Whats safe too eat when gluten free and hypothyroid?

Ok so ive been trying the old gluten free but i like cooking from scratch so ive been making nut breads and seed butters cauliflower wraps which is lovely i cannot stand gluten free shop bread and dont like the use of gums in most recipes so ive been doing paleo breads which im not sure are good for hypothyroidism due to goitrigens in nuts and the cauliflower. Im not wanting too do bad stuff whilst trying too be good. Im vegetarian so my diet is limited with that regards so i eat lots of legumes and veggies and now nuts and seeds any advice please? Side note my bloated tummy has gone but im feeling very tired?

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Nettiboo1982, you can eat anything which doesn't make you feel ill except unfermented soy which is very bad for you. If nuts are a normal part of your diet they obviously don't upset you and as they are a valuable source of protein you should continue eating them. Goitrogens like cauli, kale, cabbage etc. are probably better lightly cooked than raw.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

Clutter thank you for rapid reply just because im a bit dim how would i know if they were making me ill? Yes i did eat nuts before but not as much as now and i always cook cauliflower dont really eat kale but love spinach

Nettiboo1982, your diet is already restricted so unless a food makes you *feel* ill I would assume it is okay and not look to eliminate it.

Try this page from the ThyroidUK website


You'll see that they don't mention spinach - it's not in the cabbage family.

This page looks interesting too


Spinache is also a goitrogen. It isn't just the cabbage family. Also things like strawberries and pears, almonds and walnuts, all have goitrogenic properties. But it really isn't a problem unless it makes you feel bad. And, if a goitrogen doesn't agree with you, you'll know it! :)

Is goitrogenic produce harmful in normal servings? My doctor told me it was not a serious concern. What does it feel like if a goitrogen disagrees with you?

I've got gluten free and lactose free down pat, now I'm wondering about more nebulous sensitivities..

Apart from soy, goitrogenic produce isn't harmful at all. It just makes you feel bad for a while after you've eaten it.

It feels like you've just suddenly gone down with the flu, cold, shivering, aches and pains, fatigued, etc. Only lasts max 24 hours.

But, having said that, it's not advisable to live on vast quantities of cabbage or brussels sprouts. As the name suggests, it could give you a goitre, because it stops the uptake of iodine by the gland. But, as soon as you stop the excess, and go back to a normal diet, the goitre would disappear.

If you Don't have a working gland, then goitrogens aren't any sort of a problem. Still better to have a balanced diet, though! lol

Thanks! Hmm, I feel like that all the time as it is. Haven't quite got things figured out. I don't eat unduly large amounts of goitrogens though I don't think.

I have endometriosis, and soy makes the lesions sharply painful within a matter of hours.

If you feel like that all the time, then you are probably Under-treated. :(

My doctor said he doesn't want to put me on medication yet

Did he say why? You should ask him. I doubt he has a very good explanation. Perhaps he's a sadist and just wants to see you suffer... :(

Not a sadist, no..but he said it is a mild case (doesn't feel that way!) and I think he is hoping the nodules will shrink somewhat with iodine but they're still pretty inflamed. I think he is happy with my levels so doesn't want to medicate maybe.

You're taking iodine? Could be that that's making you feel bad, then.

You tell him that when they're his levels, he can be as happy as he likes. But when they're your levels, it's up to you to decide whether you are happy or not! He doesn't live in your body, you do. You have to suffer the consequenses of his bad décisions.

Doctors like that make me really, really mad! Certainly sounds sadistic to me.

What are your levels?

Can you eat eggs or cheese? (you can get non dairy cheese if you're intolerant) also an organic nut butter spread on apple slices is a great snack for me - also goats milk yoghurt with honey, over berries and sprinkled with toasted seeds is another quick go to I use X

Non-dairy cheese is usually soy-based, so not a good idea for hypos - or anyone else, come to that.

Wow I didn't know that, thanks Grey, (I'm not a fan of the taste of it anyways) 😆 x

Are you looking for recipes you mean? I have a few, but not for bread so much..

Have you tried the Genius seed bread? Expensive, Sainsbury's sell it, but not bad. Pitta breads OK. Potato bread, you could go Irish? Oat cakes. Brilliant that the bloating has gone, on the tiredness remember to watch your iron intake. In the UK some gluten full breads have added iron in the flour, and so have things like cornflakes, so going gluten free can produce an unintentional reduction in iron consumption.

I'm relatibvely new to gluten and dairy free but seem to be managing on meat, allowed veg, nuts and smoothies made from coconut water, (mostly veg but a few berries thrown in to sweeten). I also make banana pancakes from just egg yolk (intolerant to egg whites :(), mashed up bananas, coconut oil and cinnamon ... Not forgetting soups! I am sure it will get easier for me in time, just adjusting. jax 💕

Hello all thank you for replies very good Allyson recipes would be ace please send me a few

I could do with some recipes as well. Sick of paying £3 for a GF loaf from Sainsburys so purchased a bread machine to try. I need a decent recipe for salad dressings, mayo and maybe a sauce when I am cooking chicken or pork

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