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More bloods and still in dark

I have had more bloods. TSH is now 1.3, ft4 is low at 11.4 with a few hormones out. I also have Vit D def (25). I also have b12 although in range... its not even half way. But my iron is the odd one. GP says its fine but it doesnt appear to be perfectly happy. Dropping 50% in 5mth time. I wonder why?

Iron : 7.2 (dropped from 18)

Ferritin: 22

Saturation: 13%

Trans.. : 2.8

TIBC: 62

Everyonr says its low. Esp since its all dropped. Ferritin is only jusr in the range. Iron tablets havent worked.

I only started HC a wk ago for Adrenal Insufficiency. Surely this wouldnt make tsh rise from 0.59 in a few wks.

my gp wont touch the ft4 issue.




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Dee2382, do you have the reference range for FT4 (figures in brackets)?

It can take months supplementing iron to improve iron and ferritin. What dose iron tablets are you taking?


The ref for ft4 is 12-22. Just below.

Not sure but iron tabs are one of strongest. Just my tummy is feeling sick now. Dont want to spend $$ on others if samw result.


Dee, if you are on Levothyroxine your dose needs increasing substantially to bring FT4 upinto the top 1/3 of range. It will suppress TSH but your doctor should concentrate on the FT4. If you're taking T3 or NDT it doesn't matter that FT4 is low as you're getting T3 direct and don't need to convert T4.

Finish the iron you're using but when you buy more consider Ferrous Fumarate 210mg which has something like 65mg elemental iron. Take iron with 500mg-1,000mg vitC to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Make sure you take thyroid replacement 4 hours away from iron.


Im not in anything except Hyrdrocortisone for tbe AI . Gp said my Thyroid is fine. And will let my endo fix it up if needed.

Tsh is 1.3 (orig was 0.58 2wks ago)

Ft4 below range as said in orig. They are the main tests. I have had other hormones. Slight out.


Dee, GP or endo should be prescribing Levothyroxine as FT4 is below range.


Iv asked. She wouldnt. But can keep trying. Im feeling dread ful.


What does tbat do? I dont know my other numbers like t3 and reverse numbers. But i am feeling horrible. My sons specialist commented how exhausted i looked. I am truely struggling. Felt amazing end of wk bt now 1 and bit wks since starting HC and on stress dose.... im.hitting the floor fast.


Dee2382, it may be that adrenals need stabilising before thyroid replacement can be started. Try contacting your endo to see whether you can be started on a low dose of Levothyroxine soon.


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