help - I don't know if I am have a blank moment or have totally misunderstood. I have changed from levo to thiroyd. I started the thiroyd on 26 May so I am now two months in. I feel ok except for some hot flushes. I was on 75 mcg of levo and I have only been taking one tablet of thiroyd thinking they were the same in dosage. However for the first time I had a closer look at my thiroyd which are from Thailand and it says "1000 tablets - each tablet contains 60mg". this doesn't sound right I thought mg was much higher than mcg which would mean I am on the wrong dose - am I suffering from brain fog or do you think this is a mistake by a thai person ?? I am a bit concerned to say the least

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  • NDT tablets usually weigh a grain, which is about 65 mg. Thiroyd contains 35 mcg T4 and 8.31 mcg T3 per tablet, which is equivalent to 60 ~ 70 mcg of T4.

  • Desiccated thyroid tablets usually contain a grain of desiccated thyroid powder - or a fraction or multiple - but actually weigh significantly more.

    Think of aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen which are all typically in the range 200 to 600 milligrams of active ingredients plus some inactive ingredients (excipients).

    A grain is sometimes converted as 60 milligrams, sometimes as 65 milligrams. Which is why we have 300 milligram aspirin in the UK (five grains at 60 milligrams) but 325 milligrams is well-known in the USA (five grains at 65 milligrams).

  • Oops, thanks for the correction.

  • 60 mcg sounds about right. Please don't do a direct swap, it rarely works, usually the T3 is too much of a shock to the system. Start low and build up over a few weeks.

  • I got some on private prescription and the patient leaflet says each tablet has 68 mcg of t4 and 9 mcg of t3 and that the t3 is x4 as potent per mcg as t4. Also in case it helps when I wasn't coping with the dose of levo I had not flushes and boiled alive at night. It took about 6 weeks from a dosage drop on levo for them to go. So I'd guess from my experience you might be a bit high on dose. Try splitting it up into two doses and take a little less and see how you feel. Also you need to build up the dose. My endo said start with half a tablet for two weeks then increase by half tablets every two weeks till you feel better.

  • Olsbird,

    That is not what is said on the Stop The Thyroid Madness site. (Not that they are perfect but what is said looks reasonable.) I'd be amazed if Thiroyd had such a different amount of T4 to all the other desiccated thyroid products (excluding the unknown quantities in the so-called "supplements").

    THIROYD (yes, that’s how they spell it, non-prescription) by Greater Pharma Ltd., a leading Thai Pharmaceutical Manufacturer. An email to a patient by Greater Pharma states that “thiroyd” at one grain contains T3 at 8.31 microgram; T4 at 35 microgram, which is 0.013% and 0.058% respectively.

  • My typo - so sorry - 68 was supposed to read 38. It says 38 t4 and 9 t3 for each 65 tablet. Thx for correcting my crap typing 😆

  • Aha! Understood now. Thanks for clarifying. :-)

  • 😎 good job you are awake 😅

  • thanks for all your replies. I thought that one grain was equal to between 75 and 100 of levo. however my concern was that on the bottle of thiroyd tablets it says each tablet is 60mg and not 60mcg which I don't understand

  • The tablets contain 60 milligrams of desiccated thyroid powder. That powder contains about 38 micrograms of T4 plus 9 micrograms of T3. The powder is mostly various other substances like thyroglobulin .

  • thank you - thought I was going to drop down dead lol

  • 60 mcg, 1 grain, of your thyroid med equals 100mcg of synthetic meds, so you are actually taking more. However, 1 grain is the 'starter dose'. I would go by how you are feeling with this change and reset your levels.

  • No - it is 60 milligrams NOT micrograms.

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