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A trial of T3...Hashimoto's and Depression

I went to see the endo today for my second visit. I have been on a trial of 25mcg of thyroxine for three months alongside my anti-depressant which was recently increased to the maximum dose. I am still as depressed if not more.

I thought today that the endo might increase me to 50mcg of thyroxine (which he'd already agreed to, but I had been putting off as the GP wanted to see if the increase in the anti-depressant was going to make a difference first). Anyway, I was surprised when the endo instead suggested a trial 10mg of T3. I wait to see if my GP will agree to this trial but am hopeful. He also suggested I start taking iron as my ferritin levels are low tho still in range at 25 (range 22-300)

Latest test results were: 1.48 for tsh and 12.2 for T4. The hospital refused to do my T3.

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Hello Halinka,

It is great your endo is giving you T3.

Even without ranges... ..your TSH looks too high and T4 looks too low.

Sometimes a low dose like 25mcg can just make a struggling thyroid take a bit of a break and produce even less than it was before you were medicated. I would have expected your endo to increase T4 to 50mcg.

Low iron levels and other nutrients are common in hypothyroidism.

Low thyroid hormone can cause depression and low ferritin can interfere with thyroid meds working and contribute towards depression.

I don't know how your endo will know be able to prescribe an accurate T3 dose if he won't test your T3 levels.?


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Thanks Flower. I too wonder about the fact my T3 hasn't been checked. Incidentally, he is taking me off T4 all together though it's my understanding that the 10mcg of T3 is like 50mcg of T4.

Have read lots of reviews from people on here and elsewhere praising what T3 has done to better support their mental health. I hope it works for me.

Anyone out there - recently - been using T3 for Hashimoto related depression?



When I started T3 recently I was told 10mcg = 30 mcg T4.

I don't understand why your endo is cutting out T4 completely as you will not have enough thyroid hormone replacement.

Can you speak with your GP about continuing on T4 with addition of 10mcg T3 or else increasing just T4 to 50mcg or even 25mcg, & 50 mcg on alternate days?

If you wish to private test your T3, there is a link below detailing.



Flower, it's my endo holding my GP's hand. In other words, its thanks to him that anything is happening at all. I shall wait til I get a letter from him outlining his rationale. If I get why he wants me just on the one thing, then I'll follow it. Otherwise I'll question it. He may be seeing it as augmentation of my anti-depressant. I also think he may be a bit worried about too much drug increasing my anxiety which is already bad. He's very much a one thing at a time bloke.



T3 has been shown to improve the symptoms of depression, brain fog, anxiety, and irritability so you may well feel a lot better.

T3 has a much shorter shelf life than T4 meaning you will notice the effects almost straight away.

Be careful is also easy to over medicate so start low and go slow. My first week I only took half of what endo had recommended.



Be wary of anti-depressants. Fluoxitine/Prozac contains fluoride as one of its active ingredients. Fluoride was once used to decrease the production of thyroide hormone in those suffering from hyperthyroidism/Graves Disease!


Mongolia, Thanks for this heads up. I am not planning on going on Fluoxetine but I guess the 'others' may also have bad things in them. A friend psychiatrist recommends Venflaxine but when I looked it up people were describing horrendous side effects and withdrawals.


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