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Overview of Circadian T3 Method (CT3M) for Adrenal Problems

I've just written a new blog post that provides an overview of the circadian T3 method (CT3M). This blog post may be a good starting place for those wishing to find out more about CT3M. You can easily find this on my 'Recovering with T3' book and website Facebook page:

Best wishes,


p.s. if you do not use Facebook then please use the link:

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Thanks very much for this Paul - it will be very useful to point people to when questions about CT3M are asked :)


Thank you Clare! :)


Hi Paul - I think the next meeting will be on Friday 3rd May in the usual place in Knowle. I couldn't make the last meeting, so will check and let you know :)

Good luck witht the move!


Sorry - I thought your comment was a private message - so I deleted my response about my house moving arrangements! :)


Thank you Paul, and all that you do to help people.


You're welcome!


Thanks Paul for continuing to post this most important info for us all.

It works!

I've just managed a weekend in North Wales mountain biking, no crashes of any kind!

CT3M just works. Adrenals must be improving.

I have also just been sent a letter from my Endo. I wrote and asked why he wanted me to try T4 given how well I was doing using CT3M T3Only.

His reply.

" I'm happy for you to keep experimenting. You may need to introduce a further daytime dose (I did two weeks ago), but you must keep recording exactly what your doing so that we can understand your blood tests".

He has agreed that I don't need to take T4 anymore and I'm good to go on T3 only. Even Cc'd my GP in!

I can't quite believe it but I can certainly feel it.

Hope alls well with you.


Great news :) xx


That is tremendous news for you. It also appears that you have found a good endo and that he is taking your actual experience into account.

If this continues it would be great if you could submit a success story to my website. There is a 'contact us' menu on the front page and an option within that to provide a success story - this clearly is a great success.

Yes, CT3M works for the majority of people that require it. For those few that it doesn't help we are understanding more and more about the underlying issues that can prevent CT3M (and thyroid hormones more generally) from working correctly. Issues like low iron, low B12, inflammation, low iron, digestive system issues, HPA axis issues can get in the way. Many of these can be addressed fortunately - it just takes time to figure out what is going on and then fix it.

Thanks again - it was wonderful to read this!!!!

Best wishes,



I've been hoping to send you a success story Paul for your Home Page, it was a kind of goal I set when I read the other very lucky people's stories there.

I'm not going to write it just now. I haven't been back to my GP yet, (next Weds) hopefully they will follow the Endo's advice and when I have that prescription in my hands, I'll be one stage further forward.

The next thing will be re adjusting the current doses to accommodate the new brand of T3, I gather the UK prescribed T3 is weaker than my current Cynomel.

If BST is anything to go by that will take me another couple of weeks.

Then if I get up Kingston Hill again on my Mountain Bike I know I'm a success!

Actually I've never got up there but maybe I will now!

I would not be here now if it wasn't for this site, my first port of call, the wonderful people here advising, you and your Recovering with T3 book (which if followed correctly) can work, and Facebook ( never thought I'd say that) STTM T3 only Discussion Group.

Stay tuned

Jacks xx


Hi Jacks

Would be lovely to have your success story for the Thyroid UK website too please. :-)

If you are feeling brave, you could even do a video..! ;-)




Thanks Jacks and well done once again!!!!


Yep I'll do the story for you guys too. I'm blogging my progress here anyway.

Now a Video! That would be brave. I'd have to vet that one, but yes I'm happy to give that a try.

I think we should ask Clarebear too. We arrived here at the same time with similar issues, took different paths with medications but have made massive progress, so I think that's important to show too.


Brill! xxx


I'm a bit camera shy but maybe I could ... :D xx


Thanks Paul -have found the info you posted now and in the past really helpful. I found the CT3M approach really helpful to me and have been using it for nearly a year now -that with the B12b complex vits and cutting the grains down and I am now feeling like my old self -not crashing anymore - :)


I am so pleased for you Wavylines. It is so pleasing to keep hearing positive success stories like yours, Clare's and Jacks' above. If you haven't already then please share a little of this on my website by using the 'Contact Us' page. By communicating these success stories then other thyroid patients get confidence that things can change for them. Super-pleased for you!


Ah well, Not quite a success story yet!

Why did my guts tell me this was going to happen?

Having been told by the Endo I saw a few weeks ago that he would prescribe T3 for me on the NHS. I find that when I visit my GP today that despite him writing in a letter to her that I'm currently taking approx 55mcgs and will need to experiment a little more to get things right for me, possibly adding in an extra dose later in the day (done). My GP can only prescribe 20mcgs daily according to her computer! A months prescription will only last 8/9 days!

She sent me packing without a prescription and I now await the outcome of a Pow wow with the Practice Manager which I fear will not go well, He refused even to send my to an Endo!

Better get back on the internet and order up some reserves!

I feel frustrated but not beaten. I've got this far so I'll just bow and scrape until I get what I need.

Sadly she sighted the cost of T3 as an issue and that's why the computer only allows 20mcgs a day! Marvellous. I await the outcome of the Practice Pow wow tomorrow!

I'm still a success, I survived a mountain bike weekend in Wales!


Eventually this will change ....... because knowledge and common sense will eventually take over ....... hope it is in my life time!


Mine too, it will be


Yes it has to be.

I am going on a 12 mile walk this weekend in the Brcon Becons - up Pen y Fan and 3 other peaks I think :D Thi time last year I was meant to be going up snowdon but in the end I had to cancel as I felt too ill :( That was 2 months before I tried CT3M. Thank goodness for it and for you discovering it Paul :) xx


Enjoy your walk Clare!


Hey Clarebear,

You'll love Pen y Fan and the other three peaks. Don't forget to take some digestive biscuits. The sheep on top will eat them out of your hand.

Stunning and rewarding views to greet your efforts. You'll have Paul and CT3M on your mind when you reach the top. Have fun. x


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