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Antibodies Increased on NDT

Hi everyone,

Following a year working on improving my health by cutting out gluten and cross reactors with the aim of reducing my Hashi antibodies and improving my chronic eczema I succeeded in achieving both and significant;y improved many of my other hypo symptoms. Antibodies went from 600 to 150, TSH from 9.3 to 6.7, FT4 from 11 to 12 (FT3 lab refused test). I then felt ready to start NDT having also increased my iron and B12 levels, which had been very poor.

Soon after starting NDT (July 2015) I noticed that my sore throat had returned and my eyebrows were falling out and suspected that I might be reacting to pig thyroxine. Sept bloods have confirmed that my antibodies are now 485, which is a huge disappointment. STTM says that antibodies rise before they fall but give no timeframe. This makes me suspicious. Is the fall caused by destruction to the gland as opposed to an 'improvement in the immune system'? Has anyone experienced an increase in antibodies on NDT and what did you do next? How long do I reasonably wait to allegedly experience a drop to due a better immune system or should I try LDN to combat them? Appreciate your advice x

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Matty, antibodies rise after an attack on the thyroid and start falling until the next attack. Some patients do experience an increase in attacks/antibodies when taking NDT and think the similiarity between human and pig thyroid means NDT increases attacks.

Perhaps give it another 3 months on NDT and if antibodies continue to rise consider going back on synthetic Levothyroxine and T3.

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