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Cortisol Saliva test results ... help required please :)

I've today had my cortisol saliva results and my night time and morning results are too high. Can anyone suggest how I can bring these down?

TIA :)

Results as follows :

Saliva Cortisol test 8.09.15

Reference Range (nmol/L)

48.60 H (7.45-32.56)

6.60 (2.76-11.31)

4.76 (1.38-7.45)

4.39 H (0.83-3.86)

64.4Sum of Cortisol

0.48 DHEA Mean

0.015 (0.015-0.150) DHEA Cortisol Ratio

0.75 (0.25-2.22)DHEA Sample 1 (am)

0.21 (0.25-2.22)DHEA Sample 3 (pm)

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Hello Jan,

Looking at your profile...."mad DJ"....? ?

At least your function is good.....just a bit too! ! Post awakening shows peak adrenal gland function & normal circadian rhythm. Your cortisol sum is good but just needs re distributing better.

Prior to sleep indicates base line and should be lowest the lowest sample of the day.

Cortisol inbalances can disrupt thyroid function and encourage hypoglycaemia.

Dr P says the adrenals produce more DHEA than any other hormone so a reduced level (your sample 3) indicates a weakened adrenal state.

Do you supplement?

I would suggest lots of Vit C with bioflavonoids which is required for the enzyme processes . Both Dr P and Dr Wilson advocate Vit C, Vit E, Vit B Complex, minerals, and liquorice (root or tincture).

Foods to help adrenal glands (as quoted in Dr P's book) are watercress, parsley, coconut milk. An ideal potassium:salt ratio would be 5:1 with bananas & other fruit & veg being right. ...adrenals love salt.

Other nutrients mentioned are co enzyme Q10 and a good quality Vit pill containing all minerals.

More stronger support is available in the form of glandulars or adaptogens. Glandulars can be powerful and not for everyone root.

Ashwaganda root or leave can be used for high of low cortisol but I haven't used this and have heard it can be strong.

I use Siberian Ginseng & Liquorice Tincture in water...start off small..and Dr Wilsons Super Adrenal Stress Formula..which although expensive, contains everything in one easy pill.

I would suggest a calmer life style with sleep opportunities at the right time....possible..?


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Thanks Flower, mad DJ yes but not for a very long time. My lifestyle is calm, just entails lots of work lol I do go to bed, usually, between half 10 and midnight, and usually wake up somewhere between 7 and 8.30. But I also wake several times in the night.

I have been getting typical (as far as I am aware) hypoglycaemia symptoms, dizziness, headaches nausea, tingly lips, cheeks and fingers. Although today I haven't ... things are looking up lol

I take deglycchyrrhized licorice, magnesium and selenium (to go with my thyroid meds) but that's it

A banana a day now tho ;)

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you can only use licorice if you do NOT have high blood pressure.


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