Has anyone tried Thyroid Energy and Raw Thyroid

Has anyone tried Thyroid Energy and Raw Thyroid

Since I can´t get Armour after I moved to UK (at least not the easy way) I was thinking of trying other methods along with my Levaxin.  I have used L-Thyroxin from NOW before and it really gave me somekind of boost.  So if you have used Thyroid Energy from NOW and Raw Thyroid how has it worked for you, did you use both or only one and where did you order it from.

Thanks guys :-) 

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  • HalldoraSkula,

    Although Armour and other NDT are rarely prescribed on the NHS it is perfectly legal for you to buy NDT online and import it for your own use.

    The products you have linked don't declare whether they contain any active T4 and T3, or if they do, they don't declare how much, which means it's suck it and see to determine whether they are useful supplements in addition to your Levothyroxine.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Products that contain bovine thyroid hormones are usually a lot weaker than NDT containing porcine thyroid hormones. If your dose of Levothyroxine is not high enough to make you well and your doctor won't let you have any more, you could supplement with this kind of product, however you will begin to stray into the realms of self medication and so would need to watch out for hyper symptoms if you over do it (unlikely!). Also it might affect your blood test results when you next have a test, so if you do supplement remember to stop 3-4 days before you have a test, otherwise your doctor might decide you need even less Levothyroxine.

    Having said that, many products that claim to be 'thyroid support' just contain iodine, and there is quite a bit of dispute about whether taking Iodine is helpful or harmful for people with the hashimotos (autoimmune) form of hypothyroidism.

    It would surprise me if the Thyroid Energy pills had any hormones in, because they are veg capsules, and plants don't contain any thyroid hormones. They almost certainly contain Iodine. The Raw Thyroid ones might contain some hormone (they say 'glandular' so are more likely to help if they do. Thyro-Gold, available from the US, definitely contain bovine hormone, so might be a good choice.

  • Do you know why you are hypo? Do you have Hashi's?

    I'm always very sceptical about things that call themselves 'thyroid support', because what they usually mean is 'thyroid stimulant', and stimulating a sick gland is not a good way to go. These things are meant for people with healthy glands, who are afraid they're going to have a problem. Not for people who already have a problem.

    The one above contains a lot of iodine. Which stimulates the gland. And there are other stimulants, such as Ashwagandha. Folic acid, which is the cheap and nasty version of folate. Not enough methylcobalamin to help a mouse. It really is a big waste of money, in my humble opinion. And it's not cheap!

    The Raw Thyroid is a bit like playing Russian Roulette. Are there going to be any hormones in this tablet or aren't there? No-one knows! I really think you would be much better off spending your money on some decent Thyroid S or Thiroyd from Thailand than messing around with these suppléments.

  • I agree with others, it's legal to import NDT for yourself into the UK. If you're going to buy something, might as well buy the real thing. The thai NDTs are also pretty cheap, probably a good deal cheaper than these, I hear under £5 per big bottle. 

  • I swapped from Levo to thyroid s and within weeks some swelling went, I have been on them  9 months now and have no hypo symptoms and the mucin in my cells seems to be going. Take a look at my other thread my myexadema. 

  • I've tried both of them and they didn't do much was taking them in combination with other vitamins for 2 years off and on. The raw thyroid one gave me a tiny bit more energy but made me feel quite ill just after taking it. Thyroid energy made me feel really sick. Have you thought about trying a cheaper NDT like thyroid S or thiroyd? Only thing that has helped me is thiroyd NDT. I was very below range on these.

  • Raw Adrenal doesn't contain active T3 and T4 it contains, vitA, C, Thiamin, B2, niacinamide, b6, pantothenic acid, American ginseng, synergistic complex which consists of adrenal tissue, spleen tissue, maltodextrin (from tapioca)....that is from a bottle I had in my medicine cuboard it needs clearing out lol.

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