to eat late at night with my dinner anywhere from 7-2am depending on the day although I'm getting to an earlier schedule a bit lately. I really love the curly leaf kale so could eat it anytime lol! I often will eat some veggies at night if I'm hungry because they're low carb and don't spike bg etc. and they fill you up.

    I'm not sure what to do. I will try adding in kale and then bokchoy. and see if I react. the problem is how do I know? for me it could be that my eyes get worse, that is often the first thing I notice when I'm reacting to something. that and my bladder which is what happened with the diabetes.

    I felt like my whole body was attacking itself when I ate tomatoes my eyes would get redder, more inflamed and puff up within 20 minutes and everything became inflammed.

  • Oh dear, where to start...

    Well, for a start, you shouldn't be counting calories! Your body needs calories to function - they Don't just exist to make you put on weight. You especially need calories for conversion. Low calorie diets have an adverse effect on conversion.

    You should be counting nutrients. And whilst there are lots of vits and mins in things like kale, there's no protein and no fat! What do you eat to get protein and fat?

    And eating at 2 am has got to be bad. What time do you have your breakfast?

    You need that night-time gap when your body isn't frantically digesting - and Kale won't be easy to digest - and can concentrate on repairing and regenerating your body.

    Your body-clock is completely upset. Have you investigated your adrenals? Because it sounds to me like they're way off.

    Anyway, getting back to goitrogens, reacting to a goitrogen is not like reacting to other things. Nothing to do with your eyes or your bladder. It's not like diabètes. Just at some point after eating it, you start to feel a bit weak, and tired, muscle achey, maybe upset tum, shivery, just as if you were going down with the flu. That's what most people I've spoken to have reported.

    But, do you know how many goitrogens there are? A long list. You're probably eating a lot of them, not just kale. I'll see if I can dig out the list.

    But, most important question, since you stopped eating kale, have you felt any better?

  • lol.. I have never counted calories- I eat more than kale.. chicken, cheese, cucumbers, avacado, green peppers, olive oil, feta cheese and some fruit- prunes, berries/apple and almond milk are a typical dinner for me. I still feel like I'm starving a lot of the time on insulin.

    I increased my meals to 3 now due to feeling I'm not eating enough but it makes bg management a lot more difficult. When I eat 3 meals a day and with working etc. I can end up with high bg all day.

    I've been nocturnal for years. I teach in the late afternoon or at night. I'm not sure if my adrenals may be affected but I wouldn't be surprised. Even when I get up earlier I end up going back to the night schedule. I feel more awake then, I've never been a morning person even as a child. Also when I do go to sleep earlier, I wake up at 2-3 am and stay up till 5 usually. I tend to fall asleep sitting after eating now if I watch tv around 2 hours and then wake up and do more things.

    as for the goitrogens this is my problem with all these dietary recommendations, dos and don'ts.. what are we supposed to eat??? I have already given up too much and it makes no difference except for my bg control which I know I have to do. I was vegetarian and vegan before type 1 and I still got type 1- it made no difference in fact that was when I started feeling more ill.

    I have fybro so I feel achy a lot of the time anyway from that and diabetes so it's hard to say if a food is causing it. When I get the runs right after eating, or my eyes puff up etc. then I know for sure. But then there are usually a few possible culprits if it's not something new and you have to decide which one caused it if you aren't sure. Like with the kale I know I can't grind that up in a blender with fruit- immediate runs but I can eat it as a salad.

    in addition being on insulin makes sleeping difficult for me because bg drops around 3 am and it's dangerous for me the worst time is 3-9 am. It often drops while I'm sleeping anyway but if I get it stabilized by 3 I'm usually ok.

  • Goodness! Well I know nothing about blood sugar, so can't comment on that. But it sounds like it's difficult to manage.

    As to calories, if you Don't count them, I Don't understand your comment about veggies being low calorie.

    Anyway, yes, it is difficult to know what makes you feel bad when you eat a meal with lots of elements. Which is why I suggested a goitrogen elemination diet to see if any of them are the culprets. If not, forget about goitrogens, it's not your problem. But, I would mention in passing that almonds are also goitrogens. See what I mean about you're probably eating lots of them? Although it's rumoured that almond milk is a swizz, and there's hardly any almonds in it! Yes, eating is a minefield, but goitrogens are not one of the things you should be most worried about.

  • Yeah. I'm not stopping my salads. I doubt eating raw veggies except maybe the goitrogens will be a problem. I think I misreported to something here about a joke just disregard if so. It was my CDE. She has a thyroid disorder her son has type1 and he has hashis too.

    Sorry if this is a repeat – I'm on my phone and can't see or type well. I had added tofu in without realizing it so bad and I wonder if that affects of things I will be stopping that unfortunately because I like it.

  • Ah, now unfermented soy - like tofu - is another thing altogether. It's really bad for everybody, not just hypos. Sorry you actually liked it, but it won't do you any good.


  • Yes it's too bad because I liked it with lentils or in a fruit shake.. oh well, cross of one more food I like that I will have to eliminate...

  • Thanks Robert, I'm wondering why she said that.. I will ask her. I think she is hypothyroid herself.

  • yeah, that is what I thought, however it hasn't helped me at all now having numerous AI diseases. I was eating large amounts of kale though which may be too much. too bad cause it's delish for sure.

  • Given the same advice, I would ask that doctor for some immune-suppressants, and see what happens 'when the light comes on'.

  • 😃😳

  • My sister had similar genes to me. She had been getting IBS and eczema, so she reduced inflammatory agents from her diet like lactose, wheat gluten (because it's probably the least digestible gluten), processed foods, and she ate a lot of veg and berries - raw and cooked, eggs, fish and organic meat. She did have oats (porridge) and the odd sweet treat e.g. home made flapjacks, but as she was so active and not coeliac there was no problem there. After about two years on this diet she ran marathons and is the fittest person I know. I took up her diet in November as I wanted to optimise t4 to t3 conversion. Yes, it really helped. I had the added benefit of losing a stone in a month, felt a bit 'out of it' as I detoxed, but am now a lot more resilient and have more energy; my skin is smooth on my heels (which used to crack) and on my hands that used to flare up in the winter; I've lost inches off my belly and slimmer thighs.

    I also started eating broth, or jelly as the glycine in it can repair thyroid tissue as well as make nails strong and reduce wrinkles; a lot of dark green veg contains magnesium which is essential for t4 to t3 conversion, but it is more bio-available if the veg is cooked and it reduces the goitrogenous effects; eggs are great because they contain b vitamins and iodine; white fish, turkey and salmon are good; and snacks are seeds and brazil nuts, canteloupe melon, pink grapefruits and berries.

    It'll certainly make thyroxine work harder for you if you optimise the t4 to t3 conversion (a synthesis involving many minerals, vitamins and amino acids) especially if you take some supplements too (Thyroid UK has a good list and links - vitamin d3 is pretty vital). Although the allegedly healthiest option is Paleo, I still indulge in comfort food (even if it is gluten-free) and love 70% dark chocolate as cocoa is higher on the list of ingredients than sugar (lots of Magnesium in cocoa) drink regular tea and green tea with ginger and spices.

    p.s. Never did have much use for soy anyway as it appeared to do funny things to my skin (acne). I tend to avoid it and have lactofree or unsweetened almond milk.

  • I eat a lot of those. I seem to be having trouble absorbing vitamin d. Ether that or it's a hyper parathyroid issue. I am concerned now that when I increased my vitamin d/k2 from 2000 iu daily to 4000 iu daily after the osteoporosis diagnosis my vitamin D went down, not up and PTH went up as well. Either it is an absorption issue or this is primary and not secondary hyperPT, or something else altogether.

  • Ok , sorry been out of the loop here - firstly I made a typo - on iphone so that should have read 'covered off' nothing to do with eyes :) secondly the book I recommend by Marc Ryan is called 'Roadmap to Remission' A Practical Guide to Hashimotos Healing hope that is helpful. At the end of the day no one size will fit all so we have to do the research and then work out our own bespoke path to healing.... there are explanations and tips here that are extremely well researched, I find him to be very good.

    The US seem miles ahead of UK in looking at this health problem holistically - a lot braver about exploring natural forms of healing - the health system there allows a more open minded approach simply because people want to be healed and look at all options over expensive life long meds...

    Ive been looking after my sick son for a few days who has a respiratory virus which has had him hacking away badly - decided to give him colloidal silver to gargle and he suddenly emerged a different boy - instantly. Its always worth keeping an open mind and working out what could help.

  • I think it is very important to remember that the UK contains a good many holistic practitioners who want people to heal! The general medical system in both countries is a conventional medical system - though the primary difference in the UK is that everybody can be treated irrespective of their insurance situation or income. In short, it's free at the point of care. This is precious and shouldn't be disregarded -though sadly it is taken for granted by many. It is not perfect by any means - costs being one of the biggest problems, of course. It is also interesting, a by-the-by, that there are a few NHS trusts that will pay for acupuncture, nhs doctors who practice homeopathy and three homeopathic hospitals within the NHS.

    There are as many constraints on conventional doctors in the US as there are within the the UK I suspect.

  • Here's the comment on the back

    'Is it really possible to get Hashimotos Thyroiditis into remission? It is if you understand this one secret. Its way more than a thyroid problem. Hashimotos Thyroiditis is also more than just an autoimmune problem. It is an all over your body problem! because thyroid hormone affects virtually every system of your body.

    Marc is a graduate of Cornell Uni and a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. After suffering from his own battle with Hashimotos and discovering alternative approach to healing it, he decided to devote his life to doing everything he could to help others find hope, hope and healing for their Hashimotos as well. In the last four years he has spent thousands of hours researching, working with and talking to over 1000 Hashimotos patients. In the book he shares much of what he has learned from both his analysis of research and from working with so many people who suffer from this disease. His website hashimotoshealing.com and his facebook group hashimotoshealing are both testimonials to the growing trend of the healing power of data and community.

  • I assume she's talking about goitrogens (mostly, but not only, brassicas, and strawberries). Some people seem to be more affected than others. If you have always eaten them and feel well, you might find that your meds are high enough to counteract the effect. If you need it I think I have a recipe for fried lettuce somewhere ...

  • Yes she said goitrogens. But she also said raw veggies stimulate the aimmune attack. She has s thyroid disorder also and her type1 son has hashis. i do eat SB every day and peanuts and flax crackers a lot. I wonder if they make me worse I'm not willing to eliminate too much more I've eliminate too much as it is and other than helping Bg it hasn't prevented anything.

  • I don't have thyroid antibodies so I can't say, but I do know that my asthma improved when I ate more raw and that is supposed to be autoimmune. So perhaps it depends on the individual.

  • Yes maybe. I have mild asthma which gets worse with reflux symptoms but I don't notice any difference there either. I'm having a chronic rash which comes and goes on my neck and my leg- had poison ivy on the leg in the fall. No one seems to be able to figure it out but the allergist said it was auto-immune iho.

  • Last week I had a go at juicing kale and along with carrot celery my daughter and I drank a glass full each. Daughter was fine but I was so ill I couldn't get out of bed for 3 days in excruciating pain. My tummy felt like a washing machine and the gas was awful! I have underactive thyroid & fibromyalgia Thank you for posting this. X

  • You're welcome😊 I love the kale but I'm going to stop it just in case and maybe start the algae calcium supplements after getting more osteoporosis testing. When I used the nutribullet to grind kale and other veggies up I got immediate runs. So I only do fruit and some almond milk and tofu now. Looks like tofu will have to go too now though. 😳

  • Hello paula1037,I have been doing exactly the same,thinking it would do me good,the pain all over my body is worse than ever,I had been wondering if this might be the cause, I'm dairy intolerant ,soon there will be nothing left to eat..hope you feel well soon...x

  • Yes I agree it's definitely juicing the raw veg ... I've never felt so ill in my life! Hope you both have a relatively good low pain week and thanks for replying xx

  • you too :-)

  • I just wanted to pop in and wish you well! It sounds like you're trying everything you can. My advice - listen to your gut literally and figuratively. What makes you feel better go with and if you have a suspicion that something disagrees with you, cut it.

    I've got a great functional doctor but he didn't quite believe me when I told him that I was sure some of my symptoms were down to my gut bacterial/yeast imbalance. He thought that it would go once he sorted out the thyroid issues. I argued a lot with him and then he remembered I had Ulcerative Colitis another AI disease (complete colectomy so sort of cured) and he finally listened to me and we came at my problems from a slightly different angle.

    It sounds like your body is highly inflamed, so any food that irritates you, or you eat a huge amount of could be causing you inflammation (eating a lot of one thing can cause and intolerance) so if you can mix things up a bit, a little bit of this and that instead of your usual.

    I'm being given a spoon of hemp oil to help reduce inflammation and take borage oil capsules. I wonder if you could try those for a little time to break from the flax crackers as they'll be hard on your inflamed gut lining.

    I understand what you're saying about your low carb diet (some of us do much better on it even without diabetes as an issue). I can't handle any fruit or natural sweetners whatsoever (other than stevia) and even root vegetables so I'm on the GAPS diet which has blown me away with the results. If you do decide to go down that route remember to keep a higher fat intake as you'll need to get your calories from ketogenesis.

    I can't remember but are you taking a variety of probiotics?

    Keep on with your D3/k2 as you won't be getting any D3 if you're a night owl. I'm indoors a lot and so I'm taking 5,000 so you could up it a bit.

    Also, I wonder have you tried melatonin? I suspect your levels will be completely out of whack.

    Anyway, well done. I see how hard you're trying. And that's all we can do.


  • Thanks ScottlassLondon,

    I don't think I could do the gaps diet, not with type1 on insulin. I'm glad that has helped you. I tried the Bernstein diet at first and had way too many hypos and I felt like I was starving too, I still feel like I'm not eating enough. It's not natural for me to eliminate so much and as I said it hasn't prevented anything so I have backed off on diet as the solution or even a remedy for anything for me. Not that I will just eat whatever of course. My bg control and balancing the insulin comes first. I also had my ibd kitty on a raw diet because that is supposed to cure ibd in cats but he got worse on that and lost more weight. I will try to follow what seems like a pattern as you say. I'm glad your surgery helped mostly cure you :-)

    I am going to an even more bland diet for a while because my reflux got very severe after starting an antibiotic eye drop for a scratch on my eye from contact lenses getting stuck in my eyes. It was so severe I started the ranatidine my ent rxed- I'm feeling better now already with that and the diet. I guess it could be partly being off lanzoprazole for a few weeks and the from drops.. it usually hits me suddenly and gets severe in one day. I also read that it is ok to take the acid blockers if you get your calcium from food, and if you need a supplement calcium citrate doesn't need a highly acidic environment to be absorbed.

    I'm actually going to cut the fat a bit and increase carbs because slow digesting fat can make the reflux worse. I'm most concerned now to figure out what is really causing the hyperparathyroidism and low D is it true vitamin d deficiency or is it primary parahyperthyroidism and do I have a tumor(s) which if removed could stop the osteoporosis.

    I can only take one probiotic, I have tried many and they all give me the runs. I take accuflora now which is one of two which don't, the other was probiflora which I ordered from south africa but I can't seem to get in anymore and it's very expensive. It helped my bladder symptoms as the diabetes was coming out. I remember telling one of the many doctors who failed to diagnose my diabetes that it helped me and he said that wasn't likely to help for yeast infections and my other symptoms.

    I will try cutting out the flax and see if this helps me, I already stopped the flax seed oil I take. I had switched to krill from fish oils and my eyes are a bit worse but it may be nothing to do with that. Spring is coming soon so the seasonal changes always make my eyes worse. Fruit is ok but I've cut out the strawberries for now for the reflux. If I eat the fruit with almond milk it stops the acid irritation.

    I am trying to switch it up a bit as you say and adding in some steamed veggies too, most of the raw veggies I have been eating such aren't goitrogens.

    Today I managed to get out for a walk in the 4 pm sun but it was freezing- so tomorrow I will try earlier for more sun. I was eating all day as I felt hungry in smaller portions and doing smaller boluses and it has worked out ok so far except for a post walk hypo. I snoozed after my walk in front of the tv again. It seems to be a regular thing for me to fall asleep after eating in front of the tv and snore.. lol.

    I just went back on melatonin and l-theanine but it may be making me go more hypo while I sleep. I've adjusted my basal insulin a bit to help that. I eliminated my green tea/caffeine until the reflux gets better, but it is hard to function without it. I'm sure my melatonin etc. is probably out of wack from my schedule. Walking in the overhead sun or even morning sun is supposed to help that.

    I'm a bit concerned about the vitamin k2 now because although it's not supposed to affect blood clotting I think it actually does- I was looking at vitamin k2 mk4 which has been used to treat osteoporosis and been shown to prevent fractures in Japan- the bottles all said not to take this if you're on warfarin- so it does affect inr and blood clotting. That is a concern for me due to having had a dvt. I think the dose I'm taking now is small and probably ok but the larger dose of 24 mg in one supplement I looked at or even some of the lower dose ones may be too much for me.

    Thanks for your encouragement :-) I am trying as much as I can to manage all of this and feeling exhausted lately. I have rested a lot and not done anything too taxing and this is helping my pain.

  • Yes, sorry, I was typing on my phone so couldn't check whether you were diabetic or not. So can totally see that GAPS would be a no no for you.

    Honestly, reading everything you've tried and are trying says to me that you instinctively know your body better than even the doctors or anyone on here. This is a great place to pick up things we may not have thought of but we're also very unique in our make up so I think you're doing a fantastic job of listening to your instincts.

    Alas, when I say cured of ulcerative colitis, I meant according to the surgeon rather than any of the symptoms and subsequent gut problems that I've suffered with since my large intestine's removal twenty years ago. ;)

    I wish you further walks in the sun and plenty of snoring in front of the TV - both sound good to me!

    Lots of love and support!

    Zena XX

  • Thanks Zena... that is so true that we know ourselves best and how we react. I think the surgeons assume everything is fine after they do their job unfortunately. I'm sorry you suffer with the symptoms. Yeah, sounds good to me too :-) Same to you...Take care <3

  • HI OOOggg, bok choy is just as bad!! Just google a list of goitrogenic veg that you can eat, and yes usually not raw, no cauli, broccoli etc, you can have a few small portions a week, but well cooked,. Green beans are good, here is a good link to livestrong about bok choy.


  • thanks langdocienne, someone else mentioned that here. I think if you steam them it may help. GG thought if you're on treatment like levo eating some goitrogens is ok as long as you don't notice a reaction. I have eliminated them although I ate a small piece of kale the other day, The cde said a small piece here and there is ok.

    It looks like I will have to go back on calcium citrate because without the kale I don't think I will get enough calcium. I was eating lots of steamed cauliflower for a while and some brocoli... I didn't notice any symptoms.

    I've switched to green beans steamed and also my regulars lettuce cucumber, carrots etc. etc.

    I'm on a very bland diet now due to my reflux becoming very severe suddenly so that is the most urgent thing currently. I'm back on ranatadine and added in some new probiotics and brewer's yeast for lactic acid. I feel a bit better, so keeping my fingers crossed. The last time I ate chicken, white rice, ice berg lettuce, water, granola bars and maybe some yogurt for about 7-8 months which along with prilosec pretty much healed me. I think I may need another endoscopy though to make sure nothing serious is going on.

  • I have a few people that I know, including my youngest daughter on MSM, it is very good for acid reflux. You can't take the ascorbic acid with it, as it is citrus, so no good. Seems to be working well. Have a read up about it.

    Any acid reflux med, will only make you go round in circles, they depress the HCL acid in your stomach, which you need to digest proteins, so leave well alone, it'll get a lot better with the MSM, of course be careful with your diet, and yes the plain white carbs, which are not specifically good for us, are bland, and don't upset your tum.

    Here is a link, not a long paragraph about it, but you can find more, it should help. I really would stop any antacids, will only make things worse.


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