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opinions on homeopathic remedies please

i cant take the ant d dr gave me so was looking at these ive asked on a few sites and no one knows anything

Swanson Homeopathic Remedy Stress, Burnout & Exhaustion Relief


Each 300 mg tablet contains as active ingredients: Bryonia alba 12X, Chamomilla 12X, Colocynthis 12X, Nux vomica 12X, Sepia 12X. Each 300 mg tablet contains as inactive ingredients: Lactose USP, magnesium stearate.

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Sorry, I Don't know anything about this. But Don't you think your depression might be due to low T3? It might be better getting that sorted than looking for other types of antidepressants. You really need to get that tested.

You said a while ago that the endo had prescribed T3. Hasn't that made you feel any better? Taking antidepressants is just putting a sticking plaster on the real problem. And could make the problem worse. Sorry if I've spoken out of turn, but I feel quite strongly about this. :)


your right greygoose i do need to get thyroid sorted

i was on 62.5mcg of tiromel, felt ok for a while and then went downhill fast

endo felt i was over medicated so prescribed me 20mcg liothyronine twice a day and i feel no better than when i was on tiromel, im thinking of adding thyroxine now and see how i go from there or add tiromel and see

i just want to feel human

i do feel hypo heart rate is high and the air hunger is getting worse


Have you asked him to check your cortisol? It's not just about how much you're taking, it's about how much is getting into your cells. And if your cortisol is low, not much will.


I tried SSRIs (Cetalopran)recommended for anxiety.They made me much worse & turned my depression with anxiety into an even more hellish experience for the 3 weeks I gave them.Do you have hypothyroid disease?Do you believe you may be suffering adrenal burn-out?RU optimally medicated?

I now believe my depression with panic disorder needed addressing from the thyroid/adrenal perspective.

What helped me was SAMe 200mcgs a day first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.What a relief after 2 years of living hell.I bought them on Ebay,took them for eighteen months.Started to feel better by day 10.

I also found L thianine very good for stress,bought from Just Vitamins online.I still take one at bedtime.They lower cortisol.

I also supplemented with Inositol & lysine,recommended for anxiety.

St John's wort did nil.5HTP made me very jittery.

A friend who trained as a homeopath gave me lots of remedies over time,aimed at depression & anxiety.Unfortunately they didn't help at all.


i have high cortisol a all points endo is doing tests to rule out cushings

TSH 0.50 but every hypo symptom going

i did something about SAMe a while ago ill look and see about buying some im just fed up of feeling like this

worried about 5HTP as heard it can make heart race

will look into others you suggested thank you


OK, sorry, didn't know you have high cortisol. That doesn't help, does it!


sure dont

i dont know whats thyroid and whats cotisol




I hope you find something that helps.Its such an individual thing!Some find 5HTP helpful.I tried it twice for several weeks.Didn't suit me.

I was in an awful state by the time I found SAMe-it might not suit you.You would know after 10-14 days if it was going to help.Many people use very high doses,but 200mcgs a day worked for me,taking B12,B6 & folate with it to aid synthesis.

Meditation & yoga are my mainstay now,but I needed something to kickstart my recovery.Am now on T3 only & am feeling alot better than when on thyroxine.


i have 750mg inositol and 500mg l-lysine do i take them together?

ive held back on all supps due having 24 hour urine and dexamethasone cortisol blood test

allso have SAM-e to start in the morning


Hi mandy 72

I took SAMe first thing on an empty stomach with water & didn't eat for at least an hour after.I took inositol & L-lysine with a meal,along with B6,B12 & folic acid.The SAMe works better with these methylation aids.

I hope you find these supplements helpful,because anxiety is hell.

My anxiety is slowly continuing to improve with daily mindfulness meditation,yoga & all the supplements.

Adding T3 to my T4 since May has made a huge difference,in fact I am on T3 only at present as a protocol to further heal my adrenals.

SAMe was a turning point for me.I hope it will help you,too.

let me know how you get on.You can pm me if you prefer

best wishes


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Thank you Naomi

im hoping they work super fast as half term, ive had 2 home today and they have drove me nuts, the other 3 are home tomorrow

ill start them all tomorrow and fingers crossed

this anxiety has to stop


hiMandy. I don't know much about otc homeopathic remedies, except from Holland & Barrett in Clacton won Sea, several years ago! they had a huge book there in the shop. that listed conditions and suggestions for a remedy. The other part of the book listed the remedy, suggested uses for, and potential side effects. so why not try them 1st.

may I ask what the doctor prescribed you - Is he just treating you for anxiety and/ or depression with the new prescription? or is there an underlying medical/health problem? oops scrub last question if you want, as just seen following replies came in since I read your query.

one thing I do know from personal experience and more recent research. is that filling yourself up with loads of different meds doesn't do the liver any good! the toxins if there, end up in the brain causing a lot of neurological problems. every single person on a variety of drugs, should read VERY carefully the leaflet listing the contraindications and Google the med!

the times I've been prescribed meds that I shouldn't take because of other health problems with organs in the Endocrine family!

if I had my way I'd dig a huge hole, fill it with the meds I refuse to take, boxes and all, but I'd keep the led lets, then chuck most GP's and Drug Company Sales Reps in it so they have a soft landing, and make them eat the meds for dinner. then see how all feel.!

That rant over.......may I remind you All you should take your meds with a full glass of water, not just a sip!


i was given mitazapine dr had to contact mental health who then contacted psychiatrist as i admitted i was suicdal and they discussed what meds to give me


Yes, but Don't they know that low T3 causes suicidal thoughts, too? I have a friend who tried to kill herself many, many times, was dosed up to the eyeballs and spent a lot of time in psychiatric hospitals - even had electric shock treatment - all to no avail. Then, someone thought to test her thyroid... She's much better now that she's on T3, and hasn't had suicidal thoughts for ages.


ive been on T3 for at least 3 months now

trouble is drs wont check T3

i might try an increase and use the tiromel i have (is it ok to mix?)


Doctors are crazy! No logic.

You mean mix Tiromel and the other T3? I Don't know, I've never tried. But I Don't see why not. (No doubt someone will pounce to correct me if I'm wrong! lol)


yes we mix thyroxine so cant see why not T3




Really, homeopathic remedies need to be prescribed a qualified practitioner who has talked to you and discussed all your health. What's right for one person can be harmful to another. Often depression is caused by low T3 or low B12. Do you have your Free T3 results, plus B12, folate and ferritin.

You are right that if your adrenals aren't up to scratch, you will have problems coping with T3. But it takes time to work out what the best support for your adrenals is. A simple type of meditation (eg TM) is useful, and there are many adrenal supplements and glandulars out there.


I go to my classically trained homeopath who uses a Vega test machine and can test all the endocrine components. Then I know i can tell if I am under medicated. She can also test for allergies and vitamins. [she can test over 900 things including body organs - my bladder and lungs are always a problem ]


I find my depression is helped by regular- 2/3 times week B12 injection.

Waiting for my appt to see if can get help with thyroid too.


I have been greatly helped by homepathic remedys and am better than I have ever been as a result of them. I cannot comment on the particular remedy you suggest as I have never taken it and what is right for me may not be good for you. I see an elderly retired GP for my homeopathic treatment. I think older practitioners are better as I think that it may take many years of experiance to match a remedy to a person.


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