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T3 intolerance due to adrenal fatigue I think?

I had the saliva adrenal test done last year with the Red Apple Clinic, the result of which I needed adrenal support. but to date I haven't taken anything for it despite taking T3. I only took t3 for a very short period of time because I became intolerant to it, even though i ended up taking only2.5. mcg per day. I had increased bouts of anxiety, stress etc.

Basically my cortisol levels were 06.00 08.00 (am) 14-normal 13-24nM. 11.00 13.00pm 10-normal 5-10nM. 14.00 17.00pm 7 normal 3-8nM. 22.00 23.59pm 4-normal. Despite my being in the normal ranges my results are either right at the high end or low end of normal. Hence my cortisol is very low in the morning and very high at midnight. whereas it should be the other way around. What do I need to take for this problem? I spoke with my GP who did a blood test recently and I came back normal so hence no help there. He did not recommend cortisol because he did not want to give me any steroids any way. But I know that cortisol is a natural occurring substance in the body

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It's difficult to know which path to take for adrenal disfunction so trial and error may be your best bet. Some people do well on DHEA and others pregnenalone I think . You have to know which part of the adrenal gland isn't producing well.

I also have read that T3 will help heal adrenals and am counting on that for now.


thanks. Hope you get on well with the T3. When I first took it I felt such serenity and clarity of mind, something I haven't felt for years and it was wonderful. So good luck! The clinic did a correlation bet my DHEA and cortisol and I was in the 'HIGH' zone. namely zone 6 which is stated as HIGH DHEA. 'This zone represents an elevated DHEA which is not coupled with cortisol overproduction' It states there are a number of reasons for this. 1. intentional or unintentional DHEA intake. 2. increased ACTH stimulation with an insufficient response in cortisol production which allows ongoing ACTH production and hyper-stimulation of DHEA synthesis. 3. Deficiency in enzymatic cortisol syntheses e.g. 21-hydroroxylase deficiency with high 17-OH (which I haven't got!) progesterone. Under these conditions, the runaway ACTH production causes adrenal hypertrophy/hyperplasia. 4. Androgen-producing or virilising tumours. This is the clinic's explanation of possible causes. In essence I just need to know if I need to take DHEA or cortisol or both. I'm just really confused!


If they can read all those results, why don't they know how to treat you? It's beyond my comprehension but since a little adrenal extract over a long period of time is supposed to help, I will continue with that. After one period of time with that I am now trying adaptogens. I was afraid of cortisol although at times I have taken a very low dose of prednisone and felt it was helpful but that was before I was treated for hypo. It may have been a sign of my adrenal disfunction. I still haven't done a saliva test. DHEA gave me a huge headache but someone said it changed her life. Doctors are not helpful with this, at least not the ones you can afford to see. I hope you can figure this out.

Have you seen this?

Since hormones are so intertwined, this chart shows how Dr. Rind feels estrogen dominance reacts to thyroid hormones.


I know, it's all so complicated! and like you I don't want to try anything if it will have an adverse effect, but sometimes one has too, and it' really a trial and error thing as well I suppose. When I had my results returned to me there was a leaflet inside recommending I take 'Seriphos' which is a Phosphatidyl Serine product, so I might start with that. Thank you for you help and I'll look up the link above.


I looked phosphatidyl up and see it is from a lack of B vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. It can also be made from soy, so I don't think you want that one.

I don't know why you were on T3. Was it because T4 didn't agree with you or are you not sure you have a thyroid problem at all? If you only have an adrenal problem, I wonder if you should just take the adrenals that Dr. Peat recommends. I try to keep up with B vitamins and fish oil or krill oil.

One day at a time I guess.


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