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Gluten-free bread. Anyone got any recommendations?


Battling through the early stages of a gluten-free diet. My experiences of gluten-free bread have so far been rather grim! Anyone got any recommendations as to products that they have found palatable? Suspect I am going to end up making my own bread and have also noticed some gluten-free bread mixes. Have tried one already - a dark bread mix with black rice. What can I say.......? "We got through it"!! They are all relatively expensive, so before I try another one wondered if anyone has found any of these to be particularly.... well.....bread-like?

I know we are not allowed to advertise in our posts, but is it OK to, as it were, "endorse" products? If not, please PM me!

Any suggestions/recipes will be much appreciated.

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They are all horrible! The best of a very poor bunch, to my mind, is the Saintsbury's brown seeded loaf.

But honestly, after four years gf the only time I eat any of the gf products is when well-meaning friends give it to me. I have learned to live without it all.

I admit to being a foodie, and would rather eat nothing than bad food.

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Many thanks Ruthi for your frank opinion! Like you, I am a bit of a foodie so not easily pleased!!

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I don't eat any of the "breads" can't stand them, try gluten free Kallo corn cakes, really nice with toppings. They actually taste of something and very crunchy! I started off on rice cakes but it's like eating polystyrene :-(

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Thanks Hellcaster!

I'm in agreement with Ruthi, GF bread is rubbish and has sugar level spiking flours in it. For me I love food and to be honest again I'd rather not eat bread products of they taste so bad.

There are some very good cake recipes out there which are also low in sugar just by the nature of the main flour used in them which is coconut, some recipes are better than wheat flour ones in my opinion but it is down to your taste and which flavours you enjoy.

Thanks for getting back to me Donna. I think I am going to give up on the whole bread thing! Will follow through and check out the coconut flour recipes.

Marks and Spencer have started to produce a good gluten free bread and there is another bread called "Yes, You Can" which my son says is particularly good. Tesco was selling this for a time but I've not been able to find it lately. Clemmie

Many thanks for this. I'll give them a whirl!


no. All g free bread is foul. Best bet is make your own, but it is nothing like bread - more cakey.

I have tried them all - and the "Genius" brand is the nearest to gluten bread - quite palatable, really - especially the mixed grain one - makes quite good toast ! As live alone, I can't be bothered with making my own. OK, there're not the same as gluten bread - but its a small price to pay for better health.

M&S GF crumpets are quite good and make a nice change some mornings - a bit of jam, a poached egg - I have them a couple of times a week.

Thank you so much to all who are responding. I've seen the "Genius" bread but haven't tried it yet. A couple of people have mentioned M & S products so I think a trip there is warranted.

Another vote for M&S GF bread - best I've found.



M & S must be hiding these products as I've never seen them!

I would also say Genius is pretty good. Not the same, but enough if you're craving bread. The only other product that warrants a mention is udi's gf bagels - toasted they're pretty good. Sainsburys and asda do them. Everything else I've tried is no good. I eat a lot of rice cakes and corn cakes!! Good luck xx

Thank you dizzyflossy - the bagels sound good!

Have tried ALL the GF breads. None are very good "raw". Really didn't like the M&S one but Genius multiseed is the best way to go for toast (usually available from coop or Sainsburys). I really have got used to it now and I am really fussy :)

Many thanks to all who have responded. I have just listed all of your suggestions down and I am going to work my way through it. A couple of people have commented that GF bread is better toasted. I would definitely agree with this.

I am another one who has given up on gluten free bread. I have an omelette wrap for my lunch now. I make a thin omlette, let it cool down, add my fillings and roll it up. Makes a really nice alternative to a sandwich.

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What a brilliant idea! Thanks you so much for posting. Have also copied and pasted the scone recipe from the ink below into my recipes folder.

These GF scones are great if you want something to put some butter and jam on. I have made them with cheese too.

I can recommend the GF Tesco 'Free From' seeded bread - particularly nice when toasted. Expensive, but I store it in the freezer and treat myself to a slice or two on a Saturday morning with a boiled egg. Yum.

Thanks Crystalline, I too have found that that a lot of the GF bread is better when toasted.

I have been gluten free since 1982 since almost fading to nothing before anyone found out. Gluten free now is amazing to what it was and so much variety. However I agree most of the bread isn't great unless toasted. Phil Vickery's book makes a good bread flour and I use Juvela gluten free fibre mix ( the only thing I get on perscription) just follow very simple instructions 4 mins makes not bad bread (two loaves) and great toast.

Thanks for this Chapers. Haven't heard of that bread mix but will give it a try.

Asda does a reasonable "fresh" loaf (the one at £1.50) and it freezes quite well. It's not as sweet as some of the other brands.

hi macg ive been on juvela glulen free for years find it ok toasted get mine on presciption

I haven't read all the replies, so apologies if this had been recommended already, but warbertuns gluten free white wraps are delicious, no horrid aftertaste. I toast them with marmite, use them as wraps, even make chip sandwiches.

I have found M&S brown seeded the best of a bunch. It doesn’t taste as sweet as the others.

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