NDT raise?


Is it okay to raise NDT by 1/4 a week? Have been on 1 1/2 grains well over three weeks..raised by 1/4 yesterday..today feel drugged.

Had bloods done Friday.

Struggling at work...

Syncathan test Tuesday.

Sick of feeling like this!! Was on 75mcg T4 at least 6 months as too high a dose of levo caused palpitations..couldn't cope on 75mcg T4 especially when working.

many thanks

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  • Sesbo, 1/4 grain is fine if you feel okay and if bloods aren't over range. Can you cut the tablet down to 1/8 grain and see whether you tolerate that without feeling drugged?

  • Thank you Clutter...yes will try that tomorrow and hope it helps!

  • Hi That is a low dose but safver to have tSH, T4 and Free T3 done before alterations in dose.


  • tHank you Jackie..yes I agree. My oncologist has only divulged the TSH which was 8... She wants me to raise but I want to know thr FT3.

  • Hi That is high. You could raise a little then have a test in 6 weeks but of course, best to have the test first.

    Best wishes,


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