T3 and anti depressants

Hi all, having resisted anti depressants from my GP for a long time (as I didn’t feel depressed, just physically very unwell) I have finally started on a low dose of Sertraline, which has helped a little bit. Dr Peatfield had previously suggested trying T3 with NatureThroid, which I did for a few weeks, but was feeling so ill and not noticing any benefit whatsoever. Now I am wondering, now that I am feeling ever so slightly better (but still pretty unwell – I have gone from feeling about 2 out of 10 to 4 out of 10!) can I try the T3 & NatureThroid again, this time with the Sertraline? My GP doesn’t know I have tried thyroid meds, as my NHS thyroid tests have always been in the normal range and only those done through Dr P have shown a problem. Any advice or suggestions appreciated.

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T3 is also used by psychiatrist for their patients. I don't know whether I'd use it with another product, so I'm sorry I cannot be more specific. T3 is the active hormone (levo has to convert to sufficient T3) required in all of our receptor cells. Your GP should have done a Free T3 blood test to see its whereabouts in the range and it should be towards the top.

Thanks Shaws. Dr P thought I might have a problem converting, so suggested trying T3 with NatureThroid. I showed my GP the results from Genovo and the GP did another thyroid test, which again came back normal!


Can you post your thyroid results and ranges (the figures in brackets after results)? 'Normal' is a broad range.

shaws..Dr. Lowe found no correlation between thyroid labs and symptoms, i believe..or was it unless they were very high or very low, but never as guidance for treatment.

He only used a blood test for the initial consultation, thereafter he said tests were not important but how the patient was progressing on treatment. Of course only NDT or for some T3 only. :)

I think he was so wise to say, that the way to test if thyroid treatment was working, was to test each organs functioning..i can find NO doctor who does this, only thyroid labs. There, is virtually no chance for people to be well with hypothyroidism, in this age of reliance on testing. How lucky for big pharma..makes you think. Not one of my 4 endos, knew the symptoms of hashimotos/low thyroid.

It is beyond shocking that the doctors, particularly, Endos are so badly trained and the patients continue to suffer as they try to fit us into 'boxes' and the TSH alone is KING which those of us on this forum know is absolutely useless and doctors keeping patients in the high end of the normal range and not giving more levo.

We already know of some patients who have committed suicide - the failure of the Associations to open their closed minds. The Specialist who told his patient that 'we've got him now' in respect of Dr Skinner, unknowingly didn't realise his patients was also seeing Dr S and she was brave enough to tell Dr S. Also Dr P had to resign his licence as he was being pursued. Other doctors just gave up and others toed the line. Other doctors lost their licences and I believe even Dr Chandy due to 'curing' his patients with Vitamin B12.

Now - The BTA et al are delirious that T3 has become so expensive that it's impossible for many to even add a little to T4. They've made False Statements about NDT which has been used safely since 1892 and many on our forum have got on well with it.

Nowadays the too low a dose patients get can also give them more serious problems, i.e. heart etc. and they are prescribed a myriad of other medications to try to solve their hypo symptoms.


..anndd..when you get sick from that low t4 dose, actually sicker than you were before you sought treatment, due to the TSH lowering, thus lowering the t4 and t3..the doctor tells you that your continued symptoms are not now low thyroid, but you have suddenly, at the same time, developed new illnesses that have the exact same symptoms as Hypothyroidism, but are not??!! Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You get offers of antidepressants and are put on Statins. Or worse, you then have a heart attack or stroke.

In the US Big Pharma rules. You can see how profitable it would be to leave hypo untreated properly.

What i have found for myself , is that i am unable to raise my t3 dose without getting extremely ill. I am in pain and diagnosed with Fibro and Chronic fatigue Synd. , but in my case, i believe these symptoms, are coming from low cortisol and missing growth hormone. I know Dr. Lowe did mention, in his book, that both these hormones are dis regulated with Fibromyalgia and first thing , is to replace all missing or low hormones, then on to his protocol. So Fibromyagligia, is often so much more than low thyroid, but low metabolic rate, which, i believe GH and Cortisol are both part of metabolism.

I believe you are right faith and I'm sorry you are still struggling.

thank you..i need some validation that i am onto something here, because i will not get it from a live person/doctor, just online, which then means little when trying to seek help.

They don't like it when you mention the internet - but where else will you get some decent info when it's not forthcoming from those we once assumed knew how to diagnose and treat what is a very common condition although before I was diagnosed I had no notion about the thyroid gland.

me too..thyroid only crossed my mind, when i was in my mid forties and was getting plump, but i was on psych. meds at the time. The "fat" does not look like it does now. It is a very soft , lumpy, jiggly, in the skin, kind of swelling. ..probably a build up of fluids. Possibly, myxedema, can come form low cortisol and GH too. I cannot pinch my skin. In the last few months, i have stopped growing leg and arm hair, like normal too. Maybe, i will write a book of my experiences, if i can pull out of this.

I look forward to seeing your book in print as I find writing down exasperations very helpful. At least it gets it off your chest, so to speak :)

Loss of body hair is common in hypo as is hair loss too. Myxedema which I doubt is a word any Endocrinologists know of and how to relieve it, is a sign you're not on sufficient hormones but I realise you've had difficulties.

I hope you feel better soon.

The hair loss and retention of fluids, including mucin, i am sure, is from a low metabolic rate, which is more than just thyroid hormone..this is what i am pretty sure of.

There's no profile on your page faith63 although I know you have losts of posts. Have you hypo or Thyroid Hormone Resistance?

Do you take T3 or NDT ?

i am trying to write a profile now. The last 3 became erased, so i am doing it in my email. I have hashimotos and shortly thereafter, my pituitary became damaged. My missing hormones have not properly been evaluated, thyroid either, because it was done by labs not symptoms. I am now on t3 only, for 2 years. I cannot raise, because of hyper symptoms. I do NOT, use labs as a guide. I follow Dr. Lowe's ideas about the way it should be done. Am seeing a pituitary specialist, at a pituitary center, out of state, finally, next month..endo number 5.

Thanks faith63 and I do hope you have success with the pituitary doctor. It's bad enough having one major problem and not being able to relieve symptoms and we desperately need good doctors like Dr L. Unfortunately they're licences are withdrawn if they don't go by the TSH alone.

Thanks..i hope this doctor knows what she is doing. It is bad enogh to have to order my own meds, at high prices, but i cannot get GH and do not know how and am afraid to get dependent on steroids, without proper guidence.

it is all an unbelievable corruption by the phar. industry, that the government. is allowing to happen..at least it is in the US.

You may already have read this doctor's info. He is similar to Dr Lowe and other holistic doctors and I'll do a post with more info for members. No wonder he can take no more patients at present:-


It makes so much sense instead of the nonsense from most of the World's Associations.

yes..i have read his stuff, years ago and will reread it again. My labs have never corresponded to symptoms unless they were very high. My TSH is o.oo6, last i checked, when i was overmedicated, based on symptoms and abnormal labs, not abnormal thyroid labs. I am .on 52 Unipharma t3..i feel terrible, but not hyper. With my pituitary damage, you would think TSH, would not matter, but my last endo, said i was overmedicated with a tsh or 0.003 and free's at the bottom or below range. After that i ordered my own meds from Mexico. Unfortunately, it is not all that is wrong with me. I have continued to get more pain and extreme fatigue. The Rheumatologist say i have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and that low or missing hormones, definitely do not cause this!!! Unbelievable!! I have turned into a very nervous, bitter , lonely person, after all of these years of illness and have no life at all.

I am so very sorry you are having a miserable time. If your endo has diagnosed CFS and Fibro. This link will tell you what this doctor (now deceased) would have done.

He was also Director of the Fibromyalgia Research Foundation and I'll give you a couple of links. I'm fine on just under 50mcg of T3 but if you are Thyroid Hormone Resistant you need far higher dosages than normal.

I'll give you a link to Dr Lowe, now deceased.




i am unable to raise my dose of t3, due to hyper symptoms, but no improvement on pain or fatigue. The labs of my kidney and liver and glucose, become abnormal too, pointing to hyperthyroid/overmedication, so my symptoms are not from low thyroid, i believe they are form low cortisol and low growth hormone and autoimmune disease related.

A Rheumatologist, diagnosed me with FM and CFS..not an endo.

As i told you, i am very familiar and follow Dr. Lowe, for many years now..maybe 20 or more.

Thanks for the links..the doctors are not interested and the Rheumatologist, especially, is very unapproachable...i was barely allowed to speak. She told me to take a gabapentin at night for sleep, [which i am unable to tolerate] and to do vigorous exercise daily..and all of my issues will go away.

It's very harsh when we're unwell and hoping against hope that the next doctor we see will be responsive and make every attempt to heal us. Even if we get to 99%.

For the Rheumatologist to tell you to do vigorous exercise daily - she obviously lives in another world and mainly interested in her money. My daughter has severe RA and is in a wheelchair now and has has nearly all joints replaced. Her doctors have turned out to be compassionate and brilliant, but we do live in the UK.

It's only when it comes to hypo that their education is sorely lacking in the purpose of hormones and the restrictions of hormones to levo..

You cannot raise T3 so you are obviously at a maximum dose for you.

Have you tried going down a nutrition route or Chinese medication (just because they are supposed to treat the 'whole' person.

That's so sad about your daughter. I have heard that RA and most other autoimmune disease, including hashi's, can be put into permanent remission and even reversed thru diet. I am glad that you are both satisfied with her doctors..i would not be, but, that's just me.

I have tried 2 years of natural remedies and functional medicine, and refuse to spend any more money on supplements or treatment, until my hormones are properly addressed. When a persons control center for their hormones, blows out, like mine did and their symptoms show up at the same time ..it is just too coincidental. I have spent so much money on this...and really screwed up, by not finding a doctor for proper hormone evaluation first.

i actually can't imagine writing a book..thats very kind of you for saying you look forward to it though. Just don't hold your breath! I can barely imagine having less pain, anxiety and more energy, it has been a long 7 years.

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