My first thyroid results since being on Levothyroxine

My first thyroid results since being on Levothyroxine

Attached is a photo of my thyroid results from last week. I have been on Levothyroxine for about 6-7 weeks now but I am not quite sure what to make of the results.

My TSH level was 7 and 5 before in my two previous tests so it has dropped considerably.

My FT4 was about 13.9 and 14.2 before so it has increased slightly and my FT3 has dropped from being 5.30 to 4.30.

Is this good or bad? Can anyone help? I don't know what this means. I am still feeling more exhausted than ever and am constantly hungry and have put on weight. Could it be my antidepressants that I am on or could it be my thyroid still?

Any advice appreciated

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  • My FT4 is around 13, my FT3 about 4, but my TSH is 0.06 and the GP and endo are going nuts about it. My B12 was low end and my D3 was through the floor because I couldn't take the tablets. I am subclinical hyperparathyroid and have bad fluid retention. On advice from clutter I started 8 weeks of sublingual 5000mcg methylcobalamin, which is what B12 turns into in your system, with other b vits, and got my liquid D3 back. I have also started taking my levo before bedtime, well after dinner, I was at one point so exhausted I could barely drag myself upright, or keep myself there. I was breathless, irritable, just wanted to crawl away and die. About 5 weeks into the new regime I feel so much better, thiugh theres a long way to go as I have other health issues, but theres definite and sustained improvement. You will get the best advice here, thats for sure.

  • If your FT3 is going down then possibly there is a problem in converting T4 into the Active hormone T3. What is your dose of Levo ? Maybe an increase is needed or the introduction of T3...

    Have you had tests for Ferritin - Folate - B12 - Iron - VitD ? They too need to be OPTIMAL for the T4 to convert well into T3. B12 needs to be the TOP of the range and Ferritin around 80/90.

    Are you taking your T4 away from food ?

    Anti-depressants can skew results too in a small way I believe. Perhaps when your thyroid results are good ( FT3 higher ) - you may be able to reduce the AD's.

    I expect you have read about the connection with the gut and depression - there's lots of information currently :-)

  • I would say there is quite definately a problem with conversion. The FT3 is only just about mid-range, the FT4 is much higher. But there is still room for an increase in Levo, to see if that helps. :)

  • My current dose of Levothyroxine is 100mg. I haven't had tests for these yet no though I am seeing the doctor tomorrow so will ask about it then but I don't hold out much hope.

    What do you mean am I taking my T4 away from food?

  • It is usual for people to eat one hour after taking the T4 or to eat two hours after taking it....

  • I will point out to them that my FT3 has dropped and show them from my results and will definitely state that I am still feeling exhausted all the time.

  • I do leave a gap of one hour after taking Levothyroxine before I eat yes.

  • I went to the doctors about this today and she said the results are all in range and that the FT3 can drop and that it is the FT4 we look at, I tried to explain otherwise but she did not listen to me.

    They are keeping my dose of Levothyroxine at 100mg and to have another blood test in six months. I forgot to ask about the vitamin D and B12 and iron but the pharmacist said that I could take these and see how I go.

  • Naturegirl, antidepressants will interfere with your hormone. Not knowing how serious or how long you have been on them, depression is definitely a symptom of hypo so as you get to your optimum hormone dose, you should not need the antidepressant. Be careful how you manage that.

    The half life of levo is about two weeks and each day you are building up a blood level. It's complicated but at six weeks, it is hard to know if you are at your complete dose but must be close. Still levo has to be processed to FT3 which will begin to activate in the cells if the receptors will accept it. That's when you will feel some progress and we are talking about every cell in your body. This all takes time and these other factors have to be in place as well.

    This is one short video of 24 reasons for low thyroid.

  • Hi Heloise, I am on Paroxetine antidepressants and have been on them for about six months. They are keeping me at the same dose of 100mg Levothyroxine as my results were all in range. I mentioned to the doctor that my T3 levels had dropped and she said it is meant to do that and that the T4 is important and she would not listen to me.

  • I still feel exhausted all the time and have put on a lot of weight. I am eating quite well now but I do not feel better at all.

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