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Can taking Nutri adrenal supplement damage my own cortisol production?

I had TT in 2006 and have been trying to feel well ever since. Am now on T3 only 60 mcg, using Paul Robinson's book. My cortisol saliva test showed high morning and evening with just in range (but low end) of mid morning and afternoon. I cannot do Paul's CT3M because of the high morning result but feel that possibly I need help during the day, as my stamina is still poor and I will ache all day, with throbbing legs, if I push myself too far. I also have stiff painful calves, which is a new symptom, starting in the summer. Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Btw my temps and BP are still low, so perhaps I still need more T3 but I have become painfully thin and lose more every time I increase.

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i know you asked about cortisol but have a look at this

I have also read on the yahoo thyroidless forum that for people without a thyroid often do well on T4 as well.

Just a thouhgt



Thanks for replying. I looked at the link and felt like burying myself. So much info out there and who is right? I have tried T4 alone for 6 years, T4/3 combo, Armour thyroid, T4/3 combo combined with Armour thyroid, under Dr S and lately, T3 only still under Dr S. Nothing is perfect. The latter is probably best of a bad bunch. I am convinced the perfect meds have not been invented and am just trying to do the best I can with my life. Everyone is different, so one just has to hope for a miracle one day! Hope you are doing well yourself.


sorry didnt mean to upset you, I hope Dr S can help you



No, it wasn't you that made me feel desperate - just the mountain of info from a rather gloomy site. I think I have looked at once before and felt the same. Please don't worry. Not your fault! x


Some interesting points on that site. I didn't realise that D2 and D1 were involved in T4 conversion- thinking they acted downstream to T3.

Numbers , numbers!

I think the adrenals actually do produce sex hormones, so it's a very tricky mix hormone to hormone, when extra chunks 'fly in'.

The writer there seems to have done his research, anyway.

PS: I left a comment on the site -as the RT3 ratio stuff was not well described, at one point.


Using coconut oil in cooking can give a moderate but useful boost to your metabolism.

It also doesn't sound like some saturated fat would do you any harm ,either.

Why not try it- available in JS and elsewhere and quite pleasant to use, actually.

Search on here for recent posts- there's quite a lot of stuff on it.

Every bit helps in this..


Thanks tegz, Do you use it yourself and did it help your temperature? I use olive oil for everything at the moment. Does all food taste of coconut when it is used in cooking? I will buy some and try. As you say every bit helps but no one has answered me on the effects of Nutri adrenal yet. Help please!


Got Flu at the mo- so temp driven up to normal!

Too soon to detect use of CocoOil, but I'm hopeful. I bet you'll like it!

It doesn't taste much and can be bought with taste removed -but this does involve light heating.

On NutriA, no experience of it but many supps can affect own production process.

If this is minimal anyway, no probs- if it works!

All hormones are best used with professional support, though.

I would tread carefully, till you determine why you have the symptoms you do which would need an endo, I guess.

The only immediate thing that springs is have you tried splitting your T3 into smaller in a different sequence to aid slump in day? 60ug is a lot in one go! How do you use currently?


Oh heavens, I do not take 60 in one gulp. I split it into 20 three times a day, with the last at bedtime. Love that dose. It really helps sleep, after years of prowling around the house awake all night on Levo. I do see Dr S and am supposed to be slowly increasing but I am concerned about losing more weight. He is fairly ambivalent about Nutri adrenal but I have not asked the question recently. Still hoping someone who takes it will come along. I shall def try coconut oil. Hope you recover from flu soon.


Nearly missed your reply as you didn't use 'reply' button!

It's been reported that Thyroid treatment can help adrenals, though DrD-P puts it the other way round.

Not sure why you get such a weight loss if your metabolism is still sluggish though.

Maybe DrS is waiting for things to settle out.

Something to do with Leptins/Grehlins maybe?

How is appetite, maybe suppressed- and are you in training?


Heavens no. I do not train. I go for a 1/2 hour walk every morning but that is all. I eat plenty too, so my weight is a mystery. What are Leptons and Grehlins all about? I thought I had heard it all where thyroid is concerned. I am not sure my metabolism is sluggish as when I am feeling fine, I race around like normal people. Then I crash with aches and throbbing legs. Annoying thing is that whenever I go to see Dr S for routine appointment. I am feeling fine, so he thinks I am doing well and almost but not quite at point of perfection, where dose is concerned. Next day I crash. It has happened every time!


All to do with appetite and weight regulation, not thyroid!

Maybe you could arrange for a blood test on your 'crash' day- though it may have to be done privately to get flexibilty on timing.

It may show up something, like on the blood sugar front.


Oh, that sounds worrying. Blood sugar in respect of what?


Just something additiional to Thyroid that may be clouding the problem. like [say] Low blood sugar- that's known to cut in suddenly.

I'll shutup now ;)


No don't! All ideas welcome, even the scary ones!


Don't forget to update your findings.Still not sure what's goung on...

Keep a short cut to the post on your desktop [Right drag http icon and drop].

My flu is easing off now :)


Sorry tegz, you have lost me there re dragging icons around. I have an iPad. Does that make any difference? Will update as I go and have taken the daring step this morning of starting T4 again. Taken 75 and no T3 yet but intend to take 2 doses of 20 mcg later. No idea whether this will help but does anybody else? I just feel as though I need more stability. Glad that your flu is on its way out!


Not sure about the iPad routine. Just that the site profiles only keep a few old posts now- so later hard to find :(

From what I read on T4 &T3 joint use it could be helpful though T4 takes longer to kick in usefully and with a TT you may have different exp. to most as it's not totally common to have the op.yet! I hope it works, anyway.

You have tried combo before- so it's just all in the timing, I take it?

Flu maybe needs a ABX to chase away bronchitis..I've avoided this lately, as ABs mess up my stomach flora.


If you haven't seen these, perhaps there is something helpful in them for you.


Thanks for those links. I have read the STTM book but ages ago and it is always good to read again. Very useful section on adrenals. I guess it is time to do a new cortisol saliva test. My last was in April this year.


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