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Adrenal support

Has anyone found that CT3M did not work for them and tried another method which was successful. I have been really struggling on T3 only using CT3M. My saliva test in July had improved but my blood cortisol done a few weeks later was very low at 213. I have had lots of problems trying to raise the T3 with high BP and some days feeling so het up and tearful. I'm wondering if CT3M is not adequately addressing my adrenal issues. Paul on the T3 only forum suggests I am not on a high enough dose but when I try to raise it I don't feel good. I have been struggling since February and coming to the end of my tether with it all.

I am wondering about trying NDT but worried this will not work either if my adrenals are not good.

Anyone offer any advice please?

Many thanks

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Caze, A common reason for inability to raise dose is low ferritin/iron. Have you had either tested?


Hi Clutter

Ferritin has been low (33) in the past and I have been supplementing for ages. Last ferritin blood test in July was much improved at 76 (11-336) so I don't think its ferritin.


Caze, 76 is still low, halfway through range is optimal. Don't give up supplementing until ferritin is >100.


OK many thanks, am still supplementing. Will test again in Jan.


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