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Adrenal fatigue

hi, does anyone have any ideas on how to tackle Adrenal Fatigue as I recently had mine tested and , my 1st cortisol test i was inside range, 2nd test lower end, 3rd even lower, 4th even lower my daily cortisol reading was 21.7 however my DHEA levels were 0.09 and 0.11 giving a total of 0.46 and the normal range is from 0.6-3.00, any thoughts ? please . I have hashimotos.

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You probably need some adrenal support in the form of b vits - nutri adrenal extra and lots of vitamin c. Its slow going though. I don't have that kind of patience so I got myself a dosing schedule and took cortisone for two years. Its not for the faint hearted, but I would have no qualms about doing again if I needed to.

I got lots of my info from the yahoo adrenals group, and they now have their own website, well worth you taking a look.

G x


thankyou very much for your reply and like you I don't have the patience to try wait and see stuff so I will have a look at the adrenals group you mentioned. I have been stuffing myself with vitamin B etc etc to no avail so far so hopefully I will find something there, thanks again


Neals Yd Remedies and other health stores, stock powdered Ashwaganda and Maca which I combine in a small jar and keep in my bag. I dissolve a teaspoon of the combo or just the maca in a bit of warm milk.

Both plants will gradually nourish the adrenals and thyroid. Borage tincture/tabs is also good.

I have it prior to my one-a-day coffee at the local coffee house, but you can take it more often. I sometimes add a pinch of dark raw sugar.

I also take Magnesium Malate, as it's known to aid chronic fatigue.


I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, my cortisol is approx the same as you although a little higher and my DHEA slightly higher than you. I started taking Nutri Adrenal Extra but started with just half with breakfast and increase very slowly. As I had a heart attack I am extra cautious but was having anxiety attacks, just worried about everything. I found this site very good and contains other links

I have slowly increased my Nutri thyroid to two tablets. I make sure I have at lease one good relaxing walk a day, I go to an exercise class once a week and don't overdo it and have a relaxing green tea after. I relax more, make more time to get places without getting stressed, I watch comedy happy programmes. I find that ashwaganda helps. I just stay away from stressful situations. I have some rescue remedy with me just in case I get an anxiety attack but it hasn't happened for a month now. I also went to an osteopath who found I wasn't using my chest and lungs properly and gave me some exercises to open up my chest which has improved my wellness. I don't sit slouched anymore. I don't do sugar either, stevia is good. Its worth it when you don't feel well. I have also lost 2.5 stone so looking forward to the summer. Dr Peatfield was a great help and support to me, I really suggest you see a natural endo. Good luck. x

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hi and thank you very much for your helpful message, I will certainly have a look at x thanks again


Yes - don't forget that stress will exhaust your Adrenals. Be kind to yourself; avoid rushing. If your home and/or work schedule is punishing, plan ways to reduce it.


thankyou x


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