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b12 5000mcg

hello I posted here yesterday and I have a b12 level of 173 clutter suggested further tests which for now im not keen on ive been to my gps and hospital so many times in the last 8 weeks I cannot face another barrage of test right now.

so im looking at supplementing with the b12 above cant hurt ive already brought a b complex of vitamins which has 10ug b12 which is 400% daily amount can I take it along side the higher dose ? and what brands of b12 do you use I found Jarrow on amazon but most seem too be from the states. where do you get yours

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The only problem with supplementing with B12 when your level is so low is that the GP should make sure you haven't a B12 deficiency or pernicious anaemia. If you start supplementing before being diagnosed it will mask these, particularly pernicious anaemia which is another serious illness.

I realise you are desperate and fed up of going here there and everywhere trying to resolve your illhealth but one more step to make sure you don't have pernicious anaemia and he has to test the intrinsic factor which will confirm or not P.A.

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hi i will ask the doctor but i think it wont be allowed she made no mention of further tests or deficiencies she just basically said a multi vit would be ok. and too be honest im sick of how gps and endo treat me i was basically told at one point lose weight and my thyroid condition will be better and were unprepared too see my extreme fatigue as being anything other than im overweight=tired. the letter from the endo too the doctor even stated if i had a lower dose levo i wouldn't eat as much.

sorry im going off path now but i just rather not deal with doctors who fob me off. thanks


well i rang docs earliest appointment is Wednesday next week. can i ask am i supposed too not take any vitamins before the blood tests? i cant have it done at my docs anyway so will need too go too the hospital again. what should i be asking the doctor too test for now please not sure what too ask?


Nettie, Ask for intrinsic factor and gastric parietal cell antibodies to rule out pernicious anaemia. As you are vegetarian your doctor may say low B12 is due to diet. It is, however, worth waiting to see whether GP will order the tests before supplementing in case it skews results.

I supplement 1,000mcg Jarrows Formula sublingual lozenges bought from Amazon but I think you will need 5,000mcg for a few weeks to boost levels. If you buy via Amazon please use the affiliate link


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