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B12 and folate Questions

Hia all... Me

Been to see the doctor and had a good chat about everything she says my thyroid levels are fine... Ive put the info on another site that does pics and ppl say there fine.

Ive just been talking to someone about b12 and folate

Vit B12 & Folate Normal

Vit B12 416pg/ml (197-866)

will be filed as: 42t..00serum vitamin b12 416pg/ml

serum folate 8.5ng/ml (4.6-18.7)

will be filed as :42u..11 folate blood level 8.5ng/ml

Woman in this group say that seeing as im still feeling sh*t this could be why.

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Sounds like a good reason why I have been to hell and back when I have been tried on multiple Anti Depressants from all category's. My B12 and Folate? (red blood count) were both almost below the low range in a blood test. My Vit D was 46 which was below. Makes sense as on some A/D I was literally like a zombie and so so much more depressed as I could just not function mentally at all!!!! Does that make sense to you as I have tried to tell them before blood tests how ill I was on A/D and my gut issues were also 100 times worse.


could you send me your references please. I am going to send them to my ex psychiatrist.


Can i have that in english plz??? sorry im a bot slow lol


have you done the adrenal questionnaire? just a thought..

Also.. this is hard reading science about B12 and Folate that you may want to throw at your doctor


Ok could some one help me out and explain... I still dont know what all this means... should i be having Vit B12 & Folate Treatment???


I still dont understand


The first thing to ask is what are your symptoms? Also do you have a result for MCV, iron, ferritin or vit D? Usually there is a combination of factors working together that prevent us from feeling well.



Thank you forgetting back to me Hampster. Depression is the main one...... Im on 125levo antidepressants

MVC 91.7fl(80.0-100.0).

Theres a few sheets of info from bloods but thats the only one thats on there...


And are you sure your thyroid results are optimal? Depression is definitely linked to low B12 and low folate. If you're not supplementing already you could consider the active B12 test:

If you wanted to supplement, you could go for a good B-Complex (I use Jarrows B-Right), these normally contain about 400mcg of folic acid. Being low on other B vitamins can cause problems as well so a B-Complex is a good idea. People with very low folate levels need a higher dose initially but yours isn't too bad. If you wanted to take a higher dose Holland & Barrett do an 800mcg strength folic acid.

On the B12 front there are various sublinguals and sprays available. Make sure you get one that is Methyl B12, ones I have used are the Betteryou Boost spray, and the Jarrows Methyl B12 sublinguals 1000mcg or 5000mcg strength.

Try and get a ferritin test if you can, and vitamin D, and post the results!

H x


Free T3 dated 12/6/2013

Will be filed as : 4425.00 free t3 level

Free T3 4.4pmo1/1 (3.9-6.8)

Will be filed as: 4425.00 free T3 level 4.4 pmo1/l

Thyroid function dated 12/6/2013

will be filed as: 442..13 Thyroid Function test

TSH 0.04 uIU/ml (0.27-4.20) low

will be filed as 442w.00serum TSH level 0.04 IU/ml

Free T4 (Thyroxine) 18.0pmo1/1 (12.0-22.0)

will be filed at 4427.00 free t4 level 18pmo1/l


I think you should post these results as a new question, because it looks to me like there is room for improvement in your T3 and maybe even T4. I'm not hypo myself but I think you'll get some good advice if you start a new thread. H x

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Thank you


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