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suspected adrenal problems what now?

hi everyone i recently had my latest blood tests for thyroid and they are back where they should be at last yey. but im still unwell. i know my thyroid levels are ok compared to historic blood tests from 2011 to cut along story short, iv been battling hypothyrodism since having my baby last feb, i have basically been exhausted for over a year I battled to get treated for thyroid so am not new to this site had my gallbladder out a few months ago another thing that was afffected after i got ill after my little boy. I dd a 24 hour salvia cortisol test from horizon in december 2013 to try and identify the problem and it came back i was suffering from exhaustion adrenal problems low cortisol very low dhea i took this to the endo and he basically chucked it back at me saying he did not understand the salvia test and it was irelvant as the nhs does not do it he did say he was intrested n my adrenals but to try sort out other problems first.(gallbladder) it took 7 months to get sorted with the gallbladder and its been awful,i know and am pretty sure this is why im not recovering as i have all the symptoms and the test done. i have booked another appointment to see the endo but im feeling at a loss what my options are as and if he will help me since he was not very nice about the adrenal test i had done has anybody been in asimilar situation or advice how should go about things so i can finally get sorted iv tried adrenal support and does not work thanks for reading and would appreciate any help so i can finally get better


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When you say you've tried adrenal support, what have you tried? Do you have your cortisol results? I have seen two private doctors who understand adrenal issues. If you're interested, PM me and I'll give you their details.


hi rosetrees i remember reading your posts a while ago that you had to go through this so thanks very much for your reply , I took adrenal extra x1 then x2 after few weeks and carried on for a month i did not feel any affects really and was not sure what i was doing and feel confident if you can understand that as i had no guidance i did not want to make things worse. the cortisol levels are from december results below but i dont think much has changed as follows genova diagnostics not horizon

sample 1 post awakening outside range 10.9

sample 2 +4-5 hours 5.1

sample 3 +4-5 hours 2.4

sample4 prior to sleep 20.1(feel best)

dhea am 0.06

dhea pm 0.06

ratio dhea0.27

unfortunatly i dont have option of a private dr at the moment but the details would be great if things dont move along so yes please sorry for long post



I'm going to send you a PM


Hi Sara

I'm sorry you have now had other health issues as well as your thyroid gland problems after your baby's birth. I trust baby is well. It is disappointing when you have tests to rule or find out a problem and it is disregarded. I don't know how you've managed all of your ill-health with a new baby too.

If you are able to take up rosetrees' offer if the person isn't too far away it may be worthwhile.

Do you have recent thyroid gland blood tests to post so comments can be made about them too.

Best wishes


hi shaws thanks for your reply and all you support throught the year it s been awful iv try to do the best for my little ones they are really good children and i just want to have more energy for them, iv had to fight all the way even for the gallbladder out as had no stones im not the nhs's number 1 fan at the moment ! so iv come this far i not giving up . the details would be great if i cant get sorted then i think private will have to be a option if the endo wont listen and save my pennies its very frustrating as i have half a brain and done lots of research this site has been fantastic so thankyou everyone

thryroid results

free t4 16.0 (10-20)

tsh 0.05 (0.02-10.00)



Hi, I have just posted this

(thanks London...) have you seen it? :)

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thanks poppy i will watch it tonight when monsters in bed


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