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Hashimoto's and Mood

Hi, I have been suffering with depression on and off for some time. I'm on anti-deps, in therapy, seen a herbalist etc. but the problem remains. My herbalist suggested I get my thyroid checked. I did this abroad (easier than persuading GP). It came back with raised antibodies tho TSH, T3 and T4 were still in range. The endo abroad said I had Hashimoto's. I'm not surprised as everyone in my dad's side of the family has it too. She advised I take 12.5mg thyroxine a day. I need to see my GP now to see if I can persuade her. Before I do, I'd love to hear from anyone who has thyroid problems, particular Hashimoto's, and has suffered with depression and whether thyroxine helped. I have read a lot about auto-immune problems and depression. As well as H's I also have raised NK cells, another auto-immune condition. Hoping to hear some news from any of you out there with whom this resonates. Thanks, Halinka

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12.5 is a very low dose unless you are very elderly and frail (even then it is low). More likely to make you feel worse. T3 usually helps with depression.

What were your results, with ranges?


Hi Angel,

My results were:

TSH 2.226 (0.35-4.94)

Free T3 2.59 (1.71-3.71)

Free T4 0.81 (0.7-1.48)

Anti TG 40.33 (<4.5)

Anti TPG 55.26 (<6)

So my thyroid problem is not yet effecting the TSH, T3 & 4 but the anti-bodies are attacking the gland. The endo advised this dose as a support so the gland is destroyed more slowly.



Same happened to me - and I live in Crete. All TFT's were in range but as the anti-bodies were high it was suggested I started on T4 to support the thyroid whilst under attack. Sadly many UK Docs do not think in the same way...


Marz, so you take T4 then? May I ask do you have issues with low mood?


I did take T4 in the beginning - then a T4/T3 combo. I am now T3 only. I have not suffered with low mood. Maybe you need a dose increase as most people feel better when the TSH is 1 or under when on medication and your dose is incredibly LOW.

Low B12 and Low VitD will also cause you to suffer low mood. How are your levels ? Also levels of Iron - Ferritin - Folate ? All these need to be OPTIMAl and not just in range.


I've not started taking anything yet. I need to see a doc in the uk first.


Ah .....I think when you start treatment you will find your mood problems will lift. Many moons ago the Thyroid Hormone T3 was used to treat depression There are more receptors for T3 in the brain than anywhere else in the body - second amount in the gut ...

Do you have gut issues ? Also for the T4 tablet to work well you will need good levels of the vitamins and minerals I mentioned earlier.

People with Hashimotos often suffer with poor absorption due to gut issues. I do hope your GP will treat you as your results are not that bad - however you need to nip the anti-bodies in the bud. The Thyroid needs support whilst under attack.

Do read up on B12 and need to be ahead of your GP :-)


So you are suggesting I might need Thyroxine, T3 and T4? I need to find a good local endocrinologist to lead this. I have no faith in the GP tho I suppose he will refer me to someone privately. I think that is a right.


I don't think I suggested that - however I think they will start you on T4 and hopefully future tests will prove that you are converting the T4 into T3. If not then it may be possible to add the T3 in the future.

Please have the Vitamins and Minerals tested as having low B12 can mimic being Hypo....

Scroll down for the list of symptoms.

It may be advisable to contact Louise Warvill at Thyroid UK - click onto the logo on the bar beneath the Green Bar above. Louise will be able to give you a list of thyroid friendly Endos in the UK that are mostly private I believe....


Can vitamin deficiency create anti-bodies though? I did get in touch with her tho there is noone listed for the NW. Thanks so much Marz and sorry for misunderstanding.


No they do not create anti-bodies. As I explained earlier good levels are needed for you to feel well and for the T4 tablet to work well. Often people with health problems have low vits and minerals....

Perhaps you could travel somewhere in the UK to see someone good...


Yes, I will travel. Anyone know of good people to go to who take an imaginative approach to the problem of early stage Thyroiditis?


Think you will need to put this in a new post wish you luck and good support. However I must say that few Endos seem to understand Auto-immune issues. It is a case of reading and learning for yourself - sadly. Keep asking questions here and everyone will do their best to help..... :-)


Thanks Marz. Won't I need an endo to get a prescription though? Are there other experts who cover the immune system?


As I said it is mostly learning for your self. I can suggest books if you wish and relevant websites.... Not sure what happens in the UK - there are Immunologists I believe ....


My maths is not good, but your free T3 and T4 both look low in range - not even half way up - so I'd say it was already having an effect.

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I agree with that. They are both below mid-range. And almost anywhere except in the UK, a TSH of over two would be regarded as suspicious - a truely 'normal' TSH is between 0.8 and 1.25. So, your antibodies are already having an effect. And you need to take at least 50 mcg Levo as a startign dose or you will just shut down the meagre production your gland is managing and leave you worse off than you were before.

I Don't think there are many doctors, endos or whatever anywhere that really understand auto-immune conditions of any kind. All they want to do is throw drugs at it to suppress the symptoms without ever getting to the root of the problem.

But a GP can write your prescriptions for Levo - if he has the nouse to do so. The problem is they are all Under-educated where thyroid is concerned and mistakenly believe that the TSH should rise to over 10 before treatment is necessary. They competely ignore the FT4 and FT3, they Don't know how to interpret them. The sad fact is, if you read enough, you will end up knowing more than your doctor on this subject!


Thank you everyone. Greygoose, reading all the different posts I can see that getting people on the right mix and dose of meds is a fine art. While I might get my GP to prescribe Thyroxine, how will she know whether T3 say needs adding as seems to be the case for many. I am very disheartened that there might not be an endo out there who is interested.


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