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Advice on Adrenal Fatigue

Hi all,

I had a call from the Endo last week to say my Corsitol levels were low and i need to go in for an injection and furter test ( all the info i have at present).

He agrees that my Thyroid levels do not tally Low TSH, T3 and T4 (results on previous post) which drop each time Levothyroxine is reduced.

I heard someone say that the test i am due to have only shows very high or low levels and nothing inbetween ? He has refused the saliva test. I feel awful mornings, after lunch again before teatime and pick up later in the evenings.

All advise very welcome please as this is a whole new area to me and don't have a clue.

Would like to make the most of my Endo while i have the chance.

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Low everything is secondary or central hypo - meaning that you need to ignore TSH as there is no signal to tell your body to make it (or it can't be made), so T4 and T3 stay low as nothing tells the thyroid to increase production.

A doctor should know that. Ask for a referral to an endo on Louise's list of endos with a clue.

Messed up cortisol levels also indicate a pituitary or hypothalamus problem.


Thank you x


T4 and T3 are obviously going to drop every time you lower your dose. You need your dose increased until they are up near the top of the range, and all your symptoms are gone. I agree with Angel about secondary hypo.

The cortisol test he's giving you is not for adrenal fatigue, it's to see if you have Addisson's. As you probably Don't, nothing is going to come of it, unfortunately. Most doctors Don't believe adrenal fatigue exists. But it does sound as if your cortisol levels are low in the morning, and high in the evening, which is the normal starting pattern for adrenal fatigue. But if he won't do the saliva test, I Don't know what you can do. He probably wouldn't accept private tests, either. But you never know! Let us know how you get on. :)


Thank you x

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