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Gluten or pesticides?

From the soil association leaflet that came through my door with the astounding info that we are eating glyphosate ifound in our bread because farmers are spraying the pesticide Roundup over the wheat to speed up the ripening of the wheat.

I have thought for years that it wasn't gluten that was the problem but what is sprayed on our crops for humans and animal feeds.

I have just read an interesting article about it. THE HEALTHYECONOMIST.COM.

Hope you read it as it could help some of you. Myself I am going to buy bread that is organic and made the right way. Blow the expense my health is more important.

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I agree with you about the spraying of crops . A former contributor to this site worked for a large crop growing company and mentioned that grains are sprayed at least 14 times with various chemicals BEFORE planting and then even more afterwards......


You're absolutely right - its becoming increasingly apparent that large corporations are willing to poison people in order to profit and also playing God - buying up and owning many varieties of seeds too and trying to crush and intimidate small farmers. Must be stopped, and so much more public awareness needed. A friend told me about this excellent health site: many interesting articles about gluten too Consumers have the power to change things and nowadays we too try to buy organic wherever possible for both health and political reasons. Some organic foods are surprisingly cheap eg: Tesco's organic olive oil. It's worth having more quality than quantity where it is possible, but appreciate this is not always easy for large families or organisations such as schools although where possible children should be shown how to grow their own!


Probably both. Gluten content of grains has increased over the past few hundred years and glyphosate destroys the gut microbiome.

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Really! And why has the gluten increased in wheat ?


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